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September 13, 2009
Salem News

Prompted by Obama

to change his TV channel

To the editor:

Thanks to President Barrack Hussein Obama. In his Labor Day address to the AFL-CIO his message of "Change" immediately inspired me to "change" the channel.



Kind words for late

Senator Ted Kennedy

To the editor:

What I remember from shaking hands with Ted Kennedy is that the secret service man reached for the purse or bag or whatever it was of the woman next to me in line - it was a bit startling.

Ted Kennedy's life was largely defined by death. I can almost quote by memory the closing words in his eulogy to his brother Robert at St. Patrick's Cathedral: "My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life. To be remembered as a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it..."

Ted himself almost died in a plane crash. And I think death, along with the challenges and sorrows of life are what drove him to be such an advocate for the poor and needy. I suppose he could have simply dropped from public life and with all his wealth, spent his days sailing in Boston harbor. Instead, he was aggressive and tireless in the fight.

Needless to say, I did not agree with Senator Kennedy on everything - like abortion. But I agreed with his compassionate pursuit of justice and care for the common person. I liked his intellect, his way of talking with that Boston accent and the decent manner in which he accepted the inherited reigns of responsibility for his nieces and nephews, left behind by tragedy.

These past few months have been a season of great loss of great people, more at one time than I remember in my lifetime. The legacy we can reflect upon from the lives of these great people who have gone on is that one life committed to a cause can make a big difference.


North Lima

Not happy with city

taking on the Nats

To the editor:

It's funny how when the Steel Valley Super Nationals approached Salem a few years ago they were turned away but now after witnessing some success from the event, not only is Salem for it but now they want to take over the whole event!

I'm sure Dan Swindell and the city were licking their chops just waiting for the right time to pounce. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of money and planning that goes into such an event. I do know Salem does not have the money or organizational skills to continue such an event. It appears to me that Salem has gotten their wish once again...when something modern and fun comes to town they find a way to run it right out.



Salem X-Tra Mile Club

offers appreciation

To the editor:

The members of Salem X-Tra Mile Club would like to thank all who contributed toward making the 16th running of the Star Trax 5K Night Run an overwhelming success.

At 9 on the evening of Aug. 1, a record-setting field of over 550 runners raced out of Reilly Stadium onto the luminary-lined streets of Salem to benefit the Salem Senior and Junior High School's boys and girls cross country and track and field programs.

This year's race was dedicated to the memory of the late Dustin Huffman who was a member of Salem's state champion 800 meter relay team. Dustin's parents, David and Michelle Huffman, fired the starter's pistol in his honor and memory. The run features a United States track and field certified 5000 meter (3.1 miles) course making it one of the premiere races in northeastern Ohio.

This year's mens and womens overall race winners were Sam Deskin of Boardman with a time of 15:56 and Youngstown's Lauren Blase setting a women's course record of 18:31.

A special "thank you" to the nearly 100 race night volunteers and the many financial donors to this event including our corporate sponsors: Salem Community Hospital, Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney, Butech, Salem Elks Lodge, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebo, Dr. Varun Kalra DDS MS, Stratton Chevrolet and Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.

We are also indebted to all of our sponsors who provided financial support as a trophy or t-shirt sponsor or provided items for our goodie bags, which are given to each runner.

This year's T-shirt sponsors included: Church Budget, Custom Images, Dental Health Group, Dynamic Auto Parts (Salem NAPA), Haltec Corporation, Josie's Pizza, Julian Electric, Lincoln Machine Co., Morris Financial Group, Salem Community Center, Salem Giant Eagle, Salem Masonic Temple, Scullion Vision Clinic, Dr. Lee Simon MD, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Shivers, Smile Wright Family Dental, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stone, Thorne Management, TruCut Inc, The UPS Store, and Dr. Matthew R. Yerkey DDS.

Other contributors to this year's race also include Ted and Carolyn Marroulis, Madeline Patton Writing and Editing Services, Dunkin Donuts, Ellyson Plumbing and Heating, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Gorby, Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Debbie Waite, Home Savings and Loan, Mr. Russ Hopple our "DJ," Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jones, J. H. Lease Drug, Road ID, Runner's World magazine, Salem Band Boosters, Salem Welding, Second Sole, Taylor Pattern Inc., Udder Cream, and Youngstown Road Runners Club.

Much thanks also goes out to the Salem Police, Safety and Parks Departments, EMT Ambulance for providing emergency medical transportation, the family of John and Julie McClish for providing our course "Water Stop," Arby's, Burger King and McDonald's for providing the cups and Donnell Ford-Lincoln-Mercury of Salem for housing our supplies throughout the year, our "Registration Director" Mr. Ron Waite, "Luminary Director" Mr. Steve Floor, and "Race Timers" Jim Henderson and Ted Marroulis. Most of all, thank you, to the community and residents living along the race course. Your enthusiasm and help in placing and lighting the nearly 800 candle-lit luminaries over three miles of race course race is what sets our race apart from the others. Runners return year after year because Salem's community support is #1 in the sport.

