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November 29, 2009
Salem News

Praise for Quakers

To the editor:

Here is something to think about: the Salem Quakers football team put Salem back on the map for football, and what a tremendous job it did. Even went to championship, amazing.

Now these young men deserve not only recognition for their outstanding performance, but I think and so do others that they should not have to pay for their helmets, but should get them for free and also the jersey they wore.

These things hold not only value to them but a great memory of the amazing job and dedication they have for the school and the team. They were awesome and at least deserve that, and not just a pat on the back these young men should be known as the awesome nine.



Congress equals criminals

To the editor:

In lieu of the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's weekend bribe of Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., for $300,000,000 it just reaffirms my conviction that the "U.S. Congress is the best government that money can buy." What a bunch of criminals! They should all be in prison, not congress!

How many other multi-million deals were cut in the back room that we don't even know about? It is a shame that our Democratic Senator, Sherrod Brown, is such an insignificant wimp to always so quickly and completely tow the party line for the leadership.

Who knows, if Sen. Brown had held out a little and made a few waves, he might have been able to get a $400 or $500 million bribe for Ohio!

The solution to the health care issue is actually very simple: Taxpayers do not want Congress to force a new program on us that they do not have to participate in themselves, but instead, the taxpayers want to belong to the same program that all federal employees get. Seems more than fair since we pay for the majority of it! I have asked Sen. Brown and Rep. Wilson on several occasions by e-mail if they and their families will use the same plan they force on us and to date have never received an answer. Ha - fat chance!



Thanks for support

To the editor:

I would just like to give a very big thank you to all the people who supported my students when they did there Kick-a-thon on Nov.12. By raising $1,216 this can help out the community dinner held at the Salem Memorial building on Thanksgiving Day.

In two years we have raised $2,626 for this cause and we are going to do it every year as long as it is going on.

To all the people who volunteer there time on this special day I bow to you with the up most respect for with out you. It would be very hard to accomplish cooking and delivering the meals.

To Nancy Miller and Jeff Schoch, keep it up you will always have Salem Self Pro's help.

Thank you.


Salem Self Pro Martial Arts

Life well-lived ends

To the editor:

A life well-lived was taken from us last week, when Salem Historian, Dale Shaffer passed away. This truly humble, gentle man gave more to this city than we will ever know. We are truly blessed to have been left the legacy of his numerous books chronicling the history of the City of Peace. His books are quoted on a daily basis, as the "bible" of Salem history, and I know that first hand, as vice-president of the Salem Historical Society, and secondly by working in the Ohio Room of the Salem Public Library for many years. Not a day went by that someone would come in with a question of Salem's early years, and we were able to find the answer in a Dale Shaffer book.

In the spring of this year, Dale turned 80 years old. Being the quiet, unassuming person he was, he said it was "just another day." But how could we possibly let such a special day go by without recognizing him in a special way. So as not to overstep our boundaries, and to adhere (sort of) to his wishes that he did not want any special recognition, Mayor Jerry Wolford and I visited with him at the Courtyard at Lexington, and presented him with a Proclamation declaring April 17, 2009, as "Dale Shaffer E. Day" in the city of Salem.

It was just a simple gesture on our part, but we found that Dale was touched deeply by this, and he was humbly grateful for the recognition.

Dale's true talent was in the extensive research in every book he wrote. His attention to detail to any book he wrote explains why those very books will live on forever, providing Salem with a true and accurate reflection of times gone by, and preserving the history of our fair city for generations to come.

Salem may have lost a true treasure, but I feel like I personally have lost a dear friend. I will cherish the beautiful music box and letter presented to me by him in appreciation of that 80th birthday visit. It was such a little thing for the mayor and I to do that day, but it appears to have meant much to Dale.

We, the citizens of Salem are indebted to him forever for the wonderful legacy of his 27 books. They will live on forever.

Rest in peace, dear friend - you deserve it.



What they are missing

To the editor:

In the health care debate, there are two things most people are missing that I feel should make people think about health care and what is happening now in our country.

The most important fact to me is the United States has never ever required a private individual to purchase a certain product (health insurance) in order to remain a law-abiding citizen, and must purchase this product or be fined and/or jailed.

Second, if this health insurance plan is so great, why has every proposed amendment been shot down that would require our lawmakers to be bound to the same program they are trying to force on us?



Not a big Wilson fan

To the editor:

Congressman Charlie Wilson recently held a teleconference to explain his favorable vote for government run health care. His reasoning is that he is looking out for all of us to make life better if not easier. How many of "us" ever got a phone call from a stranger who told "us" he knows what we need, it's taken care of, and not to worry.

Even if this stranger announces he his your "Uncle Charlie," what chills are running down your spine? The real question is if that conference was pre-recorded and who has actually seen Smilin' Charlie. A child will hide from the parent after knowing doing something wrong. Better check on Grandma, Charlie's done something.


East Liverpool

What is wrong with U.S.?

To the editor:

What is wrong with our country is that we have the impression of having a two party system.

Both parties do not obey by the constitution or make laws for we the people as was said on television about the health care plan put out by the republican party? When asked the Senator said it was unconstitutional he replied yes but less unconstitutional than the Democrat plan?

We become a country ran by banks and large business which will eventually cause the destruction of our Republic as we form alliances with other nations?

Question: Tony Blair is said to be the choice for the president of the European,will this override the UKs laws and when our leaders are pushing for the NAU with Mexico and Canada who will be the president of the NAU? Will our constitution prevail? I doubt it? If we went by the constitution there would be no IRS, Federal Reserve and wars that we do not belong in.

By living by our constitution we would be the wealthiest nation on earth and our people would not have to worry about paying for illegals health care through our taxes.

Taxes are the problem of our system and will cause the death of our republic as the lobby is strong to keep a one party system intact?





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