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March 4, 2012
Salem News

Dem chairman issues response

To the editor: This letter is submitted in response to Mr. Clyde Brown's Feb. 26, 2012, criticism of the Columbiana County Democratic Party's decision to endorse Brenda Myers for County Recorder.

"Just be a 'lap dog' go along with the flow and you may survive. You don't make the slightest mistake because he has someone waiting to take your place." Well, Mr. Clyde Brown, I have been Columbiana County Chairman for 22 years and never had to endorse another candidate against an incumbent-never!

To have had to make such a decision is nothing I took lightly or did for any personal gain! The Executive Committee, the Columbiana County Office Holders and the Columbiana candidates voted to take action to endorse Brenda Myers. And, on Feb. 23, 2012, the Central Committee met and not a single member of the Central Committee voiced a complaint, or moved to overturn, the Executive Committee's decision. And as chairman, I have a responsibility to both the public and the party over and above any individual office holder.

Even though I have been accused by Mr. Brown that I am the equivalent of the "Godfather," he must understand the simple truth: It was never personal. Mr. Brown would have the Columbiana County Democratic Party cover-up his son's indiscretions simply to support an incumbent.

Furthermore, since you feel you are wanting to question my motive or character. I challenge you, Mr. Brown, to find another office holder within my 22 years of being chairman that would come forward stating, "I tell them how to do their job, or how to run their office, or as you alleged the need that they just be a "lap dog" go along with the flow and you may survive." That Mr. Brown is simply not my style! The numerous times I had to have discussions with Mr. Brown on his behalf is when he came to me needing advice or asking me, "What should I do chairman? What should I do?" And, my advice to him then and now will always be, "Craig, just do your job and be respectful to all people."

DENNIS JOHNSON, Salem, Columbiana County Democrat chairman

Upset with seats 'being taken'

To the editor: Because my granddaughter was to be part of the "pin and lamp ceremony" for the Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing class of August 2012, I went to the Salem City Center auditorium on North Lincoln Avenue on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012. The program was scheduled for 7 p.m. I arrived early at 6:30 p.m. The auditorium was only filled half-full with many empty seats remaining. Walking down the long aisle toward the front stage, I started to sit down on an empty seat. Someone hollered, "That seat is taken." Looking down the entire row, her words were repeated for every empty seat. I apologized, turned around and went backwards to the next row. Same situation. Empty seats were also being saved for no one there.

This was repeated over and over by someone in each of nine rows. Finally after reaching the 10th row, my patience ran out. I loudly stated that if "one more" person told me that an empty seat was being saved there was going to be trouble because this wasn't right. A gentleman allowed me to sit in an empty seat in the 10th row I tried. Finally! I am 70 years of age, good health, well dressed, polite and knew no one sitting there. None of which should matter anyway. Many people who were saving seats were younger, but some were also closer to my age. This was a public event with no tickets for numbered seats being assigned to anyone. People should be able to walk in and sit down in any empty seat with no problem. If people want to sit together, they should arrive together. This goes for sporting events with general admission tickets also. "Saving seats" is completely out of control. Almost 50 percent of those empty seats were still empty as the program ended. Those seats were being saved for no one. Enough is enough. Empty seat-here I come!


Easier to take all the handouts

To the editor: Two stories in the past week in our local newspapers caught my attention. The first was about the Columbiana County Board of Elections unable to find enough people to staff the polls on election Primary Day. The second was regarding the need locally to feed the hungry and the tons of food supplied by the local food distribution centers for thousands of area families. The election board stated that a poll worker would work 14 hours and would be paid approximately $100. Working the polls can be done by either gender, it is not hard labor, and the work environment is usually quite pleasant. One hundred dollars will fill a grocery cart or buy a couple tanks of gas. I guess it is easier in our society today to take all the handouts and entitlements offered than to even try to help one's self in even a small way.


Unhappy with county services

To the editor: The Columbiana County Childrens Services has proven to me, that it is not a service for the children. Our tax-paying dollars to this county to assure children's safety and protection is overrated. With multiple calls of concerns and worries of a single mother and her children you would think to promptly investigate.With these children being surrounded by drugs, and neglect, and an unsafe home, they are being set up for disaster not a chance to live a normal life. So being a concerned citizen with no rights to these children, I left my heart in the hands of children services of Columbiana County. Hoping and praying they would help this family. But calling and giving a notice that you will be there about concerns for the children is providing a window of time to clean up, fix, repair, or counsel the children into having a perfect situation. The question is why the notice? Is this some kind of law? Why give people time to paint a pretty picture on the lives of the children who are in need of help and are the innocent victims? These childrens' lives should not be a game for our county, They didn't choose their parents, nor their life. All in all just another broken family with the overlook of the county. The easy way out for the county, One less report to file, but yet one more dream and life of a child left in the hands of trouble. Left to be at the bottom of the priority list.

