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February 19, 2012
Salem News

Patient praises Salem Community Hospital

To the editor: I was recently a patient in DCU (heart department) at Salem Community Hospital and would certainly be amiss if I didn't send kudos their way. A lot of caring and TLC from admissions to the last transportation.

Thanks to the RNs, LPNs and PCAs for their efficiency and lots of TLC.

Thanks to the expertise and caring from Dr. Kuppler and Dr. Lileas.

Thanks to the imaging department for their knowledge and their TLC for the little things they did to make me comfortable.

Thanks to Richard and his crew in the food department for the very tasty foods and "great" coffee.

Last but not least to the transportation department for the care they showed to an 89-year-old woman. My lasting gratitude to all.


Reader will make own decision regarding Brown

To the editor:

Politics is a messy business. It is getting harder and harder to know fact from fiction. In a time in which media and information are more accessible than ever it seems to be getting harder to make a good decision.

It seems that somebody has something bad to say about everybody. Maybe we need to base decisions on what we know for sure.

Still, there are some things I do know. Craig Brown has served as Columbiana County recorder since 2005. It costs less to run the office than it did in 2003. The recorder's office has been run competently and effectively. Those are things I know.

I know I can't believe everything I hear, but results speak for themselves. I'll make my own decision.


Readers shoud speak out about 'anti-life mandate'

To the editor:

When the Obama Administration's healthcare financing plan was signed into law, President Obama and Congress promised that funds under the new law would not cover abortions.

This has now been proven to be empty rhetoric.

Why? Because the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has mandated that under the health care law, private health insurance plans must cover the "full range of PDA approved contraception" - in which category HHS explicitly included the abortion-inducing drug ella.

This mandate includes a so-called "religious employer exemption," yet the exemption is so narrowly defined that most religious schools, colleges, hospitals and charitable organizations serving the public do not qualify.

Even an expanded definition of "religious employer" would fail to protect non-religiously affiliated organizations, individuals and even religiously affiliated health insurers whose pro-life consciences are nonetheless violated.

This is an unprecedented attack on the freedom of conscience of millions of Americans, eviscerating their freedom of choice to purchase private insurance that does not violate their ethical, moral or religious objections. I hope all readers will contact their elected representatives in Washington, D.C., and voice outrage over this anti-life mandate.

JOHN WISE, East Liverpool

Praises family-oriented Crown Theater Productions

To the editor:

Recently I attended a "getting acquainted" event for Crown Theater Productions, which operates in the Main Street Theater in Columbiana. We were introduced to Crown Theater and its mission to provide family-oriented theater and movies.

We were taken on a tour of the theater to see the stage area, backstage and the projection room upstairs. We learned about history of the theater, the process of renovations and the old-fashioned projection equipment. It was very interesting. Homemade cookies were served in the Encore Room.

Crown Theater has a five show theater schedule for 2012 beginning with "The Sound of Music" in March. They also show free family movies on some Saturday nights. This is a wonderful opportunity for all families in our community.

DENA ROZESKI, New Waterford

Letter writer not a big fan of Mike Halleck

To the editor:

If you want to know something about Columbiana County politics a good place to start is by learning the Halleck Rule.

The Halleck Rule is simple. If you want to know the truth about something then believe the opposite of whatever Mike Halleck says.

Recently was a perfect example. An employee of the coroner's office has repeatedly tried to discuss an ethical issue regarding her employer. Mike Halleck did not want to discuss the issue. He wants to see it swept under the rug. Translation, the issue with the coroner is one that we need to know more about.

Mr. Halleck claims that his self-righteous rant in a recent commissioner's meeting was not political. He is always quick to attack a Democrat, but will not even listen to something about the Republican coroner. The translation, Mr. Halleck's rant was purely political.

The Halleck Rule works every time.

MEGAN SCOTT, East Palestine

Encourges adoption of rescue rabbit as a pet

To the editor:

February is a busy month with Ground Hog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and even the Super Bowl. February is also Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month. We (Frisky Ferrets Fuzzies and Feathered Friends) are trying to raise awareness about the adoption of rescues and to encourage people to consider a rescue rabbit for a pet.

Rabbits come to rescues and shelters in the same ways that other pets do. Some are surrendered to a rescue because the owners' circumstances have changed and they can no longer care for their pet. Some are found, often seriously injured and starving, after having been "set free" to fend for themselves. Many are rescued from neglectful or abusive situations.

Like all rescues and shelters, rabbit rescues bring these pets back to health, spay or neuter, work with any behavior issues, and put these adorable pets up for adoption. These rabbits make wonderful pets.

To find out more about adoptable rabbits check with a local rabbit rescue or on line at


Ron Paul supporter states his case

To the editor:

Pay attention Republican voters.

I am a Ron Paul supporter. This election season, no candidate will get my vote for the Office of President of the United States of America except for Ron Paul. There will be no exceptions. If he does not win the nomination, I will write his name on the ballot.

No amount of slick talking, flip-flopping, wooing, cajoling, threatening, or condescending will persuade... me to vote for any other contender for that office.

You don't want to admit it, but you know that the Republican Party cannot beat Obama without me, a Ron Paul supporter. It's long past time you admit it.

You and I have conflicting goals. I will only cast a vote for liberty, for peace, for small government, for fiscal sanity and respect for the Constitution of the United States and adherence to the oath of office of the Presidency. You however are content merely to vote for whatever Republican the GOP leadership and the media approve of.

I will not move. I cannot be persuaded. You cannot win without me.

I am not here to convince you that Ron Paul's positions are superior. I am not here to convince you that his foreign policy is in line with traditional conservatism. I am not here to convince you that his understanding of economics put everyone else in Washington to shame. I am not even here to convince you that the positions of the other candidates are not materially different than Obama.

No, I don't need to do any of that. I only need to tell you that without me, you have lost. If you do not vote for Ron Paul in your primary or caucus, you are already defeated. If you fail to nominate Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate for President, Barack Hussein Obama will serve a second term.

This is not blackmail. This is not a threat. This is a simple statement of fact.

I stand firm and I will not accept anything less.




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