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July 15, 2012
Salem News

Roses for the announcement of a local businessman's plan to resurrect Timberlanes. An active building within our downtown sector is better than an empty building. We have enough of those already. The clamor has been that we needed such an inn. We actually had one for years. Yep, the same Timberlanes which went by the wayside because of, take your pick, the general economy, perceived mismanagement or maybe a lack of community support.?Let's hope it works out for the better and that all of those doing the clamoring will duly support the enterprise with their wallets. And wasn't it interestingly ironic that a mere day after the Timberlanes announcement came another regarding a restaurant and banquet hall (Timberlanes was renowned for decades for both) planned next to the proposed Holiday Inn Express on the east end? Soon we will have two inns and banquet halls with plenty of space for everyone. The shale boom and those it brings into our area should support the projects in part. However, the long-term will be interesting. The construction jobs alone being provided by the Timberlanes renovation, the east end work, the $42.5 million Salem Community Hospital bed tower and even the new auto parts store should spur our local economy. Which is always good.

Roses to nobody getting hurt during that tornado wannabe that tore into part of town last weekend. Roses to all the cops, firemen and the utilities/power people who quickly responded. There are many of the elderly and very young who do not very well at all when it is as hot and muggy as it was that Saturday afternoon. Roses to those insurance adjusters who responded within the time frame they had told affected homeowners. Thorns to those who did not. Roses to neighbors helping neighbors. An example: 88-year-old Twila Kloss lives on Adams Avenue. Her house was in the microburst's cross-hairs. Two trees came down on her home with the accompanying debris filling her yard. Thankfully she did not get hurt but there was extensive damage. She related that a dozen of her neighbors promptly were over and did a bunch of cleaning in her yard and even on her roof. "I wanted everybody to know how much I appreciate it," she told us. "There were so many I couldn't thank them personally."?You just did Twila.?

Thorns for that helicopter with a scary looking swirly saw thing (that's technical talk) dangling way below it hovering over folks along Cunningham Road early Friday morning. It looked like something you'd see hanging from the Batcopter. It understandably perplexed some unknowing residents - especially the part when it was floating nary too tall above power lines. This started going on at seven in the morning and according to a reader caused some not just wonderment but big concern. "They left downed limbs everywhere," a resident said. The cops too were unaware that this was going to happen. We all get the part of the enlisted tree trimming guys having a job to do as detailed in our Friday edition. But a recent and timely heads up should have been issued to make everyone including the cops aware of what was going on. We would've gladly published it as a public courtesy. Saying that residents were told way back in January or February is kind of lame. Someone dropped the ball which, actually in this instance we would guess, was better than dropping the saw. That could've hurt someone. Seriously though, fix the policy.

Thorns to a leaky public swimming pool in Lisbon. It is losing some 50,000 gallons daily after 12 grand was spent earlier this year to fix any leaks. A village official moaned that it was leaking more now than before it was fixed. The pool has always been a money loser for the village but subsidized as a community service. Get those who, ahem, fixed it the last time back in to fix it right.

Roses for the Super Cruise in Salem producing a net gain of $12,000. That leaves about $30,000 in the municipal event fund to use in the future. Just another big reason to keep bringing it back. It would be hard to track how much money it brought in to the bars, restaurants, convenience stores and the like. Roses for more community events coming up that should bring people into our fair city. That would include the Salem Kiwanis Club's robust antique show this coming Saturday at Centennial Park and, the Salem I-Fest on Aug. 10-11 in our downtown which will be highlighted by the aptly-title Grande?Parade.



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