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March 18, 2012
Salem News

Letter highlights reader's ignorance about Humanism

To the editor:

I believe that one should have a reasonable understanding of the subject he/she is writing about. Apparently Mr. Bennett does not (Letter to editor Secular Humanist vs. Biblical (Feb. 26).

Mr. Bennett states: "The Humanists believe that every life or potential life is a burden on society..." And from this distorted view he concludes: "That is why they treat abortion and contraception as 'women's health' issues because they look at pregnancy as a disease." What? This is not a reasoned conclusion, furthermore it highlights his ignorance about Humanism.

Secular Humanism is a philosophy that embraces human reason, ethics, and justice while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience and superstition as the basis of morality and decision-making (i.e. social constraints are made by man).

Continuing his litany of unreasoned conclusions: "This same humanist world-view covets our tax dollars..." They do? The "Biblical world view" is extensively subsidized by our tax dollars. How many tens of billions of our tax dollars are lost each year by: tax exemptions for church-owned businesses that are directly competing against private industry, tax deductions for moneys given to churches, property taxes not paid by churches, church school bus subsidies etc?

Mr. Bennett then proceeds to the exhausted argument: "The Biblical world view...sees every child conceived as a blessing from God, having the potential to be the next Isaac Newton..." Removing Mr. Bennett's rose colored glasses one could just as easily conclude that the unborn could be the next Adolph Hitler or Bin Laden. Most would realize the more likely outcome of the unwanted child. Yes, unwanted. If the child was wanted we would not be talking about abortion and contraception-would we? The more likely scenario is that the daughter will become the generational welfare mother, the street corner prostitute; the son will become the generational welfare "father," the street corner drug dealer, or another unemployed high school dropout.

From his distorted stance he concludes: "This world view [Biblical] clearly and directly contributed to causing the United States to be the greatest nation..." I contend that these generational unwanted children that Mr. Bennett advocates are contributing to the fall of this great nation and that the associated costs are contributing to the U.S. becoming another bankrupt country. On the other hand, family planning has allowed many people to invest their resources wisely and allowed them to have educated and productive children-tax payers not welfare recipients.

Mr. Bennett and his ilk have hijacked the recent political discussions and reduced them to their religious views of social minutiae and away from the critical national problems that are destroying this country.

Several critical issues are clear: massive and increasing national debt, undeclared unending wars, loss of freedom, and the murder of tens of thousands of youth both in our military and in the countries that we have invaded. Let us not forget the 33,000 wounded US solders, their continuing health care costs, and suffering.

Ten years, multiple invasions, murdering tens of thousands of real, not potential, children, and trillions of wasted dollars and we are much worse off than before these wars.

HUGH NILE, Calcutta

Ex- blood drive co-coordinator offers insights into Red Cross

To the editor:

Striking Red Cross nurses.

I have wondered why I haven't seen or heard anything about this in the newspapers, radio, or television and have come to the conclusion the news medias are supportive of the union.

First of all, I realize that I don't know all the facts, but would like to share some of my feelings. I volunteered for 28 years as volunteer coordinator of the blood drives in Damascus which are co-sponsored by the Beloit, Damascus and Goshen Center Ruritan clubs. These drives are scheduled approximately every 56 days or six times a year as required by the Red Cross.

Prior to the November drive when I quit being the drive co-coordinator only because of the conflict I was receiving from the Red Cross, I took my position very personal, even was calling it my drive and my donors. On numerous occasions upon arriving at the drive to find out the Red Cross had made yet another change in how they wanted things done. For many years they would send me a list of prospective donors and I would divide them up for five of my volunteers to make personal calls to each donor the Sunday evening reminding them prior to the drive.

In the last months the Red Cross lady suggested that we not do the calling but let the Red Cross make the calls. I said no, because I felt the donors had gotten used to our local people calling them, I felt it made a more personal relationship with us doing the calling. Now another heart-breaking issue has surfaced, they have not had a drive in the Northern Ohio Region since the middle of February, because of the union nurses of the Red Cross are on strike. The drive at Damascus has been canceled, which was scheduled for Tuesday, March 13.

I realize there are two sides to every story, but I believe the nurses took a pledge (The Nightingale Pledge) at the finish of their nurse's training to do everything in their power to help care for the sick. On numerous occasions the Red Cross would put out alerts of there being a blood shortage, wanting all drives to put more effort in bringing in more donors. If they haven't had a blood collection drive since mid-February what are the patients doing that may need a transfusion?

