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Village wants to move on junk vehicles


September 18, 2012

WASHINGTONVILLE - Council anticipates moving on abandoned vehicles around the village after reviewing its local legislation compared to state law.

Solicitor Michele McBride Simonelli said,"I don't know if the village ordinance says anything different ..."

Assistant Police Chief Mark Husk raised the issue noting he found "our ordinance" while mentioning one resident with three abandoned vehicles on their property.

How much notice was the first question and Councilwoman Theresa Allison didn't see anything wrong with 30 days but McBride Simonelli said that was a long time and they had to go by the ordinance.

Husk said there were quite a few other abandoned vehicles and Mayor Will Jones wondered about tracking them down.

McBride Simonelli asked Jones about doing that instead of just having them towed.

"You tow these vehicles and people don't want to have anything to do with them. What about money from scrap?" Husk asked.

McBride Simonelli said, "It's not safe to have abandoned vehicles lying around the village."

No formal action was taken.

Husk said the alternator in the Ford Crown Victoria cruiser had a bad bearing, noting it still charged the battery but it could lead to other problems.

There were four quotes with the two lowest from Rockingham Parts and Sal's Garage, both for $193. Husk said the alternator could be changed by department personnel. Councilwoman Laura Trummer said to go with local store.

Husk also noted the new texting-while-driving law went into effect on Aug. 31 and for a first offense, for juveniles under 18, calling or texting is a $150 fine plus six month license suspension. He asked for a village ordinance on that noting the new state law includes GPS units unless it's a voice-operated or hands-free device.

The police department also needed two rechargeable portable flashlights and Husk priced Mag Lights at $115 each.

Jones asked if he could look for something less expensive.

In other business, Boston Street residents Bill and Jerry Bertolette asked for council's help regarding an alleyway issue created by a neighbor.

Bill Bertolette said a mound was placed in the ground that is settling in the alley and it prevents access for them. He spoke to the neighbor, "and he just says, 'go easy.'"

Bertolette said, "I told him I was coming to council about it but he just seemed to ignore me."

He asked the neighbor about checking with the village before doing anything and Bertolette said he replied that there were no ordinances.

"When I try to pull out I can't see," he said, "there isn't any kind of sight line."

Jerry Bertolette said, "A kid could get hurt" and Bill said, "That's what makes me nervous."

Jones said, "We'll take care of it."

In other business, Councilwoman Becky Vignon asked about the village's gas lease situation and Jones said he will get in touch with a person to talk about it during the next meeting.

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