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April 8, 2012
Salem News

Roses to Jason Dowd. He is the JetBlue pilot thrust into a national spotlight. He was given a national media full-court press. The Salem News was contacted by major sources such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Inside Edition and the New York Daily News seeking information on the Salem High graduate and current resident. He safely landed a New York to Las Vegas flight in Texas after the pilot became disorderly and was locked out of the cockpit. The pressure had to have been intense. But he cooly acted by the book and avoided a potentially tragic situation by keeping the distressed pilot out of the cabin. Sure Dowd did what he is trained to do and we would like to hope any other pilot in this country would've responded likewise. But his actions shouldn't be understated -?in the eyes and hearts of his 135 passengers that day some 35,000 feet in the air, he was a hero. Jason and his family stressed a need for privacy but his acts surely warrant commendation in his hometown newspaper. Extra roses for him for not transforming into a media attention glutton basking in his own 15 minutes of fame. Classy and humble come to mind. And it was a nice touch by Mayor Berlin who invited Dowd and his family to participate in the Memorial Day Parade.

Roses to the volunteers and sponsors of the Banquet in Salem which is served from 5 to 7 p.m. every Monday at the Memorial Building. A lot of endeavors start out strong and soon fizzle out. Not so with the Banquet. It is still going strong and we hope it continues to do so for many years to come. People benefit in many ways from the Banquet, not only from the nutritious and delicious food, but to the wonderful fellowship that is provided at the weekly event. And just to give you some idea of attendance, approximately 200 people attended the Banquet on Monday which was a memorial meal sponsored by the family of Walter and Violet Bak. Patty Colian is the current point person for the organization, following the efforts of Pastor Lou Raymond. Friends of the Banquet will sponsor the Banquet tomorrow and serve chicken noodle soup, pork loin, parsley buttered potatoes, green beans, applesauce, fresh vegetables, fruit and ice cream sundaes. However, even with the cooperation and dedication of the current sponsors and volunteers, additional individuals or organizations are needed to sponsor a Banquet on Monday, the Fourth Thursday Banquet, or a memorial meal. For more information call 234-567-4105.

Thorns offered by a reader to anyone and everyone out there using bad language. Certainly at least in public. Case in point, the unruly nature of activity occurring on East Chestnut Street in Lisbon as was reported in a story on page 5A on April 2. The irresponsible individuals sure are setting good examples for the area's youth who are listening to this gutter talk. And the sad thing is this type of behavior is everywhere, from small villages to larger cities. Why do we have to put up with it? It is hard to believe that the vulgar language is actually protected by the First Amendment. It is so frustrating, but, according to officials, little can be done. Police officers are doing their best when they respond to the numerous complaints, but can you imagine just how overwhelming this problem is? With the nice weather we are experiencing, it won't be long before we're all outdoors grilling and enjoying the sunshine. A little peace and quiet would be nice. Do you think they'll get the message?

Roses (or Easter lilies on this special day if you prefer) to all of our readers out there. Enjoy the day with your families. Let's keep the main reason there is an Easter in the first place close to heart. Lilies to all of those of faith or belief, unified today during this holiest of days. Let's not forget that while we're carving up the ham this afternoon. And if you don't feel likewise at least respect those who do.



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