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October 2, 2010
Salem News

Thankful for 'heroes' at

Jalisco's Restaurant

To the editor:

Enjoying an evening out with best friends at a favorite place to dine in Salem, I became ill. I suffer from TIA'S, mini strokes and strokes. I got a friend's attention and told her to call 911.

With the help of the wonderful staff at Jalisco's Mexican Restaurant, myself and my friends pulled through the ordeal. The staff was so concerned and generous to us. The patrons sitting close by were so wonderfully gracious to me. Everyone was helpful as the paramedics took me to the hospital. I am recovering at home.

My heartfelt thanks and prayers go out to the heroes at Jalisco's! God bless you.



Asked to stand up

and show your colors

To the editor:

For many the colors of fall are golden leaves and orange pumpkins. For others, the colors of fall are pink and purple. Two issues that impact women have chosen the month of October to raise awareness by asking the public to display their colors.

Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness; purple is the color of family violence awareness. Both issues seem to be women's issues, but they are not issues that affect women only.

Men can have breast cancer. Men endure the same treatments as females who have breast cancer. Men survive breast cancer. Men succumb to breast cancer. Likewise, men can be victims of family violence. Men can be harassed, physically abused, and verbally assaulted. Men can be stalked and terrorized. Men can be fatally injured when assaulted by a partner.

Breast cancer and family violence have more differences than similarities. Breast cancer comes upon the victim without a perpetrator. A person with breast cancer can't run away from it and go to a safe house. You can't get a protection order against breast cancer. You can fight it and treat it, but there is no one to blame for breast cancer.

Family violence, on the other hand, plagues you because someone else brings it upon you. Some one you love and trust perhaps. Someone you open your life to enters your life and brings violence into it. You can fight it and run from it. You can go to a safe place. You can recover your sense of self. You can rebuild your self-esteem. You have options and choices.

Women alone cannot resolve these two issues that are asking for your attention and support in October. We need men to stand with us and for us.

Men join in the effort to raise awareness and find a cure for breast cancer. They gladly wear pink T-shirts and pink ribbons on their collars. Husbands and fathers stand by women who have survived. They also stand in for the women who have not survived. Fathers raise children alone. Grieving parents and children remember birthdays past and find a way to move on.

The problem of family violence also needs men to stand with us as we search for answers and serve victims. Will you wear a purple shirt? Will you wear a purple ribbon next to your pink ribbon? Will you stand up for victims this October and throughout the year? Will you stand against perpetrators and send a clear message that power and control enforced by violence is not acceptable?

Will you gather to remember victims and celebrate survivors? As you stand by your family and friends who have been impacted by abuse, will you stand with us so we can gain strength in numbers? Will you show your colors?

The Christina House invites you to join us on Oct. 7 at the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Balloon Launch. Meet us at the Catholic Charities office at 115 E. Washington St. in Lisbon.



Just who is this

Rob Portman?

To the editor:

Who is this Rob Portman who is running for the United States Senate? Rob Portman, the Republican Party nominee, is none other than George W. Bush's master architect and adviser who managed to ship thousands of Ohio's jobs overseas. First as a congressman and later as Bush's trade adviser, Portman supported NAFTA which shipped good paying jobs to Mexico which in turn shipped them on to China. Portman voted in favor of legislation which gave $30 billion in tax breaks to companies that outsourced these very jobs.

Who is Rob Portman? While in Congress, Portman voted to deregulate Wall Street which eventually led to the financial crisis that his boss, George W. Bush, had to bail out with TARP money (spelled my hard earned savings and yours).

Who is Rob Portman's opponent? He is Ohio Lieutenant Governor, Lee Fisher. As the director of Ohio's Department of Development, Lee has managed to help Ohio attract new jobs and promote capital expenditures. He chairs the Ohio Third Frontier Commission which creates and supports small businesses in Ohio.

Lee also served Ohio as Attorney General and for the seven years just preceding his election as Lieutenant Governor, he headed up the Center for Families and Children which provides assistance to working families.

The choice could not be clearer. Do we want our next senator to be beholden to special Wall Street interests or do we want a man whose stands for Main Street values such as good paying jobs and family matters?



