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April 25, 2010
Salem News

Recorder's letter to editor is 'hogwash'

To the editor:

Democrat County Recorder Craig Brown's recent letter to the editor, critical of U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman, is nothing but hogwash.

Since Brown's letter referenced "the valley," I would only submit that "the valley" has had 70 years of Democrat control and look at where it has gotten us. It has chased most of the industry and jobs that once flourished here to other states and, yes, to other countries. And let us not forget who it was that signed into law the biggest "jobs transfer" bill of the last quarter century, NAFTA - that's right, it was a Democrat president, Bill Clinton. Obama promised to do something about NAFTA. Has he?

Ironic that Mr. Brown would also cite the national debt as a shining reason for voting Democrat this year - when the Obama, Pelosi and Reid triumvirate have just presided over the largest increase in deficit spending in history-proposing a debt so vast that it is now projected to exceed 90 percent of our GDP by the end of the decade. Yeah, real responsible.

What should we expect of a president that was a former "street organizer" and the heads of the two houses of Congress coming from San Francisco and Las Vegas? If for no other reason than to stop these reckless radicals from completely destroying this nation, we need Rob Portman in the U S Senate just as soon as the next election will permit.



Appreciates everyone who backed benefit

To the editor:

A big thank you to everyone who made the Thomson spaghetti dinner benefit a huge success.




Salem Chamber endorses three levies up for vote

To the editor:

On May 4, voters will be walking into the voting booth to decide on three critical quality of life issues that affect our community. Salem's schools, its library, and its parks' system are vital assets that are in need of our support this Election Day.

The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and civic-minded individuals who work for the betterment of the business climate and overall economic health of our city. The membership shares a mutual desire to see our organization's programs, events, and activities benefit the community. We proudly work with other groups within our city who assist us in the ongoing desire to sustain and improve the community that we live in, work in, and care about.

A healthy Salem requires a strong school system that continues to provide our students with an excellent, high quality education. Voters are being asked to renew a 6.7 mill operating levy that will generate $2.1 million a year. Funding from the Salem City School's renewal levy will be used to provide for the day-to-day costs required to operate the district. The Salem Public Library has seen an increase in usage in recent years, and is seeking monies due to massive cuts in state funding. Our city has always been extremely proud of its outstanding library and its valuable services. Voters are being asked to pass a levy of 1.25 mills, which equates to $.10 per day for an owner of a $90,000 home.

Lastly, the Salem Parks Department gives residents the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes with recreational activities for all ages. The Parks Department operates on two park levies, with no monies coming from the general fund of the city of Salem. Voters are being asked to support the renewal of the Recreation Levy.

At the Friday, April 9, Board of Directors meeting of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, it was unanimously voted upon to endorse all three of these levies. The physical, social, and educational components of our city are an essential part of a healthy, livable community. The chamber believes that we must be supportive of these three entities that are fundamental to Salem's health, wealth, and future successes.


Executive director

Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

Has a personal reason for supporting library

To the editor:

Due to circumstances in my father's life, including the Depression created with the stock market crash of 1929, my father had a very limited opportunity for a formal education. He surely made up for it by extensive use of the public library in the city where we lived. There was never a time when there were fewer than several books on our end table to be devoured by his voracious love of books of all kinds. I didn't realize it at the time but his legacy to me was that same love of the written word.

I have never been in favor of tax increases for any reasons given in the past nor for increases talked about for the future, such as safety force issues and the like, but I do believe the funding issue facing the Salem Public Library is at a critical stage and if we cannot sustain the funding at the previous level (before the state cuts) we will all be the losers.

I hope that you will all be sure that the new funding issue for the Salem Library will get a positive response. Please vote yes on your ballot.



Appalled by lack of adult supervision

To the editor:

Like a lot of parents, I had to work over the course of the week-long spring break my children had off from school. I did however take four hours off one day of that week to enjoy some time with my children. They wanted me to take them roller skating and since it was their break, I went with that idea and decided to take them to the Fun Factory to skate.

I was shocked and saddened by what I saw while spending time there, with my kids. There were probably 30 other kids there and maybe, four adults. These children varied in ages of 3 to 14. I have no problem with the older children being at the skating rink with their friends. What I do have a problem with, is younger kids, under the age of 10, being there without any adult supervision. I refuse to believe that none of their parents knew where they were spending their time in the middle of the day. The open skate was 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. I do realize that a lot of parents were working, just like I would have been if I hadn't taken some time off, and on a normal week the kids would have been in school. I also understand that not everyone can take this time off from their job to spend the time with their kids. Unfortunately, the roller skating rink had turned into a day care!

