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March 27, 2011
Salem News

Roses to the approval by City Council of a 12-inch waterline extension on the north side of Salem. Efforts by local businessman John Kufleitner have been ongoing since November and it's been long enough. Presumably the TIF will be put in place allowing the development within the city of a new high-tech Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership by Kufleitner across the street from its current location on North Ellsworth Avenue in Perry Township. Kufleitner actively pursued this through the proper channels. Roses for his diligence and for the prospects of new jobs the development will create. That is what this is all supposed to be about - getting people to invest in Salem. Roses to the mayor and city council, especially members Berlin and Nestic, for making this come together. The only thorn to all of this was a perception from some that the city - because of the slowness of this project getting approved - was reluctant to support economic development. That is a vibe we do not want out there. This news combined with the MAC Trailer jobs announcement makes for a very good week for the city.

Thorns to school bus drivers who are seen occasionally driving above posted speed limits. This is not an intent to bust all bus drivers. The vast, vast majority perform wonderful jobs and abide by traffic laws. But we do get complaints here about some bus drivers who seem to be in a hurry. The latest relayed to us involves an elderly person walking a dog having to jump out of the way of a speeding school bus in Salem. That is not good.

Thorns to the stretch of Cunningham Road between SR 344 and the east end of town. Someone suggested that some of the potholes on that road could be filled with water and double as fiords. There are many, many roads out there like that. Until the weather gets better, all we can do is be on the alert and cautiously drive.

Thorns to those who constantly gripe about long lines of traffic on East State Street moving to and from the east end but never once have considered actually using the Second Street and Pershing Avenue extensions to get out there. That is what they are there for, people.

Roses to members of the Lisbon David Anderson Pep Club and Y-Teens for collecting materials to be sent in care packages for active military personnel. A very thoughtful activity.

Roses to Leetonia eighth-grader Trent Ferry who finished runner-up; Crestview seventh-grader Aaron Muntean who finished runner-up; and especially for Salem siblings Kyla and Kasey Jamison who won their respective 8-9 and 10-11 age divisions in the recent Ohio State Elks Hoop Shoot Championship. The Jamisons shot better than 20,000 participants in each of their age divisions. That is so very impressive.

Roses for the start of the major league baseball season. OK, the Indians are going to lose over 90 games again. But they haven't lost a single game yet which is where the whole hope springs eternal thing comes in.

Thorns to professional football player Adrian Peterson. You probably have heard about the ongoing labor strife between NFL owners and players. Yes, that would be billionaires fighting millionaires. Or something like that. In a purely apocalyptic sign, Peterson likened playing in the NFL to "modern-day slavery.?Oh by the way, this is the same Peterson scheduled to make a base salary of $10.2 million this season from the Minnesota Vikings. Yeah, wow.



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