I and many others would like to see some drastic improvement with our county services. So many other county services around the world and state have been the fault of deaths, rape, and the overlooking and or lack of proper investigation of thousands of children. I would hope the county in which I reside in will never be one of those.


Personal freedom threatened

To the editor: On Jan. 18, the Internet banded together arm-in-arm against Red Rover. For all the arguments that supporters of the SOPA and PIPA hurled at them, Reddit and the gang were too strong to break. In the brief history of mass Internet usage, millions of opinions have bounced about but have rarely, if ever, coalesced to form a unified voice. So the fact that the Internet community, under Reddit's leadership, unified against these bills, is a pretty clear indication that SOPA and PIPA are inherently flawed. And they are. The legislation is overly broad and dangerous to the First Amendment rights that a free and open Internet has taken for granted until now. If you need to demolish a building, you wouldn't nuke the entire city. That would be idiotic. So hobbling the Internet in the name of hindering piracy follows the same, over-the-top, destructive ideology. To eliminate due process, among other flaws in the legislation, puts the less powerful at risk of losing their voice. It seems clear to me that the fellows who wrote this bill have a fairly skewed perception of the way the Internet works. This isn't the first time legislation has threatened a fundamental freedom, in this case the right to share information and ideas, and it won't be the last. What I am most impressed with is the swiftness with which the displeasure of the American peoples was heard. Usually when I think of Congress I think, 'more concerned with their own agenda than the people they're representing.' At least now we know that they are capable of listening. It merely takes a few million people saying all at once, "No!" Fortunately for Internet users across the U.S., the blackout on Jan. 18 did just that and turned support away from SOPA and PIPA. So congratulations to every one of those millions of people who made their voices heard.


Supports Beaver Local Schools

To the editor: I write this letter not only as a property owner in the Beaver Local School District, but also as a parent of three Beaver Local students. In 1994, before we had children, my husband and I were looking to buy a home. We knew that someday we would have children so schools played a big role in our decision. We purchased our home because it was in the Beaver Local School District. My children are honor roll students and have thrived because of the teachers and education they have received. My children are also Beaver Local athletes which means we travel to many schools in our area. It saddens me to see the facilities that all of the school districts around us have compared to ours. We have such school pride in our community. When I walk through our schools I ask myself why our community doesn't feel our children are deserving of the same facilities that have a pleasant and safe environment as well. It makes me sad to walk out to my car in the school parking lot and smell the stench of septic. We are a school of excellence...why do we have to look like a school of poverty? If you are on the fence in your decision, I beg you to go and look at our schools. Go and look at every school around us and ask yourself what our future leaders deserve. I beg you to make your decision on the facts, not on saving a few bucks. We must invest in our future. With this new building will come many advantages that we do not currently have. I learned at the town meeting, that there is the possibility of a student share program with Crestview. This is a tremendous opportunity for our district to grow and be a district we can be proud of, but we must make sacrifices to make it happen. The technology that we would gain and the environmentally friendly heating and cooling system that our children would have would provide so much for our students and community. The opportunities are endless. I also learned that this new school will provide people in our community with steady work for at least three to four years. How many jobs will this provide? How many Beaver Local alumni will get to help build this school while providing for their families? What an opportunity to provide for some much needed economic growth in this area. There aren't many jobs around and building a new school sure would be a step in the right direction in providing families with an opportunity for a steady income. I do not want to pay the higher taxes of the school districts around me if Beaver Local is dissolved. We currently have the second lowest taxes in the county, even with the passage we will be in the bottom 50 percent. If the district is forced to dissolve would you want to pay the higher taxes of local districts? Each one of our surrounding districts will absorb our students if we lose our district and you, the tax payer will be payer those other district's higher taxes. No, they won't adjust them to accommodate an influx of our students. They will need those higher taxes to add on to provide space for their increasing student population. I chose Beaver Local in 1994. Our family wants to remain Fighting Beavers forever. I want them to be able to walk the halls of Beaver Local with their own children, and show them their pictures and trophies, and have pride about where they went to school. Please keep Beaver Local and vote Yes on March 6. I beg you...please, please give our kids the same opportunities other districts in our county have given to their future leaders. Please vote yes on March 6!

CAROL BECK, Calcutta

Demanding accountability

To the editor: With the recent development at ELHS regarding a teacher and alleged sexual harassment, I feel compelled to action. It's time for us parents to make the school board and teachers accountable to the parents and community. It's time for us to take back our school and demand better education....demand a safe learning environment and demand better, qualified teachers. These teachers need more direct supervision in the classroom. Our students need to be taught more than how to pass OGT...and they aren't even doing that well. I'm going to start a parent group, independent from the school. I'm currently a full-time student and won't be able to attend the board meeting next week. I will be attending the March 12 meeting. I'm tired and hope other tired and frustrated parents will be willing to join me in this endeavor. It's past time and these events with Mr. Lacey just show how important our students need to be to us. If anyone is interested in joining me contact me at




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