Team running in Salem has a rich history of excellence including seven state titles in cross country and most recently a state runner-up finish in track and field. We're very proud of our dedicated coaches and athletes and the X-Tra Mile Club is proud to support you. We pride ourselves in putting on what we feel is a premiere race designed around showcasing our beautiful community, hospitable citizens, and generous sponsors. If you would like more information about the Salem X-Tra Mile Club or Star Trax, please logon to Thank you, Salem. Go Quakers!



Race directors


X-Tra Mile Club president





Encourages support of

Salem Public Library

To the editor:

I've brought this to the attention of many prominent citizens whom are all related and/or well known by the voting and non-voting public as well as the private sector including but not limited to more than one person at Salem's Public Library. I've contacted more than one of the local clergy as well and received nothing but undivided support from the aforementioned.

I'm not looking for anyone to blame but rather to induce encouragement to my many fellow foes first then to my many friends; even those whom are sadly missed but never forgotten and the "always faithful" and disabled war veterans, factory veterans and management veterans and not to forsake certain CEOs as well. To not put partisan bickering aside to save our public and private libraries and manifest well needed laws, statutes, specifications, stipulations etc., FDA and AMA regulations in regard to a national government/private healthcare system but rather to put that partisan bickering into it's grave for nothing less than that of an "eternity."

Many refuse to move on these issues just to make their so-called friends on the other side of the aisle look really bad by means of letting everything go to the hell which most religions taught me about. Now is the time to donate $1 or less to Salem's public library; to save them from hiring extra workers for processing; many could donate in the same envelope and drop it off or mail it in.

I'm calling on help from those children whom are extra smart enough to vote but have been repeatedly abused by being denied that right. Most are smarter than adult voters! Children, please be advised that pocket change no doubt would also be very much badly needed and welcomed.

Outlaw any and all high cholesterol meats other than let's say turkey, lamb and the leanest of all beefs; not all beef hamburger because many of us have a problem with our liver being triggered by animal fat and that causes our liver to produce massive amounts of cholesterol which came as close as it could come to putting me and millions of others into our graves. Tens of millions of others have been put on disability for the same disease and many others as well including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes and of course a certain doctor attempted to but failed to hide it from me; cancer of one testicle and many I know have passed away from breast, ovarian and colon cancers as well.

My stay at Salem hospital was about $30,000 for about 10 days times 310 million American equals; you finish the math.



A better understanding

of the Humane Society

To the editor:

At the Humane Society of Columbiana County (HSCC), we field over 100 calls per week. Many times, information is the only assistance we can give to callers. It seems that we are much like the canned beverage Dr. Pepper. The classic commercial described it as the "misunderstood" soft drink. It is through this letter that an attempt will be made to provide a better understanding of the role of HSCC in Columbiana County.

The Humane Society of Columbiana County is a 501(c)3, non-profit independent organization, incorporated in accordance with specifications set forth by the Ohio Revised Code. A board of trustees provides oversight to established by-laws which identify a mission and policies suitable for the community in which we serve. HSCC is an independent, self-supporting organization and, as such, not affiliated with or funded by any national animal welfare organization or government entity.

HSCC is not animal control. The Columbiana County Commissioners pay a small but very dedicated staff at the County Dog Pound and Adoption Center, who are stretched to their limits, to respond to stray dog calls over 532 square miles of this county. Likewise, the communities of Salem and Wellsville pay an individual to respond to dog related concerns.

HSCC assists all other animal welfare related entities as much as possible and are fortunate to receive that same courtesy in return. However, at HSCC, our animals come solely from abuse and neglect cases. All cases are investigated by a trained humane agent who has been sworn to uphold the laws set forth in the Ohio Revised Code pertaining to the humane treatment of animals. Action is taken only when conditions have been made known by a public citizen via a phone call or signed, confirmable letter to the HSCC office, which is logged and documented. When assistance or education is not successful, circumstances may result in the animal being given up by the owner on site or removed according to the laws of Ohio. Stray cats are an enormous problem in every community in Columbiana County. Without aggressive spay and neuter intervention, there is no end to this overwhelming and sad reality. Once again, only when space and funding allows can HSCC accept stray cats. A waiting list exists for those individuals able to foster the cat(s) until space is available at the facility. Assisting with other options is the best that can be done when no vacancy exists, which is most of the time. We will not euthanize an adoptable animal.

If funds and physical space allow, non humane case animals are accepted into the HSCC program. Priority is given to non-owner animals suffering from medical or age related issues.

Currently, HSCC is at capacity with dogs and cats from abuse and neglect cases that await loving, life long homes through adoption. There are more abused and neglected animals in Columbiana County that need to be attended to. Unfortunately, we can only help those which our physical and financial ability allows.

If you care about the suffering, voiceless "pets" of Columbiana County, you will help us at the Humane Society help them by making a financial donation and/or by giving your loving touch through volunteerism or fostering. There is no greater satisfaction than a wet kiss or wagging tail from an animal that now understands that there is kindness and compassion in a world where previously, none existed.






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