Original poem will be

placed in SCT lobby

To the editor:

Here in contains an original poem "Just a Little Bit of Heaven," written by Ruth and Gene Shafer of Salem. Chosen by the Salem Community Theatre board, the poem will be framed and hung in the lobby of Salem's Community Theater.

Just a Little Bit of Heaven ?

By Ruth and Gene Shafer

T-hank you SCT for the last 30 or more years,

H-aving given your all through laughter and tears,

E-nabling Salem Area's citizens to enjoy,

S-cintillating live entertainment to employ.

A-ssembling Broadway's very best plays,

L-etting young and old their talents display.

E-nsuring live entertainment in Salem to thrive,

M-aking Salem's State Street to come alive.

C-onsequently helping the merchants downtown;

O-therwise our main street might close down.

M-uch hidden talent has been uncovered.

M-any fine actors have been discovered.

U-nited we stand to keep her doors open.

N-ever straying from marketing and promotion.

I- f SCT isn't supported, we could lose, surely,

T-his crown jewel of Salem's community.

Y-ou cannot deny what this jewel has meant,

T-o give us a show-case for good talent.

H-aving audience and actor their benefits sharing,

E-njoying the players' acting and the audiences caring.

A-dmitting the need for bequests and donations,

T-o continue SCT's program for dramatic presentations.

E-nabling an attendee who recently made mention,

R-eminding us that SCT is "Just a Little Bit of Heaven."



Must consider impact

of drilling for gas

To the editor:

With the fracking frenzy that has overwhelmed us in the past few weeks, I find myself humming Simon and Garfunkel's "Slow down you move too fast" to myself, but I'm not "Feelin' Groovy." I wonder if folks are really taking time to research, ask questions, and make well-informed decisions when it comes to signing a contract with a gas-drilling company.

Contrary to what the industry would like for us to believe, the environmental impact of industrial gas drilling cannot be ignored. In light of the horrific oil spill in the Gulf and the gas line explosion in San Bruno, Calif., we need to realize that although there should be oversight and safety measures, the agencies that we depend on are not always there for us.

Let's breathe deep, slow down and give the regulators time to catch up with the industry and reverse the lax regulatory oversight that accompanies these problems.

Did you know:

- Just this past week, Chesapeake Energy Corp (CHK) was ordered to cease operations at the site of a natural gas well fire near Cameron, W.Va., that burned for over a week. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protect (DEP) said that Chesapeake is in violation for failing to prevent the release of natural gas and potential pollution of state waters.

- On June 3, 2010, about 100 miles outside of Pittsburgh in Clearfield County, Pa., a gas well owned by EOG Resources had a blowout which sent as much as one million gallons of wastewater (chemicals and all) and natural gas spewing into the air for 16 hours; the fluid flowed on the ground and into a tributary of Little Laurel Run, a high-quality cold water fishery. The cause: "untrained personnel and failure to use proper well control procedures."

-In June, 2010, there was a gas well explosion in Marshall County, W.Va. After the crew had finished drilling the well, they started the fracturing process and hit a pocket of methane which exploded; seven people were hospitalized. The well is owned by Chief Oil and Gas.

-In January, 2009, in Dimrock, Pa., methane migrated to the surface and contaminated nine wells in the area; one well actually exploded. "The PA DEP determined that the gas did, indeed, originate in the target drilling formation of Cabot Oil and Gas."

The advocacy group, NEOGAP (Northeast Gas Accountability Project) has been helpful with very straight-forward information regarding the gas industry and their cavalier behavior. Check them out on



Appreciates assistance

with induction ceremony

To the editor:

On Sept. 9, 2010, the sixth annual Salem High School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held at the Salem Community Center. With all of the reminiscing, the visual highlights, the ring and award presentations, and the delicious food, it was a wonderful evening.

The inductees all expressed a heartfelt nostalgia for a school system and a community that supported them on their way to success. That support continued to be demonstrated by the many businesses and individuals who provided time or the financial resources to help make the hall of fame induction a success.

