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April 1, 2012
Salem News

Roses to the memory of Scott Cranmer. Scott was a longtime city servant, first as a career police officer and then, later, as Director of Public Safety. Scott had an understated and easygoing way. He had a wry sense of humor. He was valiant against his illness and will be missed by many. Our thoughts certainly go out to his family members.

Roses to the Salem Parks Commission. Members denied approval to host a proposed Bass Wars (no, not the fish). It would have been held at Memorial Park. Good for them. Parks are not meant for loud noises. Those of us who enjoy Memorial Park go there for the solace and to get away from stuff like, oh say, really loud and bad music resonating throughout the cavities in our heads. If we want that we will just stand downtown on a nice summer day and listen to the blaring noise incessantly going by.

Thorns to major league baseball. America's pastime opened a fresh season in the middle of our night in the middle of last week in Japan. So much for embracing tradition. So much for baseball, hot dogs and apple pie and all that warm and fuzzy Americana stuff. At least apparently to some.

Thorns to animal cruelty. The latest gruesome episode concerns a decapitated dog found near railroad tracks in Salineville. It was clearly a heinous act and not something freakish like the dog getting struck by a roaring train. Upon apprehension of the idiot(s) throw the book at him, her or them. Seriously, literally throw the book at them. Preferably a really heavy book and aim for the head. And then treat the clearly disturbed animal hater in a locked environment. This kind of act isn't simply some punks misbehaving. Goes way beyond that. This is creepy and inhumane.

Roses to Russ Loudon. The owner of Stark Memorial Funeral Home in Salem was honored Tuesday by the local Masonic district. He is a 60-year member of the organization. That means his membership goes back to 1952. For perspective that year Dwight Eisenhower beat Adlai Stevenson to win his first term in the White House. Sixty years of doing anything is amazing. Russ is still very active with his business and a friend of this newspaper. He is a kind-hearted guy who quietly does for others like treating members of the military color guard to dinner and putting out goodies for parade-watchers in front of the funeral home during the big parade each summer. He is another very good Salem person.

Roses to all the social groups, churches and organizations holding Easter egg hunts. They bring smiles to the faces of so many children. What more could you ask for?



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