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October 24, 2011
Salem News

Why was political grandstanding allowed?

To the editor: Why is Salem Council President Mickey Weaver allowing political grandstanding to go on at Salem City Council meetings? The fact that Democrats and the incumbent mayor don't like an opponent's political flier is hardly a basis for making a kangaroo court of council chambers. I am a former Salem council president-she should know better.

And gee-how "newsworthy" that the Democrats in town aren't happy with a Republican campaign flier that takes them to task for having mismanaged the city, for having voted three times in four years to raise everybody's taxes, for voting against an independent audit, and more? This campaign flier rightly calls into question the reckless spending, the unjustified tax increase proposals, the neglected city infrastructure and, yes, the poor city services that are putting Salem on the wrong path.

Poor city services? What more basic city services are there than decent streets and sidewalks? What more basic city services are there than to clean up the gang-inspired graffiti on our buildings? Jerry Wolford has joined hands with Salem Democrats on every significant city vote-from tax hikes, to wasteful spending, to the no vote on the audit. Scott Cranmer would be no different. So if you want the status quo, vote for either of them. The only alternative to the status quo of incompetence at Salem City Hall is mayoral candidate John Berlin. He has been a successful businessman, a civic leader and somebody that possesses the managerial ability to put Salem back on a sound track. He won't find himself beholden to any special interests. And he would be a full-time mayor.

DAVID A. VENTRESCO, Former Salem City Council president, Salem

Comments on politics in Salem

To the editor: What's going on at Salem City Hall anyway? Did we need those multi-million dollar tax hikes that were proposed by the current mayor or not? Will they be proposed again once the election is over or not? Who can we trust? Mayor Wolford repeatedly attempted to impose huge tax increases upon us yet now claims in his campaign literature that he has accomplished "so much" for the town "all with no new taxes." He makes it sound as though we really didn't need those tax increases. Then there is the former Salem city policeman, Scott Cranmer. He wants to be mayor, too. But just what does he stand for? Think he would push these tax hikes? Think he would hold the line on spending or push for more? I think we have a right to know where Scott Cranmer stands on the issues. I also think we have a right to know whether or not he plans to be a full-time mayor. Some are saying he would be a part-time mayor. He needs to come clean on how much time he will give to the job he seeks. Running with Cranmer for city auditor is Diane DeFazio, a union lawyer with absolutely no financial experience. She knows nothing about auditing a multi-million dollar business like the city of Salem. I guess she is an expert at representing unions, though. Is that what we want of a city auditor? The person with whom Diane DeFazio shares the same home address, David Duff, is also a union lawyer from Cleveland. He wants to be on Salem City Council. What a sweetheart deal. Two paychecks from the taxpayers to one household-both pledged to advance the agenda of the city's unions. Duff is on the record opposing the city audit. Think we can trust him with our tax dollars? There is a lot at stake in this year's local elections. Let's not elect the foxes to watch the henhouse!




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