The hall of fame committee gratefully acknowledges the following businesses for sponsoring the induction and dinner:

BB Rooners, Bailey Financial Planning, Barclay Machine, Inc., Butech Bliss, Chappell & Zimmerman, Inc., Dental Health Group, Dental Express, Dr. Matt Yerkey, Dr. Kevin Madjarac, Farmers National Bank, Gene's Drive-Thru, Insurance Center of Salem, Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC, Jesko Associates, Inc., Julian Electric Service Inc., Manhattan Cleaners, Morris Financial Group, Promos Unlimited, Salem Community Hospital, Salem Computer Center, Salem Giant Eagle, Salem Twin Cinema, Stadium GM Superstore: John Benson, State Farm: Bridgett Cutlip, The Moore Agency Inc., Tolson Comfort Systems, Zeigler's Trophies.

We wish to thank the Salem Community Center and Mindy Wertenbach for their assistance with the dinner; Nick Cool of Image Works for the hall of fame recognition board that will be displayed in the high school gym lobby; Athletic Director Greg Steffey and announcer Gary Goddard for their help in honoring the inductees at Friday night's game; and the Salem News for its support, especially Tony Maluso and Kevin Howell for the individual articles.

We would like to thank all of those in attendance at this year's dinner as well. Most importantly, we would like to offer congratulations to the honorees one more time: William Galchick Spirit of Salem Award, Mary Bauman-Cook, Elliott Hansell, Walter "Bing" Newton, David Janofa, and the 1999 Girls Volleyball Team.

Please remember that open nominations for the Class of 2011 will start in December. Those can be sent to P. O. Box 662 , Salem, OH 44460.

Michael Lesch, Chairman

Mark Equizi

Sally Chappell

Tom Wright

Jean Esposito

Ed Votaw

Emily Davis

George Spack

Making an effort to

increase MS awareness

To the editor:

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2006. Every hour, someone is diagnosed with MS, a chronic disease of the central nervous system for which there is no cure. MS interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body and stops people from moving.

Since then I have become more active in MS Awareness and have become a Carroll County MS Activist through the National Multiple Sclerosis Ohio Buckeye Chapter. Along with sending e-mails to State Reps about medications and financial matters with the medications and research funding.

To further my MS adventure I completed my first MS Walk in North Canton in April of this year, raising $540 and walked 16 miles. Now if this was not enough, last year and this year I visited the Carroll County commissioners and asked for them to recognize the Month of March as MS Awareness Month in Ohio as signed into Ohio Law in 2006.

In 2011 I would to expand this request and venture to the commissioners meetings in Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Tuscarawas, and Stark counties and also once again Carroll. I would like to invite anyone with MS from those counties to join me and witness such an event. Please contact the following newspaper to obtain my contact information as I would like to speak with you regarding this MS 2011 goal. If you come across anyone please feel free to give them my info. Thank you and spread the word.


Carroll County MS Activist

Former longtime judge

backing Byers-Emmerling

To the editor:

I am voting for East Liverpool Municipal Court Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling Common Pleas Judge in the November election.

After being common pleas judge for 23 years, I know the type of person and experience we need on our common pleas court. Judge Byers-Emmerling is that type of person and has that experience.

When Judge Byers-Emmerling was an assistant prosecutor she was assigned to the court I served to try felony cases. There she handled such crimes as murders, rapes, child sexual assaults and felonious assaults.

For the last 20 years as municipal judge, she has been independent, fair and tough. Judge Byers-Emmerling has the knowledge of to manage a court and to make those difficult decisions a common pleas judge faces everyday.

This is the experience that we need on the bench.

When I left the court earlier this year I did not stop caring about the court or the people of our county. I want the best person to be judge, the best person to work the hardest to see justice done for all of us. Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling is that person. Please join my wife, Becky, and me in voting Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling common pleas judge Nov 2.


East Liverpool

Kind words from readers

of the Salem News

To the editor:

I enjoy reading the Salem News online. My husband and I were long-time residents of Salem, Ohio, where we reared two boys in that very safe and lovely small town.

I especially like the Salem News online format. I want to commend everyone at the Salem News for the time and energy it takes to produce a fine online newspaper.

Thank you again.






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