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December 27, 2009
Salem News

Reflects on meaning of Christmas

To the editor:

It is Friday afternoon and the students are boarding the buses for home. Christmas celebrations are moving from Robert Bycroft School to homes and families.

What a wonderful time we have had! December started with an outstanding performance from Young and Alive, a show choir from West Branch School.The OT/PT students from Kent State visited us with pizza, cakes and a gift for each student! We were so happy that United Show choir, "Flight," performed and the Brass Factory from United also shared their talents with us.

Ebony and Ivory from Wellsville entertained us with singing and dancing.Beaver Local brought a large choir that did an awesome performance.

The students at Bycroft really enjoyed and appreciated all the performances.

In talking with all the directors I found that the students requested to perform for us! This is the true meaning of Christmas, the joy of giving.

Today, Santa and his elves visited. Thank you Santa for your years of being with us,and I am glad the elves were able to help! Santa had a gift for each child through our adopt a class program.

The anticipation and joy on the children's faces is heart warming. Even with the present economic conditions in the county I was pleasantly surprised by the donations we received.

We are very blessed to have such a caring community.May all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may the spirit of Christmas endure through 2010!



Should be ashamed of themselves

To the editor:

Beaver Local School District and the school superintendent should be ashamed of their behavior to a volunteer. On Dec. 15, one of the few volunteers was called and advised she was not to eat breakfast or lunch at the cafeteria.

She spends four days a week at this school without pay helping the children or doing what is asked of her with no complaints and is very happy to do it.

Not only do I feel the superintendent should apologize to Ms. Landsberger but I also feel that the cafeteria worker should apologize and give a thank you for a woman who accepts no pay to help out at the school.

If the Beaver Local School District is that concerned about serving a meal to a volunteer may I suggest that instead of letting these people volunteer you put them on your payroll.

This would allow them to pay for their own breakfast, lunch and their gas and wear and tear on their vehicle to drive to your school.



Talking 'Old School' politics

To the editor:

The Urban Dictionary defines "Old School" as anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. One does not usually think of politics when they hear this term since it's mostly used to refer to music and clothing.

However, imagine for a moment a presidential candidate running a campaign with the slogan "Going Old School." It sounds cool and hip, so it may draw in younger voters.

It conjures up memories of better days so as to attract the older crowd. However, to pull it it off, a comparison needs to be made to a politician from an earlier era that is highly regarded today.

That's a tough one and is open to much debate. Let's just go with FDR for the left and Reagan for the right. The New Deal vs. Reaganomics.Which campaign would appeal to more voters?

Which would be more successful?

Given today's political climate I don't think either would be as successful as a much overlooked former president. It's may not be as sexy of a choice as FDR or Reagan, but I think it translates better to what the majority of Americans are looking for today.

There may be no better choice than Grover Cleveland. Specifically, his veto of the Texas Seed Bill in 1887.

Before you get up I'll save you the Google search. The Texas Seed Bill would have enabled the Commissioner of Agriculture to make a special distribution of seeds in drought-stricken counties of Texas.

President Cleveland vetoed the bill based on not finding warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution. He believed there was a tendency to disregard the limited powers of the federal government and that it should be resisted.

He said that the people support the government, the government should not support the people.

What's more "Old School" than basing decisions on the Constitution?





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