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May 23, 2010
Salem News

Urges showing respect for the American flag

To the editor:

It's a privilege to honor our flag, our men and women in uniform and the those who have fallen for our country and our way of life.

On Memorial Day, we need to remember and honor our vets that were wounded or gave their lives while fighting under the stars and stripes to preserve our freedom. On May 31 we need to keep in our hearts and give thanks to all the men and women that made it possible for us to live and worship as free people.

Americans who disrespect the flag, through acts of arrogance protesting for causes that go against our principles and our flag, do not represent the majority of Americans.

Also celebrate our flag on June 14. We as a nation are obligated to honor, respect, and defend Old Glory that was created on June 14, 1777. God bless this, the United States of America.



Grateful for those helping with Fehr Tree Memorial

To the editor:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mayor Wolford, Tree Commissioners David Navoyosky and Karen Carter, John Tonti and Melissa Costa of the Community Foundation, members of the Salem Preservation Society and all who so generously donated to the Tree Memorial for Ken Fehr and for dedicating this year's Arbor Day in his memory.

The tree purchased by the SPS is planted near the Orashan Bandshell which is a symbol combining Ken's love of music and trees. Mr. Navoyosky has the rest of the trees planted throughout the city for all of us to enjoy and to benefit the community.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to make this memorial possible and for the special Arbor Day dedication. It was a memorable day for our family.

JEANALICE FEHR and family,


Family upset over dog being stolen in Salem

To the editor:

I'm writing to express my anger, frustration, exhaustion and disappointment. On Sunday, May 9. 2010, our family pet was stolen from a South Lincoln Apartment complex from a disabled, senior women.

Missing is a male Cocker Spaniel dog that answers to "Buddy." I'm angry at the person responsible for this and caused my family heartache. I'm frustrated because I can't fix the situation and I couldn't prevent it.

I'm exhausted thinking of what to do next, where to look. I've had many sleepless nights and a lot of worry weighing on my mind. I'm disappointed that someone thought they could provide a better home for Buddy. He couldn't have had a better home. He brought tons of joy to his owner and he was a great companion to her.

There is a 4-year-old girl involved that adores Buddy. We let several days pass before breaking the news to her that she may never see him again. I hope this thief never has to go through that.

We've put out flyers, contacted numerous people and businesses, the TV news and the newspapers. What an invasion of personal property and personal space. If the person who has our dog has a change of heart please return him or contact a mutual party such as the pound or humane society and please call us. No questions asked. We are desperate for his return home.



Suggests the Buckeyes wise up about Wilson

To the editor:

The Ohio River in this valley has always created a bit of competition between the Mountaineers, (some call them hillbillys), and the Buckeyes, (some call them worthless nuts). I'm a Buckeye but I have many Mountaineer friends. One of those Mountaineers said to me after their election last Tuesday, "We Mountaineers did our part. When are you Buckeyes going to do your part?"

He of course was referring to the fact that they finally decided to fire the most corrupt politician in Washington, DC, their representative Alan Mollohan. I find it very interesting that our Buckeye representative, Mr. Charlie Wilson, after begging for money for his campaign in eastern Ohio, actually donated $2,000 to Mollohan's campaign in West Virginia.

Now, let me get this straight. Mr. Wilson bums money in eastern Ohio that he claims is necessary to win his election. He then wins in a landslide without ever posting a single sign asking for re-election, nor does he appear at a single event for the people to meet the candidates. Then he takes the money and donates it to the one individual that is cast as the most corrupt politician in Washington. Maybe the hillbillys are right. We Buckeyes are worthless nuts.


Martins Ferry

Rally organizers praise Covelli Centre management

To the editor:

On behalf of the organizers of the Men's Rally in the Valley, I want to extend a big high five to the management and staff of the Covelli Centre in downtown Youngstown for all they did to make our event a success. These individuals were responsive and effective at every turn. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable.

This arena is one of the greatest assets of our community, and we should all be proud of it. We wish God's blessing on the entire Covelli Centre team, and the best of success for years to come.



Observations regarding the local team party

To the editor:

Recently a number of questions and hypocrisies have surfaced concerning the local tea party.

These are a few interesting observations:

Where were all of you during the previous eight years of enormous deficits ($1.3 trillion), the start of two wars, a collapsing banking system and worldwide economy?

If you believe the present administration is "socialist" then how do explain the 60-65 percent increase in stock prices the last several months?

If you further believe the new health care program is a government-run system, then why have many health care stocks nearly doubled lately? Why didn't you oppose Medicare D, a totally unfunded entitlement put in by the Bush administration?

Why do some of your candidates for office (i.e. Mr. Newbold) decry big government spending when their business interests are receiving hundreds of thousands of federal and state dollars?

If you are truly independent, then how do you explain 75-80 percent of you are registered Republicans and voted for Mr. Bush? Why aren't you protesting the republican opposition to the financial system reform legislation? Quite obviously it needs reformed.

Lastly, you seem overwhelmingly opposed to "bailouts" even though all of the major banks and General Motors have repaid their loans early. Furthermore, in our local area if General Motors would have been liquidated through bankruptcy, there would be no Lordstown and its soon to be expanded payrolls.



Local resident among vets touring memorials in DC

To the editor:

On May 8, 114 veterans took off from CAK Airport in a US Air Charter plus 68 guardians who tended the veterans in wheelchairs and two veterans each who were able to walk.

We landed in Washington DC and boarded three charter buses. The first memorial we were to see was the World War II Memorial, a very impressive site. The reason for this first sighting was 65 years ago on May 8, the Germans surrendered. We had a wreath laying ceremony with a back drop of 100 gold stars which represented 400 deaths for each star.

The next memorial we saw was the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, there were six sets of hands represented, the 13th representing the hand of God. The third memorial was the Korean War Statues. The fourth were the Vietnamese statues and the fifth was the Lincoln Memorial. The sixth was the Roosevelt Memorial.

As a sidelight, we saw where they were building a memorial to Martin Luther King. We then resumed our journey by touring the rest of the city.

Back to the airport to board our plane for the 55-minute flight to the airport. When we landed we were met by at least 200 people, half of them were military, thanking us for our service.

Personally, I would like to thank my daughter, Liz Guappone, for entering my name for this great experience. I know I will remember this for the rest of my life.





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