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July 3, 2011
Salem News

Upset with Southeast track policy

To the editor:

I am writing in response to several phone calls made to Southeast School regarding the opening of the gate that leads to Fisher Lane from the track. For several years now phone calls had to be made every summer to open the gate so people from Edgewood Drive and Kennedy Drive could get to the track without walking clear around, as some of them are elderly. All of the other gates are open except this one.

One year we were told it was because of "Homeland Security." Please! For 30 years we have been using the track and walking our dogs up there. What's the problem now? We all pay our taxes and expect to be able to use the Southeast track as we did in the past.



Writer comments on building

To the editor:

Over the last few months, like everyone else, I have read with interest the letters to the editor pertaining to the building at the corner of East State Street and North Ellsworth.

I now think it is my right, because of my family, to voice my opinion.

In 1912 my grandfather, R.S. McCulloch Sr., started the R. S. McCulloch Co., a full line department store in a small building beside the Arbaugh building on East State Street (Family Video lot). A few years later he moved to a larger building at 567 E. State St.

Unfortunately in 1982 the store closed, but the building still remained. In 1984 the roof fell in making the building unsafe.

Within a couple of weeks my mother, Margaret McCulloch Null and uncle, R.S. McCulloch Jr., had decided to tear the building down for the safety and betterment of the town, much to their dismay. They did this at their own expense, insurance was their problem later. Before they started demolition, city officials came to them and told them they had 60 days to fix the building or tear it down. The officials did not ask if there was a paint problem or what insurance would cover, they just said "get the problem solved." Officials must have cared more about the downtown 27 years ago, then they do today.

Both my mother and uncle knew their obligations to the citizens of Salem and the downtown so they did what needed to be done.

To this day I still miss that old building as I spent 40 years working in it, but I knew it had to go as it was 100 years old.



Kind words for late judge

To the editor:

It is with great respect and sorrow that I write of the passing of Judge Warren and Barbara Bettis. They were lifelong close family friends and truly wonderful and unique souls. As a child I remember summer vacations that our families shared. At age 10 I considered Warren's daughter, Joan, to be my best friend. Growing up in a small town like Salineville you had a connection with people that seldom exists in big cities. In my teenage years the Bettis' moved to Salem the same year my family moved to Canfield. We stayed in touch. I grew up and left Ohio 30 years ago to live my life, but never returned home without stopping to see "The Judge."

I will miss his bright eyes and constant smile. My heart goes out to his family and many friends. I'm sure Warren and Barbara are playing bridge in heaven with my parents, Frank and Marilyn Solak.


Fort Myers, Fla.

Impressed with basketball camp

To the editor:

Wow! - girls summer basketball camp rocked! I just wanted to give a shout out of thank yous for everyone involved especially head coach Renee Farina and Sarah Hamilton and all the high school girls who coached and organized this year's girls basketball camp.

My daughter learned a lot while working hard and having fun. Thanks again for an awesome camp experience.



Angry with our government

Congress is about to pass a law which will make it illegal to grow your own food, or for "any farm" not to purchase and use government mandate chemicals, additives, and pesticides on all food consumed in the US. Violation may be fine of to $1000 per day.

Under the following SB510, S425, and HR 875, once these bills pass and can outlaw growing your own food; in my opinion I really think the government has overstepped their boundary and have no right to dictate to us what we can grow, those idiots who brought this to the table should have considered what the people want and not what they think we want.

It is becoming more like America the beautiful is becoming more like the Republic of America a communist country instead. The very ramification of this will have severe consequences, with disastrous outcome. Look around the world today people are getting fed up with governments putting a strangle hold on them, (The Citizens).

Is there any wonder why Americans don't trust their government, with this kind of underhanded agenda, I see no reason why they should be trusted. By infringing upon the rights and freedom of the people will fuel destruction throughout the nation. Our soldiers who fought for freedom would have done in vainly while this country is leaning toward complete government control.

Congress you can't even handle your own affairs let alone handle we the peoples affairs, so stay out of ours. Stripping away rights has been your agenda all along, and you won't stop until we the people put you in your place or out of office. So you remember who put you in office, we can take you out of office. Citizens I encourage each and every one of you to flood the mail boxes full of letter against what they are try, swamp their phones lines with calls and voice your opinions against such actions, jam up their e-mail address until there so full that there computer have a meltdown, letting them know you're not going to take it anymore. Citizen if we don't take a stand on this, other rights will follow to be taken away. For power corrupts and they are so corrupted up there in the white house, it is all about greed and if they can make pocket money from your gardens then they will outlaw it.

We came to the new world to escape such stuff from England, and Brittan's empire and we fought against them to free America. We need to stand up and fight again this that congress is trying to do.


East Liverpool



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