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July 4, 2010
Salem News

There is a new regulatory leviathan unveiled

To the editor:

As if the massive spending and taxing schemes being promulgated in Washington these days are not enough, there are mountains of new regulations in the works that are about to be enacted into law if Barack Obama and the current ultra liberal Congress have there way.

One such bill, a relatively obscure yet lethal new regulatory initiative that is currently under consideration, is entitled: The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). By its title, you would think everybody ought to be supportive of this initiative. After all, who wants to be exposed to toxic chemicals?

However, as is often the case with Washington central planning, the devil is in the detail. Certainly, that is the case with this bill. It is a new, far reaching regulatory act that would empower the EPA to exercise greater control over chemicals used in our industrial processes than the FDA has over the drugs our doctors prescribe or the pesticides that are necessary to grow our foods.

The TCA Act would, for instance, require never-before-adopted and unproven "exposure assessments" for every single chemical used in an American manufacturing process. And, it would grant virtual police-state authority to the EPA to implement its provisions.

This act would, furthermore, propose a new "no harm" or "zero risk" clause for American manufacturers that are in any way touched by chemical products - which means it will apply to 96 percent of all American manufacturers. This will not only cost companies enormous amounts of dollars in compliance, but a huge amount of time filling out more government paperwork. Plain and simply, it will make us less competitive in the global marketplace.

Folks, if you think unemployment is high now, just let bills like the TSC become law. Let Barack Obama and the current Congress quietly advance their radical left agenda, while we sleep. In the dark of the night, let them push one after another reckless bill that will cost us more money, cause our taxes to rise higher and further jeopardize our free market system of economics. What next? Surrender to China?

The only way to put a stop to this nonsense is to let your voices be heardon talk radio, with letters to the editor, and at town hall meetings. Demand that your elected officials be accountable for their actions. And, most of all, make them accountable on Election Day.

David W. Johnson,

CEO Summitville Tiles, Inc. & Summitville Laboratories,

Former Chairman Ohio

Manufacturer's Association,

Trustee Ohio Business Alliance Higher Education & the Economy

Teacher praises businesses for supporting achievements

To the editor:

As a reading teacher at Southeast Elementary School, I know the value of rewarding my students for achievement. Recognition is the highest form of praise.

As with my students, I must take a moment to praise the local businesses for their generosity in donating certificates to award the students.

My students and I were thrilled with the donations given by the following establishments and wished to thank them publicly for their generosity and support: McDonald's, Pizza Hut and the Salem Twin Cinema. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful businesses making a difference in our community.

Very often businesses partner with education to make our community better, but on a rare occasion, individuals take it upon themselves to make a difference.

Bonnie McGaffic, an assistant manager at Arby's, personally donated gift cards for each of the students. It is people like Mrs. McGaffic who truly make the biggest difference in our community through personal interest and generosity. Thanks again to all.

"One person can make a difference and every person should try." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy.



Suggest the change starts with new leadership

To the editor:

I saw the recent article "Wilson: We're serious now." Now that election time is near, Democrat Congressman Charlie Wilson has a plan to "chip away" at the national debt. It is amazing to me, that he was able to say that with a straight face.

Wilson wants to "chip away" at the national debt - debt that he helped grow by TRILLIONS in the last 14 months. He voted in lock step with the Obama spending spree. He voted YES on the pork filled Stimulus Bill. He voted YES on Obamacare. He voted yes on the TARP bailouts. He voted YES on raising the debt ceiling.

Sorry Charlie, actions speak louder than words. It IS time for change.

David Powers,

East Palestine

Responds to opinion piece regarding pilotless aircraft

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the column "Our Side" published on June 28 entitled "Increased pilotless aircraft use must not pose threat."

I thank you, as a person within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry, for your attempt to inform the public of our situation with the FAA. However, I would ask that you please assure your information is correct before publishing to the masses as incorrect information can cause undue concern within the public and ultimately damage our industry.

You must first understand that not all UAVs are of a size comparable to "Predator" or other large UAVs 90 percent of the UAVs being used are under 8' wingspans, and most of them weigh under 10 lbs. Given this fact, you are in more danger from your local R/C model airplane club flying craft that are usually heavier and larger than the UAVs and the R/C club does not have to obtain any special clearances from the FAA before they fly, nor do their aircraft need to be evaluated and approved by the FAA!

Second, almost every autopilot system (being used in these UAVs) is monitored by an operator on the ground who does in fact have the ability to change flight plans/paths real-time while the aircraft is flying the UAV is NOT locked in to an unchangeable flight path once it takes off. So with a human monitoring the aircraft and making changes if necessary, the reaction time to a crisis situation is rather minimal.

Should you have any questions, or require any clarifications, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Shawn Theiss,


Theiss Aviation,


A follow-up on his previous letter to the editor

To the editor:

I read and hear comments all week on facebook, blogs and through out town about my letter to the editor with both positive and negative responses consisting of everyone's personal take on how it will personally affect them. I was asked how I arrived at the numbers that I stated in my former letter. Therefore out of respect for the readers and the opponents I outlined exact numbers directly from the most current union contract and information received directly from city hall.

The current numbers of the Salem city police are 12 paid holidays, 2 paid personal days, 5 weeks paid vacation and an average of 103 days of sick time paid off.

That my fellow reader equals 8.8 weeks of paid time off. To be fair to officers who don't take an unfair amount of time off, we actually didn't use non officer paid sick time hours in the equation. Secondly I took an average, so it wasn't top heavy or under evaluated. Let me break this down in a more simplistic manner. 103 hours divided by a normal work day of 8 hours equals 13 days rounded up. Add the average of 13 paid sick days to 49 days paid off for a senior officer and the number comes out to 62 days paid time off, or 17% of the year paid time off. Are these in line with private sector benefits or other unions for that matter? I can personally tell you last year there was a part time dispatcher that took 136 paid hours of sick leave. Think about these numbers Salem residents; this is your hard earned tax dollars at work.

If you are not getting these lavish benefits, do you think it is fair that your tax to the city of Salem will increase to make sure the above benefits are paid out? Personally, I do not pay any city tax and I think this is very unfair to the city residents and is uninviting to the people we want living here. It is not coincidence we are just now addressing this. When we could afford to pay these types of compensation scales and benefits it was overlooked because we think highly of our local police department. However AIG is no longer the highest rated insurance company in the world, Bank of America owns Merrill Lynch, and Timberlanes has long been closed down.

My point is times have changed and we need to adjust. Ironically the unions supported Obama with money, time, and energy. The union- endorsed President repeatedly preached about sharing the wealth. So I ask you Pro-Union Obama supporters are you going to do what your elected leader has asked and spread the wealth? Salem city workers here is your chance to show the example of spreading the wealth so you can make union endorsed President Obama happy. Do not feel bad, I don't believe in spreading the wealth either.

In many responses I have heard that I am against police.

Take that fallacy and put it in your pocket. I am a proud supporter of police officers as my grandfather John Arnold retired from the Youngstown police department and my best friend and best man in my wedding is the state trooper of the year out of the Canfield post. I am a son of a retired UAW worker and a very democratic/liberal mother.

However I am also a common sense conservative and as of right now Salem is a sinking ship. We need leadership and common sense down at city hall so we can save our city.

Jon P. Arnold




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