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March 5, 2012
Salem News

Astonished that Dem Party did not endorse Brown

To the editor:

I was recently astonished to learn the local Democratic Party decided not to endorse Craig Brown for the office of county recorder. I use the word "astonished" because with the increased demands the recorder's office has been fielding due to the shale oil and gas boom, it's imperative that office continue to be run in the most efficient manner possible.

We're talking about an amazing boost to our local economy, and it's too important to play games with. Clearly we need an experienced, qualified person as our county recorder.

However, since the party decided to pull their endorsement, I decided to look into how Mr. Brown has handled the office. It looks like he approaches decisions with a level head and doesn't succumb to hysterics or political pressure. For instance, he didn't approve an expansion of his offices' hours until he knew that it would be done in a fair and equitable manner that would accommodate Chesapeake Energy as well as local citizens.

Just last year the recorder's office had an increase of 10,000 leases to process due to the oil and gas boom. To handle the additional activity, Mr. Brown brought in better equipment while protecting the financial needs of the county by insisting the gas company pay for it. I also found out that he's getting Chesapeake to pay for the extended hours as well.

I just don't think competency is in question here. As it turns out, the party made this decision because someone accused him of making a bad joke. Are you kidding me with this? That's how the local Democratic Party makes their decisions? Based on accusations?

At the same time they decided to pull their endorsement of Mr. Brown, they gave it to Ms. Brenda Myers, so I figured she must be very qualified to gain this type of endorsement. Maybe she has a ton of experience in the field maybe she worked in this or another recorder's office and so has the very important qualifications needed. However, to this day, I've found no pertinent background of experience that would prepare her for this office.

As a matter of fact, during my research, I could find little about her other than she accused the recorder's office of taking too long to turn around paperwork. Just a little bit of research into that issue showed she deliberately misrepresented the statistics to try to make the employees of the recorder's office look bad. Of course, I do hear accusations that her only experience is giving facials, but who would make an important decision based on mere accusations?


Protesters should respect grieving families, friends

To the editor:

Several weeks back I wrote a letter to the editor about a planned protest by some members of the Westboro Baptist Church at the military funeral of a young Marine from Carrollton.

I stated at that time that the God that I worship and obey is a loving a forgiving one. He would not approve of protests being held during such a time of enduring grief for the family and friends of the victim.

Once again these so-called God fearing individuals are planning to make their presence known by protesting at the funerals of the young people killed in the school shootings in Chardon. I understand that this is their right under freedom of speech.

I asked a disc jockey from Canton, who has had them on his show why they feel the need to make these protests. I was told that they believe God allows these tragedies to happen, because he is angry with our nation, because of our support of contraceptives, homosexuality, as well as a long list of other offenses in their eyes.

I will say once more to these individuals please allow these families to mourn the loss of these young people without the added stress and pain that your protest will add. You can make your thoughts known in other more acceptable ways. Write a letter to the editor of your local papers if need be, take out a billboard, but allow the families and friends to grieve in peace.

They need to remember that God said "Judge not lest ye be judged".




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