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March 3, 2012
Salem News

Ohio Attorney General backs Santorum

To the editor:

Rick Santorum is the best candidate to beat Barack Obama.

I know Rick. He is a good family man, with the utmost integrity and the highest moral values.

Rick is honest, straightforward, and calls it like it is. He is a true conservative, who wants to put an end to the unconstitutional over-reach of the Obama healthcare plan. He believes in a strong national defense. He is a sound fiscal conservative, committed to growing our economy and creating and maintaining jobs. He supports a balanced federal budget. And, he wants to cut federal entitlement programs, like Welfare, across the board.

He has run this campaign based on what matters-on the issues and on his vision for our future. He is giving the American people a reason to vote for him-a reason to hope and a reason to believe that America will be better.

Rick Santorum is the leader America needs.


Ohio Attorney General

Shootings reaffirms need to pass BL levy

To the editor:

The Chardon, Ohio, shootings this past week have reaffirmed my initial decision to vote yes on the upcoming Beaver Local levy to build a new school. All five buildings currently operating in the district were built in the 1950s, and the offices of these schools are centrally located, away from the entry doors of each building. If someone enters one of these school buildings, they enter through a set of doors and must wander their way past classrooms and through hallways to get to the main office. This is no longer acceptable or safe for our children.

Once the new K-12 school is built, the main entrances will open immediately to the administrative area and visitors will have to be "buzzed-in" to ensure safety. This new school design will correct security flaws that exist in the older buildings currently in use.

Enhanced security. Safer buildings. Reduced operating costs. Elimination of multi-building school bus transportation. Better opportunities for our children. Higher property values. Greater pride in our facilities. There are so many compelling reasons to support this Beaver Local bond.

Keeping in mind that the state of Ohio is offering to pay for 62 percent of this project, there really is no better time than now to pass this bond.

The security and the future of our children is well worth the small percentage that taxpayers would be required to pitch in for this great addition to our community. The fact is that with 62 percent contribution from the state, it will cost less to build this new school than it would cost to renovate and maintain the existing five buildings without state funding. This should be remembered when making your vote next Tuesday.

In order to prepare for the future, we have to make good investments now. I can't think of any better investment than to vote yes this Tuesday.





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