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Washington DC growing rapidly

December 30, 2011
Salem News

A Census Bureau report the bureaucrats in Washington probably would prefer you ignore involves growth in the District of Columbia.

During the past 10 years, the district's population has increased by 2.7 percent - more than the fastest-growing state in the union, Texas, at 2.1 percent.

From April through July alone, the district gained about 16,000 new residents, according to the Census Bureau.

Washington, D.C., is something like a company town - but the "company" in this case happens to be the federal government.

While many regions- including our own - suffer from lack of economic development, things are booming in Washington. Analysts explain one reason for growth there is the availability of good-paying jobs in the federal government. Of course, taxpayers out here in the hinterlands, many of whom are suffering during the recession, are paying for the capital's booming economy while unemployment in our regions remains high.

That is something to remember the next time President Barack Obama or a liberal in Congress insists there is just nowhere to cut federal spending. While tens of millions of Americans are having to pinch pennies and the companies that employ us are striving to hold expenses down, the sky seems to be the limit in Washington.



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