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December 12, 2010
Salem News

A wake-up call to all affiliations

To the editor:

Please wake up Tea party, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. While you are fighting, America is going to hell in a hand basket; as we sit around our foreign made products and a greatly increasing national debt. Listen to the winds of the past when on Dec. 7, 1941, foreign products flew over Hawaii heading to Pearl Harbor with a mission to kill Americans.

With help from American investors looking for cheap labor under the cover of trust, they have used our greed and gluttony to place our nation on the auction block for the oriental world to buy.

Our national debt increases as our living conditions, tax base, jobs and unity decreases. The invasion was stopped by Americans working together. We need to work together against foreign influence to stop the invasion of foreign products. Americans need to buy American products that will help decrease our national debt. The fall of America could come through not listening to history. The sounds of Pearl Harbor and 9-11 could be repeated. Wake up!



Responds to letter to the editor

To the editor:

To Lora Herbert from the Humane Society Society about your letter from Nov. 28. We have never complained about Fresh Mark, they brought jobs to Salem. Pidgeon Road, the water was running over the road and causing the road to be closed, the school bus was used for storage, we have a farm.

Now the Walmart store, we got an offer and anyone in their right mind would not have turned it down.

I am sure if you owned the land you would have done the same thing, but Perry Township and the county kept us from selling it.

I would have loved to bought the building you are in, but I guess it was only offered to Jenny Pike.

I have seen the dogs get away from the walkers and run across the street causing the traffic to stop. This is a very busy street. We lived here a long time, we seen a young boy and an older man get killed here. I hope something is done before we have another accident or someone gets hurt.

I agree with you that the dogs need a place to run and play, but not on a small lot beside a main highway. They need to be in the country, where they can run and play like children.

Most of my neighbors have dogs, they bark, but that is part of life, but multiply it by nine or more all at one time and it drives you crazy.

I have people tell me they don't know how we put up with the noise. I would like these people to call Perry Township Police (330-332-1000) or write to the Salem News and let people know we are not the only ones complaining.



IRS offering expanded Twitter feeds

To the editor:

The Internal Revenue Service announced the availability of expanded Twitter feeds to share timely information with taxpayers and the tax professional community.

For the latest local IRS information and tax tips on Twitter, you can follow Jennifer Jenkins, IRS Media Relations Specialist for Ohio, at!/JennyIRS.

Nationally, the IRS Twitter news feed @IRSnews - provides the latest federal tax news and information for taxpayers. The focus of the IRS Twitter messages will be on easy-to-use information, including tax tips, tax law changes, and important IRS programs such as e-file, the Earned Income Tax Credit and "Where's My Refund." Anyone with a Twitter account can follow @IRSnews by going to

Another important nationwide IRS Twitter feed - @IRStaxpros- is designed for the tax professional community. Follow @IRStaxpros by going to The IRS also tweets tax news and information in Spanish at @IRSenEspanol. Follow this Twitter feed by going to

The IRS Twitter feeds will work in conjunction with and the IRS YouTube channels to bring IRS information direct to taxpayers. Since August of 2009, there have been more than one million views of videos on the IRSvideos (, IRS multilingual ( and IRS American Sign Language (ASL) ( channels.

In addition to Twitter and YouTube, the IRS provides additional social media tools to inform and assist taxpayers.

In addition, the IRS has an extensive set of e-news subscriptions for specific groups. A full list is available at,,id=103381,00.html.


IRS Media Relations Specialist,




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