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January 10, 2010
Salem News

Appreciates care from SCH

To the editor:

We wish to express our sincere gratitude and voice what good care our mother received during a recent lengthy stay at Salem Community Hospital. The staff was very caring and professional.

Many (too numerous to mention names) went above and beyond to treat and care for our mother.

The physical therapy staff, as well, were very kind and seemed to sincerely want to help. A special thanks to the staff on the skilled nursing unit and to Dr. Lileas and Dr. Lunne. Our family feels very fortunate to have such a fine facility in our immediate area.





Mary Jane Stamp's daughters

Veteran expresses his views

To the editor:

After reading a letter from Kathy Muse, U.S. Air Force, Ret. Salem, it made me as a veteran feel sad. For one of our own to be asked not to participate in a honored position as the Burial Group it is a sad day for veterans everywhere.

As a veteran it would be an honor to have the burial group participate in my funeral.

Veterans served to protect the freedom of everyone here. I may not agree with that family that asked for no females but I would fight to the death for them to have that freedom.

I know that the passed veteran that the service was for would not appreciate the bias that his family showed after his passing.

It was an honor to serve my country and it is an honor to be remembered by a group of veterans that take the time out of this busy world to honor a fallen comrade.

I would hope that Kathy Muse would not let the ignorance of others stop her from doing what she loves to do, honor our fallen comrades. I don't know anyone from this group , but I have seen them in action.

So a big thank you should go out to them and I would be honored to have them send me off with a final salute. And for you that don't know Semper Fidelis means "always faithful."



Kind words for?Jackie Troll

To the editor:

Jackie Troll has not only opened her heart to support a vast array of community projects over the years, she has also opened her heart to many individuals.

This story actually starts back in 1946 when a young man returned from serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps. after World War II.

One of his first "missions" after returning home was to purchase the best diamond he could afford and propose marriage to the girl of his dreams.

The couple was married and, during their years together, raised and educated five children while focusing on family, church and community.

As the years passed, I can always remember my mother's relating the beautiful story of my father's long-distance, war-time courtship, the romantic proposal on his return, their wonderful honeymoon and the excitement of starting a life and family together.

It was her engagement ring that always symbolized this special time in her life.

When my mother died in 1997 after a 12-year battle with breast cancer, my father gave me my mother's engagement ring, a treasure beyond all human value.

Knowing that the ring was worn daily for over half century, I took it to be checked for wear by Jackie Troll at Troll's Jewelry Store. When Jackie examined the diamond and setting, she reported that the stone was loose and the mounting in need of extensive repair.

"Good thing you brought it in, you could have easily lost the diamond," she noted.

When I explained the story behind and the significance of the ring, Jackie disappeared into the back room and brought out a small velvet box. She said the setting on my mother's ring had been "very popular back in the 40s" and she remembered saving a ring from a sample collection.

The sample, although just as old as mother's ring, had never been worn, was exactly the same style and fit the diamond perfectly.

When I showed my father after the diamond has been re-mounted in Jackie's setting, he was amazed. With a tear in his eye said that the ring "looked just like the day I gave it to your mother over 50 years ago."

And, when it came time to pay for the remounting, Jackie insisted on charging me just what she had paid for the sample ring in l946, a fraction of its current value.

So, because of Jackie's years of experience and keen memory, I have gotten to enjoy and wear daily a treasured heirloom from my mother.

I just wanted to share this story to thank Jackie Troll for her personal kindness and generosity to me and to the community during her many decades as a local business woman. Salem has been truly blessed by her presence.



Cheers for BL basketball team

To the editor:

A big thank you to the Beaver Local High School boys basketball team for coming to the seventh and eighth grade boys basketball game against Struthers on Monday night.

I am not sure if you know how much it meant to the boys, coaches and parents. I can't begin to tell you what an impression it made as you came in as a team to support the middle school boys.

We knew that it was going to be a tough game. You took the time out of your busy schedule to cheer and pump up the crowd for the boys.

You are a fine example of what a great athlete is. When these seventh and eighth grade boys are juniors and seniors in high school they will remember this, pay it forward and come back to their old middle school to show their support.

We will be at your games to support you and cheer you wonderful boys on at your games. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Go Beavers.





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