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February 12, 2012
Salem News

Thanks to residents who attended meeting

To the editor: Residents of the Second Ward: I want to thank the residents who came out on a snowy day to attend my meeting last Saturday. I received several messages stating many of you couldn't attend due to illness, road conditions and previous commitments. Until 15 minutes till 10, I was thinking, calling a meeting with the residents of my ward was a mistake. I turned and looked out the window. I saw two people kicking snow and heading for the door.

The 15 Second Ward residents in city council chambers and I discussed many concerns in their neighborhoods. Some were stray cats, unsightly rental properties, time limit on trash cans on the curb, the need for additional stop signs and/or street lighting and of course my Streets Alleys and Sidewalk Committee. The list goes on and it includes the salvage yard on West Pershing Street. The Second Ward meeting lasted almost two hours. One person asked if I was going to hold additional meetings. They nodded and said they liked the idea. I told them we could meet again in June and to bring a neighbor. I'm looking forward to seeing my report card for the first six months of 2012.

I also want to thank, former Fourth Ward Council Member MaryAnn Dzuracky and her husband Andy, for taking three pages of notes during the meeting.

CLYDE BROWN, Second Ward representative, Salem City Council

Upset that 'grandma' was pulled over and ticketed

What is with the police force now in Negley? Granted, they are welcomed, but really, pulling over a 72-year-old for "rolling through a stop sign?" If they feel Negley needs policing, why not be there on Friday or Saturday nights (especially Fridays, remember the Rogers sale?), when people are blowing through at 50 mph, or kids are out and about trashing peoples belongings? No, now there is a police force in Negley that pulled over and ticketed 11 people in an hour, not including the 72-year-old grandma!

What's going on?

BOBBIE SWENSON, Harker Heights, Texas

Reminder that police officers are people too

To the editor: Recently, one of our longtime police officers passed away after providing 30 years of dedicated service to our community. While attending his funeral service, I read through the service program and printed within was the following poem by an unknown author:

I have been where you fear to be;

I have seen what you fear to see;

I have done what you fear to do;

All these things I have done for you.

I am the one you lean upon,

The one you cast your scorn upon,

The one you bring your troubles to,

All these things I have been for you.

The one you ask to stand apart,

The one you feel should have no heart,

The one you call the "man in blue;"

But I am a person, just like you.

And through the years,

I have come to see

That I am not what you ask of me.

So take this badge, take this gun;

Will you take it?-Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die

And hear a battered baby cry,

Then do you think that you can be

All these things you ask of me?

The next time you see a police officer in your community, remember this poem. It is a stark reminder of what he or she does for us on a daily basis. Thank you Jim and the rest still serving because we ask for so much and you willingly give us your all.

RICHARD LOTZE, Beaver Township

Government stands between workers, industry

To the editor: We are not the middle-class but the middleman in the eyes of this government.

The actions of the president and his party is to eliminate the "middleman" so as to cut cost. This is part and parcel to Social engineering too sustain economic growth which is a time honored and failed marxist/socialist doctrine.

Pipelines won't get built and coal firing plants are being shut down. GM and Chrysler has moved parts manufacturing plants to South Korea while GE has moved several of its plants to China.

Let's not forget Mexico that now manufactures the incandescent light bulb. Shell Oil seeks to build a plant within the tri-state region and that will fair as well as the BAARD coal refinery.

The true middleman is the government standing between the American worker and American industry. Conventional wisdom tells you which middleman needs to go.

WILLIAM E. EARDLEY, East Liverpool

Ex-coach didn't live up to the 'The Pitt Way'

To the editor: Panthers players suffer as Graham pursues his own interests.

For last year's Pittsburgh Panthers football players their season must have seemed like it had came from hell.

The Panthers started the season fresh after firing six-year underachiever Dave Wannstedt, only to have to restart the process all over again three weeks later when Mike Haywood lost his job in light of a domestic violence charge.

The organization and it's players thought they had fixed their coaching woes when Todd Graham was named the head coach on Jan. 10, but the challenges were far from over.

It would only be 11 months before Graham, who shouted "Hail to Pitt!" on national television during his post-game interview with ESPN after a victory over No. 16 South Florida, would alert his players via text message that he was leaving to coach elsewhere. "Coaching there has always been a dream of ours and we have family there," Graham said in the message.

What about the dreams of your young players, coach?

Graham also stated in the text message that the timing and circumstances prevented him from telling his players directly of his decision to take the coaching job at Arizona State.

Players reacted to their coach's sudden departure on Twitter.

Linebacker Adam Lazenga posted, "All I can say is wow.. Talk about committed haha."

Defensive end Brandon Lindsey posted "Ok so this is the 'The Pitt Way," making a reference to Graham's enforcement of character from his student athletes.

It seems Graham could not hold himself to the same level of standards.

His leaving Pittsburgh was an example of hypocrisy and a breach of contract, according to a public statement made by Pitt executive vice chancellor and general counsel Jerry Cochran.

To recap, in just over a year Pitt players saw their head coaches departure because of over a half-decade of mediocrity, a felony arrest, and a sudden departure that has shocked and infuriated the locker room.

Graham should have considered the events of the past before deciding to add insult to injury and continued to coach at Pitt.

Quitting on your teammates, I'm sure, was not part of "The Pitt Way."


Liberals, far left backers attracted to mobs

To the editor: Occupiers or mobs? Gustave L. Bon, a French physician, scientist and social psychologist in his book "The Crowd" writes of the human mind, and has painted a disturbing picture of the behavior of mobs. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used his book to learn how to excite a mob.

Even the left wing Guardian has admitted the La Bon' study of crowd behavior "is possibly the most influential work of psychology ever written. The French revolution was a graphic and bloody example of where mob violence can lead. Thousands were beheaded. Most for no reason at all. Just a nod from a neighbor to the wrong person could cause a trip to the guillotine. If there were a trial it was a mockery of justice with crowds always screaming for blood.

We can turn our attention to the Middle East for current examples of mob and mob reaction. People thirsting for legitimate changes in their government take to the streets, peacefully to send their message , but as time passes with no response from their government, patience begins to wear thin and violence begins to occur, minor at first, then it escalates into blood shed and property damage.

L. Bon writes. "The demon is a mob and the mob is demonic. The mob cannot be controlled from within. A mob is an irrational childlike often violent organism that derives it's energy from the group, with the promise of instant gratification." Since the beginning of civilization groups have used the mob as a medium to communicate. We should look to the Middle East for current examples of the bloodshed and destruction taking place there. There has to be a better way.

Two years ago when Glen Beck said it would be happening here he was scoffed and laughed at. We can call them occupiers disenchanted, progressives or dub them any other political correct title, but the group on Wall Street and elsewhere in the country had the ingredients of mobs.

Large groups may congregate and remain orderly. An example, when nearly a million people assembled at the Lincoln Memorial two years ago. Not only did everyone behave, but they left the grounds just as they found them, clean.

It would seem that liberals and those at the far left are attracted to mobs.

LEON WHITE, Columbiana



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