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February 21, 2010
Salem News

Industrial park part

of Mayor Sell's legacy

To the editor:

I read with sadness the obituary of former mayor, Robert Sell. At my age, I have seen many mayors come and go. In one way or another, each of them contributed something toward the betterment of Salem, Ohio. Bob Sell's best contribution was a great one: he gave us the Salem Industrial Park.

In the 70s, I was one of about a dozen people whom Bob appointed to the Mayor's Advisory Committee for the Industrial Park.

The committee met often, establishing guidelines and requirements for potential companies coming into the park. We met with the management of some of these prospects, and in many cases helped pave the way for them to bring jobs to Salem or to keep and add jobs here.

City council was supportive, but it was Mayor Sell who fought for and (after some hitches) secured the $1,000,000 grant, who obtained the various permits and zoning changes, and who faced all of the roadblocks along the way.

We knew that he was the driving force behind the project, and we all greatly admired him for it. Bob Sell is the main reason that we have a (now full) industrial park today.

Yes, things are tough for the city of Salem. But, has anyone else wondered how much worse it would be without the income tax coming from the jobs in the industrial park?

It is wonderful that again today we have community leaders who are dedicated, like Bob Sell, to bringing companies and jobs to Salem, Ohio. I wish them God's speed.



Kind words for Salem

Community Hospital

To the editor:

To the employees of Salem Community Hospital.

I apologize that this letter was not printed sooner, because although I did compose it while in the hospital, I was not able to deliver it in time for earlier publication:

I am currently a patient at Salem Community Hospital. All of the personnel have been caring, concerned and competent. The food is institutional, but acceptable. And the cleaning crew and support people have also done a good job.

But today is Saturday, Feb. 6. Some of you will remember it as the "Day of the Snow." Most will remember how difficult/impossible it was to leave your driveway, your street, and maybe even your house. And this hospital is staffed by people, many who need to travel quite a distance to get here. So obviously, today they are short staffed because people just could not get here!

But my care was still great! People covering for each other, a shorthanded kitchen substituting sandwiches and soup for their normal hot meals. Nurses helping to deliver those food trays, even scrounging cereal and juices and milk to make breakfast. Everyone working together. Doing their job. Maybe, doing someone else's also. And no one complaining. A great hospital. I can't speak for everyone, but where I am on Third East-great people. Thank you.



Salem Mobile Meals

needs help with driving

To the editor:

Help! Snow emergency. Salem Mobile Meals has been delivering meals since 1975 and has never missed a delivery in the 35 years.

To date, we have delivered over 350,000 meals, however, due to many of our drivers vacationing in the south during the winter, we have now reached the point that we need help.

If any of your readers can drive any day between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and are willing to undergo an orientation program, we ask that they call our coordinator, Jo Anna Bosel, at 330-332-2160.

There are many folks depending on daily delivery of meals and we are reaching out to the community for help.



Mobile Meals

Taking shots at

Congressman Wilson

To the editor:

By my count there are six shots being taken at unseating Congressman Charlie Wilson this November. Charlie has already shot himself in the foot by continuing his support of government health care.

He has also made it known in Steubenville that government must be directly involved in private enterprise. Is the ammunition for his belief that unless government is involved how else will they (the government) get their fair share? We can draw our own conclusion about the Magnificent Seven in this year's fire fight.


East Liverpool

Confused by hypocrisy

shown by Republicans

To the editor:

I'm sure that there are many folks out there who were too young or do not remember before Ronald Reagan became the exemplar of American conservatism. His political career began by making public service announcements against the dangers of "federal programs."

It may surprise you to know, especially due to all the harsh criticism from Republicans against Obama's evil plan to cut Medicare, that it was Medicare to which Reagan was referring. In fact, Reagan said that if Medicare passed we would be "telling our children and our children's children about a time in America, back in the day, when men and women were free."

I'm confused. Don't conservatives love Ronald Reagan? Why then aren't they applauding Obama's efforts to trim down a program that Reagan said would "invade every area of freedom until, one day, we will awake to find that we have socialism."

Hmmm. Maybe Republicans finally opened their eyes to find that Ronald Reagan was wrong and that Medicare is probably the most important federal program in our nation's history. Unfortunately, that is not the case either.

Actually, Republicans are only demonstrating a level of hypocrisy that is mind-boggling.

While the pundits of American conservatism blast the president for proposing to cut Medicare by $400 billion (a program they hate remember), they are silent about the budget proposal by Representative Paul Ryan, the ranking Republican member of the House Budget Committee, that would slash Medicare by $650 billion.

Does it make any sense for Republicans to criticize President Obama for cutting Medicare by $400 billion, while they plan to cut it by $650 billion?

It does only if you can't contribute to a solution and your only means of winning is to use dishonest rhetoric to discredit the opposition. And by the way, isn't it Republicans who criticize the use of fancy rhetoric as a substitute for action?


East Liverpool

Appalled condolence

letters not being written

To the editor:

I am appalled to learn that President Obama has followed in the footsteps of President Bush in regard to not writing letters of condolence to family members of deceased service men and women due to suicide.

It is an act of prejudice to exclude grieving family members of their due respect just because someone in their family committed suicide.

Those left behind are no less hurt because it was a suicide versus a roadside bomb. Suicide is a preventable death that is given a blind eye because it is often linked to mental illness be it depression or schizophrenia. A human being should not be made to feel they are worth so little that they should just die to be better off.

Our president should not ignore the fact that service members kill themselves at record high rates when it is his actions that cause these same members to be put through multiple deployments into war zones.

Even first time deployments cause emotional harms to a person through PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, divorce, religious and moral misgivings of deployment, and so on.

Telling someone they must spend the next 12 months plus away from family, friends, and the freedoms of American soil and expecting them to not go into some level of depression is unacceptable. Throwing daily exposure to death, dismemberment, physical and mental exhaustion, alienation, and overall situational fatigue into the mix results in some people becoming unstable and on emotional overload. Suicide feels like it is the only way out of a war zone, the military, and a traumatized body/mind/soul for many of these service members.

Asking for help in the military unfortunately still puts you in league with cowards even though that is not the truth. Seeking a kind, honest shoulder to lean on to recover is considered laziness despite internal reforms the military is working on. Put your boots on and march it out is not the answer.

While both the military and civilian worlds learn how to best prevent suicides and how to support service members seeking help, we must all urge President Obama to show compassion and change and to acknowledge the service these military members gave to their country.

These members of society gave the ultimate price to their country, their life. Let us not forget them of shun their families any longer over the cause of their death. Your acceptance today may save the life of someone tomorrow! Urge President Obama to acknowledge these military members and their service to their grieving families.






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