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August 14, 2011
Salem News

Thanks for a 'good deed' rendered

To the editor: A "good deed" is sometimes difficult to encounter, but let me express my thanks to the couple I encountered at the Subway in Lisbon. After asking directions to Youngstown this past Sunday, I was not only given several routes to choose, but also was suggested a third route. That one also included a personal escort up to Columbiana where I eventually made my to Canfield and then on to home in the Akron area.

My motorcycle and I had a great ride: beautiful weather, clear roads, and helpful assistance from two people who didn't know me, but who went way out of their way to help a stranger. Thanks!


Grateful for many acts of kindness

To the editor: I'd like to thank the two fellas who came to my aid recently when I fell while walking the dog on Penn Avenue. Thanks to them they saw to it the dog was safe while they were attending my needs.

I also want to thank my dentist, Dr. Matt Yerkey, whose swift attention and expertise undoubtedly saved my front tooth which was injured in my fall. Also Jim McNeal who provided me with a supplement that hurried along the healing of my mouth. Also thanks to the Italian Club for repairing the uneven sidewalk in front of their establishment. And last but not least thanks to the gentleman who retrieved my dog from a field near the Dollar Store in Lisbon, when she jumped out of the car when I opened the car door.

These are examples of caring people and thanks to all of them I am able to resume my daily routine of walking my dog again, and enjoying the wonderful summer weather.


Don't punish majority of Ohioans

To the editor: I am writing today to address your readers and the residents of Columbiana County who find themselves soaked in taxes, seeking employment or finding it hard to put food on the table for their families. I want to assure you that thanks to the legislature's efforts to control state and local taxes, relief is on the way.

As the founder of several businesses, I understand the importance of balance-balance between spending and profits, balance in creating jobs and offering fair but manageable wages, and balance when expanding or saving for a rainy day. In order to keep their doors open, employers must be able to reduce overhead or freeze employee salaries during difficult times. However, many public-sector employees enjoy consistently generous benefits and automatic pay raises at the expense of the taxpayers who find themselves paying for their own benefits as well as someone else's Cadillac plans. Private-sector workers contribute on average 23 percent toward their health care benefits. Public employees, on the other hand, often contribute less than 10 percent-and unlike those who work for private businesses, the public sector has the benefit of repeatedly tapping Ohioans to pay for these luxuries. Senate Bill 5 has restored a responsible, fair balance by requiring public employees to pay at least 15 percent toward health benefits, which would still be far less than their private-sector neighbors. The provisions in the bill are merely common-sense initiatives that grant relief to taxpayers and balance the sacrifices made by all Ohioans. With so many Ohioans unemployed or struggling to make ends meet, we need to ensure that we are not punishing the vast majority to appease a slim few.


Changes coming to festival

To the editor: We would like to make the community aware of some exciting changes being implemented relative to the Johnny Appleseed Festival Queen Pageant. Recently, chamber member Susan Shank escorted reigning JAF Queen Chelsea Stoffel to participate in the Lorain International Festival as a visiting queen. These ladies came away with a renewed excitement for the positive opportunities available to promote our festival as well as our town. It is our desire to enable the queen to use her platform as an educational benefit. She will travel. She will engage in public speaking. She will be an ambassador for our little community. This type of public service can be beneficial when included on a college application. It is with deep appreciation to DPS Penn that we are able to offer the incoming JAF queen a $500 cash scholarship. We have assembled a fine panel of judges that were selected based on their community service, standing within the community, and ability to contribute to the integrity of our pageant. We hope, through our schools, churches, and local groups, to get the word out to our young ladies. Also, if you are a past JAF queen and would like to attend the festivities on Saturday, Sept. 17, please contact Susan Shank at 330-853-4321. Applications may be obtained online at or by stopping at the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce office on North Market Street.




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