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November 8, 2009
Salem News

Old cheerleaders never die and they don't fade away either

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Salem High School football team for their tremendous regular season. We all have special memories of the great teams of the past coached by our beloved Earle Bruce and are looking forward to much success in the playoffs again.

Best Wishes,

The 1959 Cheeleading Squad

Mary Lou (Menichelli) Hartzell

Darla (Barnes) Ping

Gail (Parker) Coy

Judy (DeCrow) Roberts

Sally Fester

Bonnie (Reese) Elliot

Go Quakers!

Pending legislation could results in job loss in Salem

To the editor:

As I watch the debate unfold regarding climate change legislation, I am amazed at the lack of understanding on behalf of our politicians with respect to the economic ramifications if such irresponsible legislation should become law. With one stroke of a pen, this pending legislation could wipe out my business and its 25 jobs right here in the Salem area.

We, along with our steel industry customers, cannot compete on an international basis when we are fundamentally disadvantaged with yet another tax that we will have to cover in our pricing. We are already struggling to compete on a global basis given our higher wage rates and benefits in this country compared to other nations such as India and China.

The House climate bill, known as Waxman-Markey, is a tax in disguise, nothing more, nothing less.

It will harm many small businesses and families like mine in the Northeast Ohio region. An implicit tax increase is not a favorable solution to climate change-neither is artificially driving up energy costs at the beginning of the high cost winter season.

Many families and businesses are struggling to make ends meet-tax hikes and higher costs are the last pill we need to swallow at this time. I call on Senators George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown to take this into account should a bill come before them in the Senate.

Now is the time for our elected officials to stand up for the hard-working families of this state by opposing this legislation.



BOC Water Hdraulics Inc.




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