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April 4, 2010
Salem News

Union responds to

nurses layoff at SCH

To the editor:

The Ohio Nurses Association, the union representing Salem Community Hospital's registered nurses, feels that the hospital's decision to balance the budget on the backs of its registered nursing staff is short-sighted.

Time and time again, we learn that cutting nursing services results in increased long-term health care costs. The hospital's assurance in the March 2 Salem News article that it will maintain quality care in spite of reducing the number of hours of registered nursing care by 20,000 per year starting April 1 is unlikely.

A recent study on registered nurse staffing finds that "researchers estimated that, for every 1,000 hospital patients, an increase of one full-time RN per day could save five lives in ICUs, five lives on medical floors and six lives in surgical units.

Furthermore, the researchers determined that staffing one additional RN per day was associated with lower rates of hospital-acquired pneumonia, respiratory failure and cardiac arrest among ICU patients. Such an increase also could reduce hospital length of stay in ICUs and surgical units by as much as 34 percent and 31 percent, respectively." (Fauntleroy, Health and Behavior News Service, 11/27/07; Kane et al., Medical Care, December 2007)

The registered nurses employed by the Salem Community Hospital are highly-skilled professionals with extensive education. Each and every day they provide compassionate care to individuals while promoting health, independence and dignity for area residents.

The Ohio Nurses Association remains committed to retaining enough qualified and dedicated Registered Nurses to serve patients at Salem Community Hospital.

Sara Baker,

Labor Relations Specialist

representing Salem

Community Hospital RNs,

Ohio Nurses Association,


His fondness for Salem library developed early

To the editor:

I owe much to our Salem Public Library. Early on in my life, it fostered in me an appreciation for reading.

As an elementary student at St. Paul School, I visited the library during recess-and was attracted to its books.

I remember reading the entire Black Tiger racing series, Scouting manuals, and my particular favorite: Babe Ruth-Baseball Boy. Reading's a habit that has stuck with me, and always provided me with much enjoyment.

Later, the Salem Public Library helped our own children by offering them learning resources throughout their time in Salem City Schools. Whether during story hours, for school reports, or researching term papers, the library drew them in-to the world of books, learning and, ultimately, scholarship.

Finally, our public library has frequently rewarded my penchant for bargain-hunting.

I rarely miss one of its used-book sales and often discover many treasures: histories, literature, and music. Indeed, many of the neatest items on our shelves were purchased there, typically, for $2 a bag!

Now, it's time for me to give back to our library.

On May 4, there will be a 1.25 mill levy on the ballot. In appreciation, I'm happy to support this request and hope you will, too. Please vote yes for our library.



Being led toward

socialist-type government

To the editor:

Before the last presidential election I wrote a letter to the editor warning that an Obama administration with a Pelosi-run House of Representatives and a Senate run by Reid would lead us towards a socialist type of government.

When I made that statement little did I realize how quickly they would push their goals through.

This new health care bill is a step

towards controlling you and your life. This may seem absurd, but think about the way government works, it grows and in this case right into what you can eat, what activities you can participate in, and what your weight has to be.

Why would they do this? To control runaway costs, at the expense of your freedom. The other problem is they won't stop there they will only push for more and more control of your life, because they know better than you what is best for you.



Suggests Republicans

make rational proposals

To the editor:

However unlikely, it would be nice if the Republican party started making some rational proposals toward the problems we're facing as a nation, which I might add a lot of were passed along from their eight years of governing this country.

All the negativity and blind partistanship are long past boring and irrelevant.

Whatever one thinks about the recently passed health care bill, the Republican party could have contributed to making the bill better, rather than constantly attempting to subvert it. The bottom line is we badly need health care reform. Has anyone noticed that the uncivil comments, bad language, outright lies, hyperbole,and rage all seem to be on the Republican side?

When you and your followers fabricate threats about death panels or call people names or spit on some disabled people which were rallying in support of the health care bill, which happened at one of your tea party lose your right to be taken seriously by people whose opinions you are trying to influence or change. I would have loved to hear some useful suggestions and proposals from Republicans on the health care bill.