A statement from the American Red Cross indicates the Northern Ohio Blood Services Region covers 57 hospitals and must support 12,000 transfusions weekly which is 900 units daily. The news median like the nurses are not concerned about the welfare (life or death situations) of those patients that may need a blood transfusion which the blood is donated free from many blood donors in the area.

I take this opportunity to thank all of my donors and volunteers who throughout many years have supported my drives in Damascus. Thank you!


Reader raising awareness for multiple sclerosis

To the editor:

I am raising awareness for multiple sclerosis and have been since October 2006.

Better known as MS, it is an unpredictable, often disabling, disease of the central nervous system. It interrupts flow of information between the brain and body. Patient symptoms vary and range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. It affects more than 400,000 children and adults in the United States.

Our bodies are in constant motion, moving information from the brain to the body. MS stops people from moving by attacking myelin that protects normal nerve tissue. The damage keeps people from moving smoothly, both inside and out. Many have trouble imagining what their life would be without the ability to move, but I know the effects of MS as I have MS.

March is MS Awareness Month in the state of Ohio as signed into law by former Governor Robert Taft on March 2, 2006. I have asked for the Carroll County Commissioners to once again acknowledge this and sign a drafted proclamation recognizing March as MS Awareness Month in the state.

I ask for your help in raising MS awareness because this is a battle we can, and should win. Please support this cause and wear the color orange in the month of March and feel free to stop into the Carrollton District Library and view the MS Awareness window. For more information on MS please visit the National MS Society web page at

EDWARD L. HALE, Carrollton

Responds to Ohio Attorney General's backing of Santorum

To the editor:

Response to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine backing Santorum.

First of all, let me start by pointing out the incredible fallacy in his first sentence, which stated, Rick Santorum is the best candidate to beat Barack Obama. We'll put the fact that as an incumbent, Mr. Santorum lost by 18 points in his 2006 Senate race on the back burner.

More importantly, we should point out the facts of the reality of facing Barack Obama. Recent Rasmussen polls suggested that Ron Paul was the only Republican candidate that would beat Obama. It's widely accepted that he would appeal to more of the independent and young voters than any of the other candidates. It's also widely accepted that winning those segments of the vote is a key to beat Obama. It is again widely accepted that Rick Santorum would do the opposite to those segments, due to his radical views and extreme commentary on many issues.

Now, to dissect the rest of Mr. DeWine's letter, I have to say that his personal relationship with Mr Santorum means very little. However, it seems to have blinded him from reality. He calls Santorum honest, straightforward and says that he calls it like it is. These things may be true, however, what he has been honest about are hardly qualities that you want in your leader.

In the Arizona debates, he gave a very honest, straightforward exposure of how he operated in Washington. He called it like it was and didn't hesitate to claim that he participated in the aspects of D.C. politics that Mr. DeWine's electorate has overwhelmingly condemned-in fact most of the country has, based on Congress's sub-10 percent favorability ratings.

"While I have a personal...objection to it; even though I don't support it ... I voted for bills that included it and I made it very clear in subsequent interviews that I don't support that."

That is a direct quote from Mr. Santorum, during the Arizona debate. So Mr. DeWine, is that the leader that America needs? Someone who goes against his principles because he had to be "part of the team"-the name on the front of the jersey of that team say Washington by the way, not America.

Enough about Santorum. Let's talk about what Mr. DeWine claimed as the reasons that Santorum is the future. True conservative, putting an end to unconstitutional over-reach of Obamacare and more, believes in strong national defense (not offense-I believe attacking Iran would be offense, but maybe you're confused about the X's and O's), a sound fiscal conservative (who voted for bailouts, for unbalanced budgets, for increasing debt ceilings), cutting federal entitlement programs, creating jobs. We'll ignore the fact that Mr. DeWine is another lost politician who seems to think that government creates jobs (all they really do is kill jobs and ending regulations can SAVE jobs-not create them), and recognize the fact that everything he claimed to be admirable qualities of Rick Santorum, perfectly fit only one candidate. His name is Ron Paul, he is the best chance against Obama and Mr. DeWine would realize this if he wasn't just like Mr. Santorum, just "part of the team."




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