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October 29, 2009
Salem News

In support of Issue 2

To the editor:

It has been two years since my retirement from The (East Liverpool) Review. My only serious writing now is a column in our church newsletter and information about the Wellsville Historical Society.

However, due to the importance of Issue 2 on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, I believed it important to contact my former readers.

Passage of Issue 2 will establish an Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. Creation of such a board was placed on the ballot by the Ohio General Assembly.

Agriculture is an important industry in Ohio. As many of you may remember, all of the years I worked as a reporter, my interest in promoting agriculture led to many columns. My entire life was spent on a dairy farm until we retired from farming due to my husband's health.

Why do we need an animal standards board? I understand some believe it may increase bureaucracy, but actually it will just give control to those who understand agriculture. Inspection of farms and being sure safe practices are followed is not new.

I very distinctly remember the day the dairy inspector came to our farm and we walked the area outside our house so he could determine our septic tank was not discharging anything into our stream where our cattle drank water. You were never warned ahead of time of the inspector's visit. So, besides wanting cleanliness ourselves, we knew we had to keep things clean to suit the inspector.

Back to Issue 2. When approved for the state, the top priorities for Ohio farmers, animal care and food safety, will move a step forward. While in my opinion these already are a top concern for farmers, the board will have the responsibility for confirming this safety.

The board will consist of 13 Ohioans including farmers, veterinarians, scientists, academia, consumers, a local humane society representative and food safety experts.

It will have the responsibility for animal care and health, disease prevention, food safety and farm management practices.

The board also will be bipartisan, with no more than seven members of the same political party serving at any given time.

Again, you are probably reading this and asking if farmers are conscious of the necessity of safe practices and providing safe food why is this necessary? Unfortunately it is a must to protect Ohio farmers from outside interests.

The Humane Society of the United States is questioning farm practices. The HSUS is not a humane society as we know it. It does not protect dogs and cats or place them for adoption. Nor has it contributed funds or help to local societies.

The HSUS has passed measures in California, Florida, Arizona and Colorado that have created problems for agriculture in those states. The group's focus is on only a narrow element of animal care - housing. It does not include all other aspects of animal care which farmers face and handle on a daily basis

The claim is that animals do not have enough space - that they are housed within an inch of each other. And, this is not just poultry but hogs, sheep and cattle. Now, tell me. Honestly! Do you think if animals did not have an inch of space between them they could live? They would die of suffocation. We know this is not happening.

The real goal of the HSUS is not protection of animals. It is to convince all of us that we should be vegetarians.

They say if animals weren't used for meat they would be happy. How many livestock do you think would exist and be happy? There would be no livestock except perhaps one or two each family would own for its own milk, eggs and meat. Livestock and poultry are not pets.

If you want to be a vegetarian, that is your choice. But, without dietary supplements, this gives you a diet devoid of protein, calcium and all other good nutrients which come from meat, milk and eggs.

Then, consider even further. As I stated, agriculture is very important to Ohio. This also includes grain farmers. If animal agriculture is forced out of existence, you know what this will do to grain farmers. After all, Ohio livestock and poultry consume 60 percent of grain grown in Ohio.

It is interesting to note that while HSUS is against Issue 2, the American Humane Society has endorsed the issue. So have numerous other associations and organizations.

I firmly believe farmers already are concerned as much, if not more, as anyone else about food safety, and do everything in their power to see that you, as consumers, have the safest food available. If decisions about agriculture are needed, who better than a board of Ohio people, not outsider?

If agriculture is driven out of Ohio and out of other states, can we depend on getting safe food from other countries? Even if we could, can't you just see the prices soaring?

I am asking you to strongly consider the farmers in Ohio; consider your current safe food supply; consider that you are free to select your own diet - and vote yes to Issue 2.



Supports Leetonia levy

To the editor:

My story begins 38 years ago when I moved from Columbiana to Leetonia to marry a Leetonia Bear. Imagine back then a Clipper marrying a Bear, well I was a little nervous but I was welcomed with open arms.

We had three children. Our girls were both cheerleaders and our son was a baseball player. I quickly became a Bear. I welcomed all of our children's friends with open arms. Whether they were from Leetonia, Washingtonville or Franklin Square they were all Bears.

Our kids are all grown up and we're still in the same house. I'd really love to stay in Leetonia if we're able to. You know I've heard that Franklin Square and Washingtonville, where we are losing in our levy, feel like we, (Leetonia), don't include them or make them feel welcome.

Wow, some of these same people that I welcomed into my house have kids in our school. You're kids have made lifelong friends here. How are they going to feel when they all get split up by the state? If that happens and it very well could, will they all go to different schools?

By voting "no" you are making yourselves separate. How does it feel? For the people that don't have kids in school, don't believe what the ney sayers are saying. The truth is this! You will be paying higher taxes than what we're facing now. Some as high as three times.

Whatever school district the state puts you in, you will be paying their taxes whether you have kids in school or not. How are these kids gonna feel when they are made to go to another school? Now, they will really feel separate. Is that what you want for your kids?

Let's all come together as one. Please vote yes in the upcoming levy and let the school concentrate on becoming even better than we already are.



Wants to light up the holidays

To the editor:

Tis' the season!

The time is nearly upon us to be stringing Christmas lights around the square and down Main Street.

We are looking forward to our traditional colored lights. Last year you told us they would be back. We can once again have the cross that is visible from the air.

Please do not disappoint us. White lights on the corners of the square would be beautiful and complement the colored lights.





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