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Military member: ‘Occupy’ movement un-American

November 12, 2011
Salem News

To the editor: As a veteran and a current serving member of the U.S. military, I've often said that we do (or have done) what we do in order for you to have the freedom to do what you do. That freedom includes the freedom to disagree with me, hold a radically different view to my own and even to hold me and my brothers-in-arms in contempt for our service. In my opinion, the "Occupy" movement has displayed despicable and un-American behavior. They show no respect for anyone around them or for the private property rights of others, although they do show great concern for their own rights, including their own property rights. They are consistently disingenuous, taking advantage of the things that are made available to them, either through donations or purchase, because of businesses and corporations while at the same time decrying the very corporations that make it available to them. They decry the greed of corporations while being the greediest of all, always wanting a bigger handout. They appear to hate the U.S. and commit anti-American acts like defecating on the U.S. flag while taking full advantage and more of the freedoms they have been given to protest concerning their grievances. They speak of love and peace while committing acts of violence and showing hatred in both word and deed. They speak of how terrible war is and that we need to end all war, but the conditions they've chosen to create and live in are in many cases worse than the conditions in war. The kinds of behavior they display and the thinking behind it lead only to disorder, chaos, and anarchy; just the thing that leads to more war, more violence, and a total breakdown of our society. They don't want to build: they only want to tear down. Yes, the military is trained to use force and the calculated destruction of people and things in order to maintain society, order, and our way of life including the freedoms we enjoy, but the US military has always used these methods for good, to insure everyone else in our country and many around the world can live in freedom, including the freedom to protest and voice differing opinions.



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