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July 24, 2011
Salem News

Thanks for the support

To the editor: The Family and Community Resource Center of Lisbon would like to recognize all the hard work of the volunteers that made the Family Fun Night in Wellsville at the high school possible. From the volunteers that participated in the City Clean Up to those that attended and helped out at Fun Night like Mayor Joe Surace when he cooked the hot dogs for those attending the event, it was possible because the Wellsville community cares. Community support from local businesses: Sell's Auction, Wellsville Police Department and Dailey's Refuse who donated their services to the event made a short notice affair come together successfully. In a community like Wellsville where the poor economy has hit especially hard and the people are struggling along in recovery, it is great to see those that have, out there helping those that need.

A community event where the citizens of Wellsville were able to easily mingle with the politicians serving the district can prove to be a turning point in the struggle to provide meals for those in need. Anyone that attended the event and watched Abbey Road perform, had a free meal provided with monies from Walmart and AEP can attest to the positive atmosphere that is bringing new life to Wellsville. The night was a first of future endeavors that will bring well-being back to Wellsville.

CINDY L. SLAVENS, FCRC executive director; CRYSTAL SIEMBIDA-BOGGS, Project coordinator

Car show a success To the editor:

The Fairfield Ruritans' annual Custom and Classic Car Show "Dollars for Scholars" which featured custom and classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors was a tremendous success this year thanks to the many merchants, individuals, and business that help support us.

Thanks, to the great weather, the 163 vehicles and spectators that turned out for the event. We would also like to thanks Mr. Dave Flynn and Performance Center for providing some unique cars for the event such as a 1998 Lamborghini Countach and 2004 Shelby Super Car SS7 along with other high performance cars. The Columbiana Police Department also showed their 2010 Dodge Challenger Police Car. This year's winners are as follows:

Top Car: 1959 Corvette Owner Dick Louthan.

Top Truck: 1935 Ford Pickup Owner Bruce Jordan.

Top Tractor: 1948 Allison Owner Walt Cooper.

Top Motorcycle: 2007 Harley Owner Vince Boeio.

The Best in Show: 1984 Harley Owner Robert Hum.

This is the first year that a motorcycle has ever won the Best in Show. Congratulations Robert Hum.

BILL FLESSE, Columbiana

Festival will honor vets To the editor:

The Johnny Appleseed Festival held the third weekend in September is honoring all veterans this year. We need the help of the community to remember and honor all those who have supported and protected our country by their military service. We would like to have the grand marshall be the oldest veteran in Columbiana County. Because of privacy issues there is no easy way for us to acquire that information. That is where your help comes in. Please contact the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce at 330-424-1803 with the name, age and contact information of anyone you think may be our oldest veteran. There will also be floats available for other veterans to ride on in the parade that Saturday. So let us know if you would be interested in being part of the celebration. Our men and women have not always been welcomed home after their military service the way they should have been. Let us take this opportunity to come together to thank all those who have served our country in the military.

KATHY BARTON, President, Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce

Pro-activism needed in U.S.

To the editor:Enough already, it is time for the American public, especially the silent majority to get off their butts, whether you are a republican, democrat, liberal or conservative and to analyze the state this country is in. Tell all the politicians that we are tired of their squabbling and finger pointing and do the right thing for our country. Frankly it is hard to see how they care about millions of jobs that have been lost in this economy over the last four years. To them it is only about those 435 powerful jobs in the House of Representatives ,100 jobs in the united states senate and the one job at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. These politicians are afraid of only one thing losing their jobs. We need to tell them get this budget deal done now. Enough with the the tea party driving republicans over a cliff with their demand of no revenue increases or tax hikes. Enough with democrats bowing down to the liberal left who say no to any entitlement cuts. Every single person should be phoning and emailing their representatives until a debt ceiling deal is made. Yes you may not like a tax hike or a entitlement cut. But thinking the other side must shoulder the full burden of our problem is just dumb. Shared pain is not a negative statement. If the republicans get their way we lose. If the democrats get their way we lose. We can't continue down this insane path our politicians are leading us. It is time for all of us to pick up a phone.send that email, get a budget deal done now.

Do not let this country default on its debts.

DONALD JONES, East Liverpool

Upset by lack of caring

To the editor: En route from a meeting on the state Route 45 ski slope, a group of people were attempting to corral a dog which had been hit by a car. As is so common, unfortunately once the dog left the immediate area of danger, it was assumed the dog was just dazed and they went on their way. I continued to follow the dog west on Teegarden Road and lured it with food I had in my car. Within moments of the beagle's first bites, which I had thrown a distance, began to show signs of physical deterioration and seizure. As I continued to attempt to lure her, in my dress clothes and high heels and knelt on the ground ... a man across the street continued to mow his grass and multiple people passed me by including a motorcyclist who could clearly see my challenge. Although the dog was now debilitated to crawling to the food and I was able to feed her out of my hand, she had enough strength to evade me if I attempted any containment.

I motioned to the mower man to get me a rope or leash ... he indicated he had nothing and kept mowing. Thankfully, I was able to run back to my car to call our Humane Society of Columbiana County Shelter Manager Heather Jurina who was within response time and came with leashes and blankets in hand and we were able to muzzle and move the dog in order to get the medical attention necessary. Although the dog warden responded and the injured dog was clearly a stray and a dog pound issue, we felt involved to the point of taking responsibility, which we did. Due to financial constraints, we are not normally able to assist with non-humane related cases.

As we pulled away, Trooper Carroll of the Ohio State Highway Patrol also responded to the call made by the driver of the car that hit the female 6-year-old unspayed beagle, now known as "Ally" and also a family member of the driver to follow up on the injured animal. For this I am gratified. However, I am saddened and disheartened to live in a community where not one, not two, but dozens of people passed by without an offer to assist in person or by making a call. If you are interested in helping change this sad state of reality in Columbiana County and beyond, please contact me through the Humane Society of Columbiana County, 1825 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, at 330-332-2600 or by e-mail at

I am happy to report, Ally the beagle is expected to survive with the help of Dr. Vickey Brookes at Adamson Vet Services. Sadly, these injuries are not her first with ones older and incorrectly healed visible by x-ray. Can anyone in their right mind not support the need for mandatory spay and neuter laws?

JENNY R. PIKE, Salem, Ohio



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