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February 28, 2012
Salem News

In support of the county recorder

To the editor:

This letter is to address some concerns with Brenda Dickey Myers:

I begin by questioning your qualifications to serve for the office of county recorder considering your flyer does not list any specific experience or job qualifications. Your flyer lists four goals or promises to which you will work to achieve. How will you do this?

As a concerned citizen of Columbiana County, I have a few questions that I feel need to be addressed:

1. What qualifications do you have to do the job as county recorder?

2. What is your present or past employment history?

3. Do you have experience with finance, budgets, filing documents, management, and in personnel?

4. Have you attended any meetings involving the shale drilling so you can understand and help residents of this county?

5. Have you done any title research?

6. How long have you been with the Democratic Party?

7. Why did the Democratic Party not appoint you to the county commissioner's position in January of 2012 when the office became vacant?

In 2003, the county recorder's office was running in the red by $450,000 when Craig Brown was elected as the county recorder. This office is now running in the black at $248,274 with a minimum of qualified staffers. It is running efficiently and has saved taxpayers' money. Craig Brown has also implemented effective security measures to protect citizens' Social Security numbers.

This taxpaying citizen thinks nothing beats experience and I am looking for some answers from the above mentioned candidate. I also feel it would be helpful if there was contact information provided so others could have their questions and concerns addressed.

Re- elect Craig Brown as county recorder based on his job performance nothing more!




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