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November 15, 2009
Salem News

An open letter to

Congressman Wilson

To the editor:

An open letter to Congressman Charlie Wilson:

Dear Congressman Wilson,

Since you see fit to not reply to your constituents phone calls and emails, I will address this issue with you via a more public forum.

Mr. Wilson, do not ignore what happened this past Tuesday in New Jersey and Virginia when it comes time to vote for or against the debacle being called "Health Care Reform" by your party. Voters in both those states spoke volumes with respect to the direction this country has taken in the last year.

Gallup and Rasmussen (to name just two) polls consistently show the majority of Americans are not in favor of the Health Care reform bill put forward either in the House or in the Senate.

If you choose to vote in favor of the bill put forward by Speaker Pelosi, I predict your constituents will show you their displeasure of your actions and you will not be re-elected.

Mr. Wilson, I hope you do not forget who put you into office and who can take you out of office, the people of Ohio's Sixth District. You must never assume you know better than your constituents, you don't. If we, your constituents indicate consistently what we oppose, you must listen to us.

Do not vote in favor of the proposed Health Care bill.



Unhappy with Wilson's decision

To the editor:

Congressman Wilson has now made it official that he is smarter than all of us put together. He has publicly announced that he will support the government Health Care Bill. Congress "Smilin" Charlie Wilson is backing 2000 pages of bad ju-ju with total disregard of the private citizen.

He voted "NO" on CAP & TAX only because he knew it would pass without his vote. No surprise if he becomes the Czar of Ohio Health Care should the bill pass and his re-election bid fail.

William E Eardley,

East Liverpool

Preparing for First Night Salem

To the editor:

First Night Salem is back! First Night Salem 2010, the alcohol-free, community wide celebration of the arts to bring in the New Year, is back for its sixth year.

The alcohol-free, family-oriented event wants all Salem area citizens to join in the gala celebration. The musical arts of pop, polka, rock, big band, gospel, bluegrass country and barbershop are just some of the styles represented at our convenient "walkable" entertainment district.

First Night Salem is much more than just music! It's food, fun and frolic in a Mardi Gras style. You will enjoy the old reliable entertainment favorites and a few new surprises just waiting to brighten your New Year's Eve celebration.

A children's activity venue will be presented in Kent State City Center. Giant walking puppets in special shows for the youth and a grown-up show too! Madrigal Players will entertain you in their medieval styling. There will be standing room only at the First Night Salem! Back by popular demand, horse-drawn carriage rides will take you back to an earlier time. Rock 'n Roll will take center stage at the Memorial Building, Bluegrass entertainment will be hosted by the Masonic Temple. St Paul's School will have old and new standards, plus room for dancing. Salem Historical Society will "Light Up The New Year" with special lights and light shows. Stark Memorial as usual, will be our family friendly venue with attractions for all ages. This is just a sample of some of the many performances to be presented during this New Year's Eve celebration! Do not forget our "Grand Finale" talent showcase and giant balloon drop to bring in 2010 at Kent State City Center, followed by our hot chocolate and cake social. This is just a hint of things to do at First Night Salem 2010! You will be able to eat to your heart's content at dinners served at First United Methodist Church, the Salem Masonic Temple and St. Paul's School Scullion Hall. Snacks will be served at many of our entertainment venues.

There is a minimal cost for all of this stupendous entertainment. The cost of an admission button or badge is just $10 for all adults. All children 10 and under are free when accompanied by a badge bearing adult! First Night Salem keeps its costs down by having volunteers do all the work. There are no paid positions within First Night Salem. All performers are paid for their services. The costs of putting on a show of this magnitude are always on the rise. The low cost of admission keeps the event affordable so more area families can see many more shows in one night than they normally would see in a year's time!

First Night Salem needs your help to keep our costs down. Button or badge prices only pay for a small portion of our budget. If you would like to assist First Night Salem, you may send your tax deductible donation to Salem Renaissance Inc. (a non-profit charitable organization) P.O. Box 444 Salem, Ohio 44460, with First Night Salem on the memo line.

For more information on First Night Salem 2010, visit or to volunteer to help at individual venues on New Year's Eve, please contact FNS 2010 coordinators.

Yours for the betterment of a fine community!



First Night Salem 2010 coordinators

Thanks for support of Issue 2

To the editor:

A big "thank you" for the support and endorsement of passing State Issue 2. This issue was supported by small farmers, large farmers and non-farmers, organic, non-organic, grain, livestock, fruit and vegetable farmers, plus the nursery and landscaping industry, Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and Tea Parties across the board, we had support.

With the majority of Ohio citizens being three generations removed from agriculture, there was a great amount of educating required to make the voters aware of the details and to understand the issue - many of you helped with this, and your efforts paid off. This is just the beginning of Ohio's battle with "out of state activists" and we must continue to work together to prove to the citizens of Ohio, the passing of State Issue 2 will be a benefit to all of Ohio. Ohioans should not be regulated by out of state interests - we will have our own Ohio Livestock Standards Board. State Issue 2 passed with 64-36 percent of Ohio votes.

A message from Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau said, "Ohio voters made a solid statement and acknowledged the role farmers play in caring for farm animals and providing a safe and quality food supply in the Buckeye State. Clearly, Ohio is blazing a new trail for other states to follow on the issue of livestock care and well-being. It is clear voters in the state know farmers share their values regarding the care of animals."

We will need your continued help and support to continue with our mission of helping the agriculture industry survive in Ohio.


Organization director,

Mahoning County Farm Bureau



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