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November 13, 2011
Salem News

Roses to and a big sigh of relief to the election season being over. No elaboration needed for any of us directly involved with it.

Roses and congratulations to those emerging victorious from last Tuesday's elections and to those who lost with dignity. Roses to incoming mayor John Berlin and what will be a Republican-oriented leadership at city hall. Salem is again at a crossroads and we put our faith in those elected to serve. Let's give them encouragement and let's give them the benefit of the doubt. As we said earlier, forget party affiliations - we are all in this together for the betterment of our city and its citizens.

Roses to all candidates who quickly removed their signs following the election. It seems that everyone felt compelled to do this - for once - and it is nice to see.

Roses to Columbiana County Party chairman David Johnson and his family including his mother, Jean. David's father, Peter Cathcart Johnson Sr., died Tuesday. And yes given David's prominent political figurehead status it was a heckuva coincidence with his dad dying on election day. Mr. Johnson was a respected decades-long prominent businessman. We extend our condolences to his family.

Roses to the Crestview and Western Reserve football programs. Year in year out, the Rebels and Blue Devils use a template for success that propels them into the playoffs and statewide recognition.

Thorns to the Cleveland Browns. Extra thorns to Peyton Hafner. Or Travis Hillis. Or whatever his name is. He is the Browns' carbon copy of an always injured player on the Cleveland Indians who will make something like $13 million next season and doesn't even own a glove. Anyone who is apparently constantly injured and is working on a third business agent during a contract year like Peyton Hillis is doesn't exactly fulfill the definition of a team player. Memo to Browns: Let him go. Far, far away.

Thorns to people who send along anonymous letters to the editor. We received a few in the dozens that came during the political season. Anonymous letters usually are one of two kinds: those trying to implicate someone; or those bashing this newspaper or a political figure. Or both. To the spineless out there: don't waste your time. Such letters immediately get crumbled and put in our recycling bin.?Next time show some guts and sign your letter.

Thorns to people who call us at the last minute wanting something covered. Been through this before too. Especially those wanting something covered and, when told we can't accommodate because of the lateness of their request, get mean and hostile and, of course, start badmouthing this newspaper. Next time try calling ahead of time and maybe we can work something out. We like to think we do a pretty good job of getting out to schools, community events, etc. and we give roses to those who call ahead of time and make proper arrangements. And roses to those who understand that we just can't be at all places at all times.

Thorns to people who - when nobody is looking - continue to blow their leaves out on the street. It is not only inconsiderate but a safety risk. Ask any driver who has ever unexpectedly had to make like a slalom skier when sliding through leaves on roadways.

Thorns to the Penn State tragedy. Let's hope the predator gets everything legally coming his way in spades. Let's hope, really hope, that his victims have healed or someday be healed of the terrifying acts they had to endure. Thorns to anyone feeling sorry for good ol' Joe Pa. Joe Paterno was an enabler who chose to look the other way. If he hadn't looked the other way, something would've been done years ago to get Jerry Sandusky behind bars. Thorns to that now assistant coach who saw the shower scene and did not immediately act to remove the boy from that situation. How could any decent human being have lived with that on their conscience all these years? And who would have thought less than a year ago that two of the then most respected coaches in the world of sports - Jim Tressel and Joe Paterno - would no longer be coaching with neither leaving on their own volition?



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