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September 30, 2012
Salem News

A good citizen will make the right election choice

To the editor:

It's that time again. Election day 2012 is approaching quickly. Are you registered to vote? Are you a good American citizen? Do you care what America means to millions of U. S. citizens? I hope you do, but let me say a few things.

That rumble that occurred some time ago was said to be an earthquake, or was it the founding fathers turning over in their graves? They were wondering what was going on in the country they founded and put into being. This country was founded on three written items: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bible. Now we hear from our President that we are no longer a Christian country. The Constitution is being broken by government on a continual basis. The country is going deeper in debt by the minute. The law officials will not protect Americans from illegal immigrants. Is it time for a change?

The answer to that question is an individual decision, and you have a part in that decision, but only if you vote. Before you vote you must answer some questions for yourself. Since I believe in the three documents mentioned above, the answer for me came easy. I want the United States to be free, prosperous, a help to the oppressed, and an envy to the world because of what we enjoy as Americans.

If you believe as the President does: abortion on demand, give your tax dollars to those who cannot, will not, or choose not to work, put thousands of coal workers out of jobs, bail out other worker's employer while they send their company's products and technologies to China, spend money by the trillions, believe that pro choice is the right of a women to kill a baby (by the way, most women are smarter than most men so the choice is to have sex or not -not to kill the results of sex), then vote for him. If you believe in the three documents as I do, vote for the man you think will uphold those principles. If you have questions, as I do about which candidate can do that job, welcome to the confusion; however, the best man or woman to uphold the truth of those documents may not even be on the ballot, but we have to choose the best of those who are.

For those of you that want to respond to this letter, don't bother. Just get registered and help make the decision on what kind of country you want to live in.



This writer takes an opposing view on election

To the editor:

Mr. Romney has shown once again that money is his bottom line and not people. I say, people do matter in this country. "Forty-seven percent" of us do not just want a hand out. We are so much more than that. We have gone to school, worked, raised our families, paid our "fair share in taxes," tried to save for retirement and be generous with our money when possible.

I completely disagree with the thought that it is the government's job to create wealth as well as the notion that 47 percent of us want a hand out. Oh, by the way, who is the wealth for? The wealthy have failed to create jobs or even keep them in this country.

We are so much better than what Mr. Romney says we are. We deserve our government leaders to care about all Americans. We all need to work together (which is a cliche) but it is true.

We don't need people in Washington whose only goal is remove Mr. Obama from office, not because of the job he has done or not done but because he is Mr. Obama.

We need to exercise our right to vote. It matters! Use the right that we have fought for to decide our government. Vote -vote - vote. Do not let anyone take away that right or say it does not matter! Especially with all the money being spent to say it does not matter and that "47 percent" of us do not matter.

American voters - Don't let the right wing conservatives, the tea party or Karl Rove and Co. or anyone else steal this election. Check on your status or update it if need be but make sure you vote! Call the Democratic headquarters if you need help. They care about people.



Young people need to vote with logic and not emotions

To the editor:

To quote from his book "Obama Zombie's" Jason Mattera writes "Young people in their hearts of hearts actually believe that a scrawny street-agitator-turned-presidential-candidate could save mankind, renew our faith in American politics, and restore out faith in government. It was a message that hoodwinked my generation. A message of false inspiration in bureaucracy not in individual freedom and initiative-that turned out a generation of zombies. And it was a message of a heat-seeking missile aimed at other wise clear-thinking individual who come from the most coddled, overprotected, information-drenched generation in American history. We are the "give me, give me generation. And the Obama team and its marketing mavens know every button to push to program us like an iTune play list," end of quote.

Pretty rough stuff and I don't necessary agree with every thing the man said, however voting records do indicate the young voters were 80 percent in favor of Obama in the last election and it looks like it will be the same in this coming election.

When I hear of some of the reactions that occurred at several of the colleges following the last election, when people acted like they had just elected a God as their president. I wonder how many of these young people when they again enter the voting booth will this time apply logic rather than emotion.

In my numerous contacts with young liberals I find their philosophies be very much alike. All their arguments appear to come from the same source and I find it difficult if not impossible to penetrate or have any effect on their train of thoughts.

As I write this we have a president who is kowtowing to the rest of the world and showing a weakness no other president has ever expressed. His liberal far left philosophy has caused this country to lose all respect in the eyes of the world and the inevitable monetary collapse of the greatest economy the world has ever seen.

We have a pied piper in the White House, who is rapidly leading us into the false Utopia of Socialism. There as he has promised, we shall all share in the wealth and oh yes, live happily ever after.



Presenting 'The Great American Challenge!'

To the editor:

The Great American Challenge!

I have to preface this by saying that I do not support either candidate for president. This certainly is not a tip of the cap to Obama.

However, I'd like to present an assignment to many readers and I hope to generate some responses.

Without further ado:

Without using the word "Obama," or relating to him at all, please explain why you like Mitt Romney and want him to be your president.

Best of luck to all.





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