I even had another child there ask me for $3 so that her sister could rent skates! As a parent, I would never send my child to a skating rink without money to pay for skate rental. I just don't know what is wrong with parents and children these days, but I do know that there is not a sign hanging above the building displaying "Free Day Care."

I have sent my children to day care myself, so I am fully aware of how expensive it can be. I saw three employees working at the roller skating rink that day-two teenagers and one adult. I am sure that none of them are licensed day care providers.

I am sure that some parents had no clue where their kids were that day, but I guess it was better that they were roller skating than doing something more dangerous or illegal! It is obvious to me now, why there is such a decline in morals and values in Salem and such an incline in deviant behaviors. We need to be responsible for our children! We cannot expect someone else to do it for us!



Open to all and serving community

To the editor:

Webster's Dictionary defines the word public, in part, as ... "pertaining to or affecting a population as a whole; done, made, acting, etc.... for the community as a whole - open to all persons; pertaining to or being in the service of a community; pertaining or devoted to the welfare or the well-being of the community."

"Open to all and serving the community," what a great description of our public library!

In these times times of rapidly changing information technologies, the Salem Public Library continues to do an excellent job of keeping pace with and anticipating the interests and needs of our community. With a wide variety of services and programs available, the library truly offers something for everyone.

The library has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for our family. The Salem Public Library is deserving of, and makes good use of, our tax dollars. Our family will be voting to approve the upcoming levy in support of the Salem Public Library this May 4.



Significance of ACS's Relays for Life

To the editor:

On July 9 and 10, the American Cancer Society will be holding its 13th annual Relay For Life of Columbiana. Nationally since 1985, Relay For Life has grown from one man - Dr. Gordy Klatt, who walked, jogged and ran around a track for 24 hours raising money for his local American Cancer Society unit to a movement to eliminate cancer that now takes place in 5,000 communities in the United States and in 21 other countries around the world. More than 3.5 million people participate in the life-changing event, which has raised a total of more than $3 billion to fund the American Cancer Society's mission.

Everyone in Columbiana who has been touched by cancer is invited to attend. This team event builds friendship among team members by having fun and raising money for the fight against cancer. It's the perfect team-building event for any organization.

The event consists of teams who spend 18 to 24 hours together in efforts to raise money and fight cancer. Each team has at least one member walking or running the track during the entire event.

Relay For Life is about celebrating, remembering and fighting back.

The society celebrates cancer survivors by inviting all local cancer survivors to start each relay event. The Survivors' Lap honors those who have won their fight against cancer and those who are currently undergoing treatment.

The society remembers all of those touched with cancer with the Luminaria Ceremony after dusk. The track is lined with luminaria marked with the names of those who survived and those who lost their battle with cancer.

The society fights back by raising money for research, education, local patient services, and advocacy.

The event is also filled with music, live entertainment, games and other activities. This year, the Relay For Life of Columbiana will have numerous games, activities and music, including Kelly and Al's Rock and Roll Heaven. To all our sponsors, we thank you for keeping up the fight with us.

We hope to raise $62,000 from this year's event. The Relay For Life of Columbiana was the few communities to reach their goals despite a troubled economy. To reach our goal, we need your support! By forming a team from your company, church, school, neighborhood, etc., you will not only be part of a great community event, but you will raise funds to improve the quality of life for cancer patients today and the outlook for those diagnosed in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about this important event, please call the American Cancer Society at 1-888-227.6446 x2204. It's about being a community that takes up the fight!


Volunteer for the American Cancer Society


Creator of rendition responds to letter to ed

To the editor:

How dare you try to give credit for my rendition and document of the evil, crooked agent of the devil, blood sucking creature to the Ohio Valley Tea Party or anyone else without my permission. You are just trying to frame them for something that they as a group did not do, or authorize, or even talk about that I know of.

I have personally used that picture and document to tease the daylights out of crooked politicians for many years and long before the new tea party groups were formed last year. It might have been attached but I doubt in your mailbox. In the box is illegal.

If they want to use it, they are welcome to use it as far as I am concerned as I got the picture off the public Internet for free to anyone. That monster is also a famous movie star that has been on television many times in the last several years. He is the famous "Chupacabra" as seen in The "Chupacabra and The Return of The Chupacabra." You should complain to Hollywood, too, for making a movie star out of him and throw away your television set in protest so you do not have to see him the next time they put the movies on TV.

