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March 25, 2012
Salem News

Roses to those who find something of value not belonging to them and promptly do what is right. Reader Arlene Nordquest wanted to publicly thank the person who found her missing purse and turned it into Giant Eagle. "God bless you," she sends along to the kind stranger. We hope kind stranger reads this.

Roses to?Ohio State, Ohio University, Xavier and Cincinnati for all making the NCAA's "Sweet Sixteen."?It was the first time a single state had that many representatives in the exclusive bunch. That is impressive.

Roses to?the exceptionally nice and warm days we've had. As long as it doesn't portend steamy, 20 degrees above normal high days this summer.

Roses to our nice weather affording golf course owners opportunities to make some early season extra money. Remember how lousy spring was last year? Golf course owners took a bath with all the rain. It's nice to see a flip-flop for them especially the family operated, mom and pop-type courses who don't have corporate, big shot money underwriting their businesses.

Roses to city workers out in the wee hours to scrub downtown streets and all the nooks and crannies before cars show up to park along the streets.

Roses to the city park workers who already are very busy this spring. The parks look great. Roses to cemetery workers who painstakingly monitor upkeep of grave sites, all of which deserve dignified care. Roses to sereneness of a walk along the bike trail at Memorial Park. Roses to the mesmerizing gurgling of that great little creek that traverses the park. You could nap to that sound. Roses to the blue in the sky, the greenness of grass, the blossoms on the trees across town and the melodic conversations of birds in the springtime. May seem corny to some but we think it's cool to hear.

Roses to neighbors who don't play their music too loud with windows open. Or who don't mow lawns way too early or way too late during the day.

Roses to motorcyclists and hot rodders who don't feel compelled to rev their machines while sitting at stop lights in the middle of town. And for drivers who turn down the bass on their sound systems while sitting at an intersection with windows down. Not all of us are hip hop fans. Or ever want to be. On behalf of our ear drums, thank you. Roses for the sounds of baseball that will be coming soon: the crack of the bat, the "vroomph!" (or something like that ) of a ball striking leather and the "heeeeey batter!" of youngsters in the field. Timeless.

Roses for yard and rummage sales and thrift shops. Not everyone can afford to pay top price, especially those with children.

Roses to those pleasant, kickback kind of days when you do not even feel like sticking a single thorn in this column. Doesn't always happen. Groovin' is what we of a certain age used to call it. This is nice.



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