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Dusting off GOP war monger claim

September 28, 2012
Salem News

Here we go again: President Barack Obama has dusted off the old liberal claim that conservatives are war mongers and is using it against his opponent, Mitt Romney.

Romney has been critical of Obama's foreign policy, especially in regard to enemies such as Islamic terrorists. During an interview Sunday, Obama reacted by saying, "If Gov. Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so."

Romney has no such thing in mind, of course. His stance can be summed up by noting he favors a strong U.S. military and a diplomatic strategy that defends American interests.

If anything, a policy of deterrence is likely to be more effective than Obama's in preventing violence, as the president knows.

Obama, who touted "hope and change," has resorted to fear-mongering. Voters have seen this before. They won't fall for it this time around.


Arrogance among those elected to represent the people's interests sometimes reaches intolerable levels. Often it involves keeping secrets from the public.

So it is in Columbus, where it is known public school officials falsified student attendance reports to the state. City board of education members have been meeting behind closed doors - probably in violation of Ohio's open meetings law - to discuss an investigation.

At least some meetings have been with representatives of a law firm the board agreed, after learning the district was under investigation, to pay $100,000.

When a school board learns some of the personnel it oversees have acted illegally, transparency ought to be its top priority. Not in Columbus.

Scores of other districts are under investigation for the same reason.Residents should refuse to tolerate secrecy over the problem.



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