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FRC executive director speaks to reading public

December 19, 2010
By ELOISE TRAINA, Executive Director, Family Recovery Center

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. As 2010 is coming to a close, it seems even more important than ever to count our blessings. This includes you, our reading public.

We appreciate your review of our weekly articles, your comments and/or questions you may have as each article appears. We are here to help educate the public on the various issues which may impact your daily lives, and hopefully provide some positive direction in dealing with some of life's troubling issues.

This year, I must tell you that I have been, more than ever, educated by you and many others throughout the community. How? By your unselfishness, your willingness to give and share what you have with others who may not be as fortunate as you and I.

I have been literally overwhelmed by these gestures of graciousness, giving and generosity. We have never received so many calls from individuals, families, church and community groups asking: "How can I help? What can we do?"

No matter what the political and economically-astute pundits say, the families we deal with on a daily basis are more in need than ever before. Their lives are so limited by many factors.

Because of you, we have been able to distribute clothing, food, gifts, and toys to our many clients and their children. What we may conclude as a simple, colorful hat and glove set brought beautiful smiles to three little girls of one family. What a charming sight to behold.

This year, the Family Recovery Center concludes its 37th year in providing services to the many residents and families in the Columbiana County area. You are encouraged to keep us on target, and send us further ideas about how we may better serve you.

During 2010, we have had several significant changes within the agency. We have added a number of new and vibrant staff members. Their spirit and enthusiasm joins those who have been with us for a longer period of time. Together, they have developed several programmatic changes which capture the growing and differing needs of the community.

Our work with community partners forges ahead. New alliances and bonds are continually being solidified as we look and work towards the future for the common good.

Further, as we set out to tackle the challenges of state and federal budget concerns, and how they affect our bottom line, as well as grapple with the prognostications of healthcare changes, we move ahead. Please join us as we make this journey into the new year.

Several things we anticipate during 2011 includes working with more families through the Kin & Kids Program; jointly held forums with other providers in the area on behavioral healthcare needs and concerns.

In April, the Education Department of FRC will be planning its second "Mock Accident" program at the county fairgrounds with close to 2000 students in attendance. The Drug-Free Community Coalition will also be providing information and awareness to the general public about the issues and dangers related to underage drinking. Concerns about the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs will lead to another "Take Back the Drug Day", along with information and awareness campaigns throughout the year.As the year continues, we will continue to alert and educate you about the alarming rate and increase of unintentional drug/medication poisonings. This has been the largest driving force in the overall increase in unintentional death rates from 1999 to 2009. This trend shows no sign of reversing itself.

Research has indicated that treatment programs, such as the Family Recovery Center, are encouraged to address the principles of a recovery-oriented system, therefore, we are continuing to establish more evidenced based treatment approaches for teens and adults with abuse and addiction problems.

We hope to establish an alumni/alumnae program for our clients so that they can keep in contact with each other, and be supportive of their time in recovery. In turn, these individuals can help others just beginning their journey into recovery.

We will be looking to you to act as mentors and/or volunteer to help us establish this connection of our clients with one another. We know that connections with other people in recovery are vital for the success of a life in sobriety. You are invited to give me a call should you be interested in being involved in this recovery process.

We have many individuals to thank for the ability to extend our programming to a larger number of individuals throughout the community and county. To our funding sources, Medical Director, and staff, I offer my appreciation and gratitude for their many contributions in helping us succeed throughout the year.

To you, the public, we continue to be the recipients of good fortune as a result of your giving ways. Without your help and support, we would not be able to attain our goal of "Making Recovery a Reality."

Each and every act of kindness is appreciated by the clients as well as the staff here at Family Recovery Center. You and our Lord make many miracles happen here on a daily basis. These miracles walk through the doors at the Center as well as the doors of Oxford House in Salem and the doors of Fleming House in Lisbon.

We say "thank you" and wish you a very happy and health new year.



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