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Random acts of senseless sporting - 11/9/09

Your weekly dose of (in)sanity in this (in)sane sports world

November 8, 2009
By B.J. LISKO, Salem News Sports Editor

If Salem head football coach Mike Kopachy is the Division III Coach of the Year (and he will be), then Salem varsity volleyball coach Don Conser should be named Coach of the Century. Conser is five wins from 600 total. If he sticks around another four years he'll hit 700. And in case you didn't know, from seventh grade up, volleyball in Salem is as ridiculously good as it has always been. There won't be a drop off in the program.

Charlie Weis is going to get the biggest payday to be arguably college football's most mediocre coach. Another loss. Navy struggled with Temple a week ago, then looked like the Patriots in South Bend. Coordinators don't often make good head coaches. There are exceptions, but both Weis and Romeo Crennel are total slugs. The best thing Crennel did was get a sound-bite altered for for a Coors Light commercial. Mangini is not far from joining him.

Speaking of the Browns, the team had a bye week yet somehow still managed a way to lose although they did manage a touchdown, but it was in the second half and they forgot they switched directions on the field so it went for a safety.

Mount Union won another OAC title. That's a shocker. I wrote this in one of the first columns I ever did as sports editor: "The result of every Mount Union game? Mount Union wins."

Somehow baseball in November just isn't quite as exciting as baseball in say, any month that it isn't on the verge of snowing. The Yankees won the World Series. I can barely contain my excitement.

Columbiana head coach Bob Spaite is the Marty Schottenheimer of Ohio high school football. Colleague Michael Burich of the Morning Journal was right on when he referred to Shadyside's final possesion as Columbiana's version of "The Drive." Spaite started as head coach when I went to Columbiana High School, and he's had some tough losses - but man, you gotta feel for the guy and the entire team after their 19-14 loss to Shadyside. I'll probably get a few calls for this, but the better team lost Saturday night.

Some of you apparently don't understand the concept of deadlines. Let me explain. You work most likely, right? You're expected to have your work done by a certain time. Well, The Salem News is no different. So when the football team is nearly three hours away and we can't get photos of the game in the paper, it's cause of that pesky thing we like to call a deadline. We miss it, no one gets their newspaper. Yes, I am aware we are in the age of technology. But factor in that Granville is smack in the middle of nowhere, the game went to overtime, and any place with an internet connection was closed by the time photos could be sent back to us. There are two of us in the sports department at the paper. Someone has to put together the sports section as well, it just doesn't magically happen. And no, we don't have anything portable here to send back stories or photos. Our paper is put together with an Abacus, zip ties and an 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. I'm obviously kidding, but the economy affects your job too, right? It's no different here. So we don't have laptops or wireless whatever to send things from remote places, and because that's really only needed maybe twice all year long, it's probably not something we are able to invest in. Calm down, everyone. No one appreciates a good, obscene, expletive-laced voicemail like I do, but take it easy. We're not out to slight anyone. It's tough to run a daily sports section with only a few people. There will be ample coverage of this week's game all week long, just like all season, and I'll be taking photos of it myself since it's half as far away as Granville. If you want you can swear at me in person. Or better yet, try talking to me and having a civil conversation.

"Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Lewis."

'til next time ...



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