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June 5, 2011
Salem News

Express thanks for helping with Buddy Poppy drive

To the editor: The Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW, Salem Post 892, would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many generous people that, once again, made our annual Buddy Poppy drive a huge success. We are "The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave."

DIXIE WILSON, Publicist, Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 892, Salem

Hats off to current administration for fighting bloat

To the editor: Opponents of SB5 continue their assault upon the private citizen. The purpose of the Public Employee Union is to negotiate for a higher percentage of the private citizen's paycheck. Any increased benefit to the Public Employee easily transforms into greater Political Campaign Contributions (i.e. the extra $45 being collected to fight SB5) or simple put "money laundering."

Incidentally that extra $45 is our tax dollars. It had been cowardly acts of self-preservation by past elected officials thus far allowing this to happen just to get cozy with the unions. Hats off to the current administration to finally combat this internal problem inside a bloated bureaucracy.

WILLIAM E. EARDLEY, East Liverpool

Has issue with dealer using road to unload vehicles

To the editor: There is a problem with Stadium Chevrolet that needs to be addressed. I know for certain that I am not the only one who has taken issue with the way they unload their incoming inventory. Whether it be on Second Street or State Street, they block half of the road and have little regard for anyone around them.

There have been multiple instances in which I have either nearly been hit or there have been close accidents with other vehicles. When filing a complaint with the Salem Police Department, you will get the response that there is nothing they can/will do. This car dealer owns an entire city block, there is no place they can pull the trucks that is on their own property to unload?

Never have I known another dealership to block streets and slow traffic. I think the least they could do is have someone out there directing traffic to help the people who clearly don't understand "right-of-way." I'm sure that is too much to ask based on the courtesy they seem to have for the people driving on the roads-it's as if they own them. I'd like to see them take on the "inconvenience" of unloading new inventory on their own property, rather than continually inconveniencing the general public who are using the roads for what they're for-transportation.


Has issue with dealer using road to unload vehicles

To the editor: The cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA began in February 1945 after the Yalta Conference and ended in 1991 when Boris Yeltsin came to power. These were desperate and trying times for the U.S. I wonder how many people today know or remember how close we came to a nuclear disaster. Recall the Cuban incidence, when the USSR begin installing nuclear missiles in Cuba, only 90 miles from our shores. From the late 40es to the early 70s I worked as a professional pilot. We were flying nonpressurized aircraft and seldom flew over 10,000 feet. I can remember watching those towns and villages slipping by and a feeling of warmth and security would come over me, because I knew those sturdy people below me would never stand still and allow the evil of communism to take over their lives. Today we are faced with two kinds of evil. A force that is intent on destroying our capitalist form of government, leaving the government in absolute control of our lives. I believe this group has the backing of certain people who are not strangers to the White House.

Then we have the religious radicals whose aim is to convert every one to their faith and destroy those who resist. It might be well to consider these two groups joining forces for as long as it serves their individual causes.

With my flying days behind me and my thoughts now earth bound. I believe the conditions facing us today are far more dangerous than what confronted us during those cold war days. Unlike today people then seemed aware of the danger and the consequences, should either country make the wrong move. People were fearful but not afraid to talk about it. Today, with the continuous threat of terrorism and an exploding national debt bringing us ever closer to monetary suicide we the people seem to be suffering from a dangerous case of complacency. The horror of 9-11 certainly brought home the viciousness and brutality of the type of enemy we're e facing today. It also awoke us and we stood tall together as one and shouted our defiance to those responsible. We need to wake up again and let those people in Washington know we demand the political bickering stop and they began behaving like statesman. They must put aside all motives of self serving and bias and began the process of solving the problems that are destroying this country. Wake up. Time is running out.

LEON J. WHITE, Columbiana



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