Besides that, you should also beware of reading newspapers like the one where I saw your letter to the editor on April 18. On that editorial page in all newspapers that I have ever seen are often cartoons and captions that make the evil creature and documentation look tame. You should stop reading newspapers.

After you stop reading newspapers, you should campaign to ban Halloween, where children in scary masks just as scary or worse than my borrowed creature dress-up and go around to scare and trick people including you, me and all others.

I also suggest that you campaign against anything like that children's story about Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolfe. That Big Bad Wolfe is uglier than the Chupacabra and will huff and puff and blow your house down if not worse.

If you get on the Internet and find different looking Chupacabras, I want you to remember that my Chupacabra is the real one. Those other Chupacabras are the fakest looking Chupacabras that I ever did see.

I have merely elevated the Chupacabra monster to a crime-fighting document and use it to protest crooked, "Spawn of the Devil" politicians to the point where people in their own political parties even tease them and each other about it.

That evil looking Chupacabra is now a crime-fighting Super-Hero because of me, not any Tea Party. I admit to being a Tea Party Patriot Group Advocate that are not owned by other political parties such as Democrat or Republican parties.

Democrats and Republicans only fight with everybody to promote their own stealing rights.

"Real" Tea Party groups promote "We The People," not special interest groups.



Thanks for supporting Joe Gibson fundraiser

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the fund raisers that we have had for my son, Joe Gibson. People have been very generous with donations also.

This has been a horrific time in our lives, I never dreamed that I would see one of my children suffer the way that my son has. In the midst of all of the tragedy, it is very comforting to know that people care, even people who don't know us. Words could never express my gratitude, but all I can do is say "thank-you from the bottom of my heart." Hopefully, the ramp will be up soon and Joey will be back home with us.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you who have helped us. God bless you all.



Asks for support of the Salem City Schools

To the editor:

May 4th will be such an important day for the future of Salem City Schools. It is on this day that the citizens of Salem can again show their support for Salem City Schools by voting for our levy renewal.

This renewal levy will generate $2.1 million needed to maintain the positive progress our school system has made during the past few years. It is with great pleasure that we can now list a number of areas where our schools have improved and grown.

Our school boards have worked diligently to monitor and reign in spending in order to help us emerge from fiscal watch. Our employees have changed insurance carriers resulting in much need savings on benefit costs. Enrollment numbers are growing at the elementary levels and by welcoming students home through our new Quaker Academy On-Line Educational Option Program. We not only gain federal dollars, we also provide students an opportunity to earn a Salem City Schools diploma. Kinder Camp, Summer Learning Camp, and Intervention Programs before and after school all provide additional learning opportunities for our elementary students. There are nine advanced placement classes and the addition of a new biomedical engineering course at the high school level to expand student learning. State test scores have risen as we edge ever closer to the prestigious rating of Excellent.

One of the greatest improvements has been in the collaborative relationship between our school board, administration, classified and certificated staffs. We have a new superintendent who continues to foster this growing level of cooperation. Working as a unified group has provided employees with numerous opportunities to openly discuss ways to improve our school system and translate those ideas into solutions that make a difference for all students. It is with optimism and determination that we continue to work towards goals developed by our superintendent, school board and staff to procure a healthy future for Salem City Schools.

We appreciate your past support and hope that the citizens of Salem will once again show their support of our schools by voting for the Salem City School levy renewal on May 4th.

Debra Fedyna,

President Salem

Education Association

Reasons to support Salem Library levy

To the editor:

The top 10 reasons to support your library ...

10. Computer access and WiFi....

9. Wonderful children's department ...a great selection and great programming.

8. Extensive research library ...newspapers, periodicals, and even lots of help in researching our family trees.

7. A well- stocked audio visual department...CDs, DVDs, and books on tape.

6. A friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

5. Great outreach programs for children, the elderly, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

4. Library access from the comfort of your home...(search for a book, reserve a book, renew a book).

3. It is the place to go whenever you need one of those important forms...voter registration forms, tax forms, financial aid forms...

2. It provides something for everyone...(the average cost of the library levy will be $38 a year). Where can you find that kind of entertainment for an entire year at that price?

1. It is "a treasure" and a valuable resource in our community. Supporting the library is supporting the community.

Vote yes on May 4.





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