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January 24, 2010
Salem News

Praise for all who help out

To the editor:

Recently, Salem Welding stepped up to the plate and repaired gratis some city equipment needed for snow removal in Salem. What an exemplary example of what is done in the city of Salem to benefit everyone single one of us.

Not to take anything away from Salem Welding, but I'd like to point out what most citizens do not hear about and fail to realize, is the amount of contributions of all kinds which businesses and organizations in the Salem area donate and supply to every type of activity here. From supporting school projects, food banks, clothing drives, blood drives, and all kinds of appeals from groups and people, our businesses and organizations literally receive two to three requests each week.

I am not naming names, as these businesses know who they are; but I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all of them for the support they so graciously and anonymously offer. All of us owe them a great debt of gratitude.



First Night Salem looks ahead

To the editor:

For the past six years, First Night Salem has helped raise funds for many community nonprofits, churches and other organizations. This year we were proud to be a fund-raising partner with five different community groups. The First United Methodist Church has been with First Night Salem from year number one. This year's church dinner, catered by Carol Madison, benefited the new ROC youth center located on South Lundy Avenue in the former Romanian Orthodox Church. The Masons held a benefit dinner for their Masonic Temple building fund. This is at least the third year the Masons have used First Night Salem to assist them in growing their fund.

The Salem Area Amateur Radio Association has been raising funds for their community services through First Night at St. Paul School, Scullion Hall for four years. The aforementioned groups have been serving dinners at First Night Salem for many years. They have been a great partner of the event by starting people on their way to an evening filled with entertainment, fun, frolic and food.

After dinner has settled and First Nighters have been strolling the streets of Salem going from building to building, hunger pangs are satisfied by two more of our community partners. Alchemy Acres Pet Rescue at the Memorial Building and Salem High School Class of 1968 scholarship fund at Kent City Center served appetizing snacks and beverages to hungry First Night participants. When all is said and done, a good amount of money was raised by the groups sponsoring dinners. Snacks do not provide as much margin for profit, but provide an excellent vehicle for public recognition of each group's community efforts.

If First Night Salem itself had as profitable evening as its community vendors all would be well. However, due to events beyond our control, we fell a little short of our break-even goal this year. We would request our donors from years past (those who might have forgotten to donate this year) to please step up to the plate once again and help put First Night Salem in a break-even position for this year.

This would help put First Night Salem 2011 on firm ground for next year. If you would like to donate to First Night Salem, please send your tax-deductible donation to First Night Salem, P.O. Box 444, Salem, Ohio 44460. For tax purposes, please make check out to Salem Renaissance Inc. Non-tax deductible donations may simply be made out to First Night Salem.


Co-chair, First Night Salem 2010

Not a health care bill fan

To the editor:

This health care bill is not about health care at all but rather a deceitfully crafted piece of legislation designed to bring an entire segment of non-contributors and dysfunctionals under a patronizing umbrella and meld them into a solid voting block to support liberal driven agendas.

Another surreptitious component of our congressmens' program is to grant citizenship to the illegal aliens. The end result of all this will be a majority electorate addicted to entitlements. Tax relief, a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility and defense funding will all be subordinate to irresponsible social programs.

The have nots will bleed the entrepreneurs and small businesses. Unless the responsible citizenry of this country rises up and expresses its indignation and puts a halt to all this nonsense, we are on a collision course with disaster.



A mesage for the dog dropper

To the editor:

This letter is for all of you who no longer wants that kitty/cat or puppy/dog that you just had to have at one time.

Don't take it to the country and drop it off. That animal raised in the house, in the city has no idea what is going on. They just sit by the side of the road and cry. Why should we be responsible for your pet?

On Monday some slob in an SUV dropped off a Chihauhau mix at our barn. The poor thing was scared to death, shaking and cold. The people were so dumb and lazy that they did not bother to turn down their booming music. My neighbor saw you. My daughter heard you.

My daughter said the dog was cold and shaking. It evidently never has seen a barn before and spooked at everything. It knew enough to follow her on the right side, sit, stay, etc. This is a very well-behaved dog.

Problem is we have a Rotweiller and a German Shepherd. They will kill this small dog. So, he is sleeping in a stall in the barn until a home is found.

This situation happens several times a year to us and our neighbors because we live in the country, by a state park.

Please stop doing this to us and people like us.



Veterans Day deserves more

To the editor:

I think it is fine we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. But whatever happened to celebrating Veterans Day? Schools should be closed so children can participate in our Veterans Day Parade and know what our men and women are fighting for and have fought for over the years. Freedom is a very important thing and if it wasn't for our veterans their would be no such thing as freedom or anything else in this country that matters.

Come on school systems, get with it. Let's celebrate our freedom. And give the kids that day off so the veterans who have served our country and are now service our country know we appreciate the sacrifices they have made.


East Liverpool



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