But all the bluster and foolishness just got me to tune them out. Now we have a health care bill that could have been better if only half of the party of no had bothered to show up at the debate. Now the Republican party will have to defend taking health care away from 32,000,000 citizens that will finally have health care coverage if they are able to stop the health care bill.


East Liverpool

Passage of health bill

costing us our freedom

To the editor:

Sunday, March 21, was a day of sorrow, not joy. We, the legal USA citizen, lost more of our freedom.

When the health insurance bill passed on Sunday, we lost our freedom to choose our own health insurance plan.

The government says that we will be able to choose our own health insurance, but I don't believe this is true. Freedom of choice died on Sunday!

Massachusetts state run health insurance is a good example of what happens when a government takes over health insurance.

Massachusetts has to borrow money from the federal government to keep from going bankrupt, even though, everyone in the state is forced to participate in the program.

This US health insurance bill is not about health but about power and greed. Control of our own lives in this country is little by little being shifted from the individual to the government.

The government controls Medicare, Social Security, the post office, a car company, banks and now our health, insurance student loans, and more of our educational system.

What is next? Many in our government want to pass cap and trade, card check and amnesty for illegal aliens. If this happens our government will control our entire lives. This is socialism at its worst.

Our US Constitution well be null and void. Wake up before it is too late! Your freedom is at stake.

Use the ballot box this year to vote everyone out of office who voted for this health insurance bill on Sunday. What a disgrace!



President Obama is

in no way a socialist

To the editor:

Ever since Obama put his hat in the ring for the Democratic presidential candidacy in 2007, the words "socialist", "communist" and even "fascist" have been thrown around thoughtlessly by the right when describing his politics.

I am here to tell you, as a democratic socialist, that Obama is in no way a socialist. "Socialism" is often used to describe the Obama administration, but he is not as liberal as FDR or Johnson were. From 1930s through the 1960s he would have been labeled a "moderate democrat,"

I am here to tell you what socialists really stand for and to tell you to stop associating socialists with authoritarianism and total government takeover.

Myself and other socialists find that the use of the terrible "s" word is being used as a scare tactic.

The misconceptions of socialism still relies somewhat on authoritarian communism, state ownership of everything, and state misplanning of everything, leaving no role for the market or the workers and a crude "equality" that socialists NEVER favored.

The role of socialists and radicals in America's past has brought about democratic reforms that people don't want to give up: e.g. Social Security and Medicare. Without socialist, these wouldn't have happened. Socialism can co-exist with a democratic capitalist economy, but the U.S. is currently the least democratic of the capitalist economies and is certainly not socialist.

Many people throw this "s" word around without knowing what it stands for. Socialists have long rejected the belief that the entire economy should be centrally planned by an all-powerful government bureaucracy. Nor do we want huge corporations and their CEO's controlling our society politically or economically.

We believe in political and economic spheres being democratized. Right now, the government de facto owns the majority of equity in several of the major banks and auto industry and Obama has not talked about having the public, the workers or the government having any major say in the decisions made by these companies.

We did not support the way that the bail out was handled. He is proposing a moderate increase of taxes on the wealthiest 5 percent of the country and he passed a health care bill that provides quasi-universal health care rights and will sock the private sector. To the right, this is an abomination because they believe that the unregulated market should rule.

What people do not understand is that we vote for people to represent us. The current system does not allow for decisions that profoundly affect Americans to be made by the legislature, who has the power to restrain what corporations to do, but more by the huge corporations and their executives. An unregulated market is not socialism!

Socialists believe in a mixed market economy, which combines both the private and public ownership of means and production with some measure of control by the central government. This way, we can prevent situations where multinational corporations receive huge bailouts where the people are the ones that really need the help.

Socialists believe that democratic politics should help regulate the economy so that it serves the people's needs rather than the needs of corporate managers and private wealth holders.

With the current U.S. government system, wealth is not individually created by technicians, scientists, entrepreneurs or people in general - with the strength of the private sector this is almost no room for individuals to progress. With production in a highly globalized economy that is very interdependent, if you believe in democracy, institutions that are socially constructed ought to be democratically managed.

To learn more about what socialism really stands for, visit before you try to pin Obama or any other political leader to our organization or beliefs.

In solidarity,





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