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April 23, 2010
Salem News

Congressman Portman misses the point

To the editor:

Congressman Rob Portman misses the point-the Valley is still wrestling to overcome Congressman Portman's troubling policy decisions that helped bring our state into the grips of economic meltdown.

Congressman Portman should lose the Washington double-speak, tell it to us straight, and explain how his role promoting job-killing trade agreements as Bush's U.S. Trade Rep or running up our national debt as Bush's budget director still qualifies him to represent us in Washington.

When he came to Columbiana County this week, Congressman Portman demonstrated he's nothing more than the Washington politician we know him to be.

He's got a proven record of hurting the Valley. Whether it was building up Wall Street too big to fail, voting to undercut our small business, or supporting pro-China trade agreements that sent thousands of jobs overseas, Congressman Portman repeatedly stood on the wrong side of history.

The national debt ballooned by $500 Billion in Portman's one year as Bush's budget director.

Times aren't easy and we need a strong voice in the senate. But If there's anything for certain right now, it's that I won't be voting Congressman Portman back into Washington.



Encourages support for Salem renewal levy

To the editor:

On May 4, we as a community have the opportunity to show support for our Salem City Schools and our students by voting in favor of the renewal levy, which means that no additional monies are being requested from taxpayers.

During the past few years, our district has taken tremendous strides in improving its financial and academic standings.

We recently emerged from state "fiscal watch" due to the combined efforts of the school administration, school board members, staff and community all working together to return our district to financial solvency.

This is a noteworthy accomplishment, especially in light of the economic conditions our community has faced.

Several academic improvements have also been put in place, which have resulted in significant increases in our students' test scores and overall performance index.

Two of our buildings, Salem High School and Reilly Elementary, are rated as "Excellent," with the other buildings well on the path toward achieving this rating.

Passage of the renewal levy is a key factor for keeping the Salem City School District moving forward.

In these difficult economic times, our students need to have a quality education in order to prepare them for attending college or entering the workforce.

Your vote will help ensure that our children receive the education that they need to help them become successful adults.

Many of our youth, who are now students in the Salem City Schools, will soon hold jobs, raise families and assume leadership positions in our community.

If you believe that our schools are an important cornerstone in our community and that our youth are a valuable asset, please join with me in supporting our students, our schools and our community with your vote in favor of the Salem City Schools' renewal levy.

Thank you for your consideration,





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