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October 7, 2012
Salem News

This writer is ashamed of the United States

To the editor:

For the first time in my adult life, I can honestly say that I am ashamed of my country.

We as Americans have allowed the murder of millions of unborn babies, we as Americans have allowed the abandonment of God's people Israel, we as Americans have sent billions of dollars to terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, we as Americans have allowed our government to bring Islamic terrorists into this nation with open arms calling them refugees.

We as Americans have allowed the destruction of the Constitution and the freedom of speech, religion and the right to keep and bear arms.

We as Americans stand by while our leaders apologize to ruthless murderers and despot dictators, we as Americans have allowed God to be thrown out of our schools, public offices and the Democratic party leaders even tried to throw Him out of their party platform.

We as Americans have allowed our leaders to ship our jobs out of this nation and rely on hostile foreign nations for most of our energy needs while ignoring our own abundant and affordable resources right here at home.

We as Americans and our children have been sold into slavery and bondage through trillions of dollars of debt because of our own ignorance and apathy.

Barack may have a point, Barack Obama didn't do that alone, many of our fellow Americans helped to make that happen.



Are we as a nation better off than before?

To the editor:

Are we as a nation better off today than we were when Barack Obama took office?

If you are a young person, the answer the answer is yes! If you are considering college or other post-high school education, you can more easily afford higher education because, under President Obama, banks have been eliminated as the middlemen in processing loans. This means that money is available at lower interest rates.

Also Pell Grants have been enlarged for students preparing to enter college. And until you reach the age of 26 you can be covered under your parents' health care plan.

If you are an older person who happens to be on Medicare, the answer is yes! Because of the President's efforts at controlling costs and avoiding instances of fraud, the life of Medicare was extended an additional eight years.

The so-called donut hole in the prescription drug plan has been closed. And seniors may now take advantage of health screening examinations at no charge.

If you are the typical American family earning less than $250,000 per year, the answer is yes because you have enjoyed tax savings amounting to approximately $800 in 2010 and 2011.

If you are a returning veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, the answer is yes. President Obama has made your return from active service a more orderly one by giving you greater access to educational and job opportunities.

If you are a person who invests in the stock market, the answer is yes. The Dow was around 9,000 when Obama took office. Today, stocks are around 13,500.

And if you are among the 1 in 8 whose jobs have relied upon the automobile industry here in Ohio, the answer is yes. President Obama's gutsy call to help GM and Chrysler has made it possible for you to continue to work today.

So, now, do you think President Obama deserves to be re-elected? In the immortal words of Sarah Palin, "You betcha" he does.



Are free phones a means of vote-getting?

To the editor:

Is the free Obama-phone with free anytime Obama-minutes a recruiting tool for the military? Free Obama-phones with anytime minutes are being distributed, so join the military, go to war, and Democrats can handout free cell phones.

Can anyone say "buy your vote"? What caliber of human being does not see this as a perversion of the popular phrase "freedom isn't free, but it's worth fighting for," and a perversion of this nation's founding principles? Senator Sherrod (No Budget) Brown benefits from such "giveaways" as does (Smilin") Charlie Wilson.

Couple this with removing work requirements for welfare, the war on coal, amnesty for illegals, and educating Mexicans on how to apply for food stamps. The Obama Administration continue to remove the connection between the citizen, our constitution, and the military that protects both.

The "Hope and Change" of 2008 is fundamental to "Forward" 2012 with the land of the free (cell phone) and home of the (brave) to be replaced with (entitled). This is not just another election cycle!


East Liverpool

Did Bain Capital have influence on closing?

To the editor:

I was wondering if Bain Capital had anything to do with the closing of the Crane/Deming facility and I researched on line to this Wikipedia article:

American Standard Brands is a closely held manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, sold under the American Standard, Crane, Fiat, Sanymetal, Showerite and Eljer brand names, based in Piscataway, New Jersey, United States. It is principally owned by Sun Capital Partners with Bain Capital Partners holding a minority stake.

Bain Capital Partners owns a related and formerly co-owned plumbing fixture company, Ideal Standard which operates outside North America.

This article mentions American Standard, Eljer, and Crane as being formerly co-owned by Bain Capital. Read the last sentence ... "operates outside North America" Gee - Thanks for all the jobs you've saved in Salem, Romney! How can anyone in this town vote for this man?!



The tribulations of caring for injured cat

To the editor:

Our community has several different animal organizations that are praised for what they do for animals to keep them safe, take care of them, and having fund raisers all of the time to raise money.

I am one of those patrons that praise them and donate when in need. I am all for taking care of animals and they are family to me.

I have three dogs of my own and a few months ago I had a pretty hefty vet bill for one of my dogs that came down with a life-threatening illness and we thought we lost him. Thankfully our vet and their staff (Dr. Brooks) at Catapuss Veterinary hospital were awesome and tended to my dog like their family.

A few weeks ago I ran into a problem and I am wondering how we can prevent this from happening again and how we can help others become aware of what to do. I had a stray kitten show up in my shed and she was injured, she couldn't move her hind legs and she just pulled herself around by her front legs.

My husband and I spent a while trying to catch her and get her some help. He called Catapuss Veterinary office, which we are clients, and it was on a Saturday about 11:30 a.m.

They told him to call the humane society here in Salem. So he called them, he got the answering machine; it says "sorry they missed our call but if this is an emergency to call the Salem Police Department." So he indeed called the SPD and was informed that they could not help us unless it was an abuse or neglect case.

I then called the vet office back and it was an answering service because the vet was now closed because it was after noon. So I stopped at SPD and the dispatcher again said that it had to be abuse or neglect in order for them to help us.

They advised me to call Lisbon Vet Clinic. I then called Lisbon Vet Clinic and they took my message and had to call me back after talking to the doctor. They called me back in a timely manner which I was very surprised it was so quick, only to be told that they couldn't help because I wasn't a client of theirs and so therefore it would be pretty costly. They recommended that I take the kitten to an animal hospital in Warren.

So I was very frustrated at this point. I called Alchemy Acres and I was unsuccessful there too, they couldn't help me because they don't have an on call doctor. They too told me to call Lisbon Clinic. The last advice I got was from Alchemy Acres was to take the kitten out to Angels for Animals and put her in the drop box.

My husband caught the kitten and he put her in a clothes basket, we got her a blanket and some water. When I went to get her to take her to Angels for Animals she got loose and ran away. I thought maybe she was feeling better.

The next day my 5-year-old son was riding his bike while showing his aunt that he learned how to ride with no training wheels and there on the side of the road on its back twitching was that kitten! Now she could not walk at all. She couldn't even lift her head she just laid there twitching and crying. We put her in the basket with the blanket from the day before and tried to feed her, she wouldn't eat. We did manage to spoon feed her water and milk.

I called Catapuss Veterinary hospital and had the answering service page the on call doctor. In the mean time I just happened to see a police officer drive by so we flagged him down.

We told him what happened and that we didn't know what to do. He radioed to the station then he told us that he put a call in to Sue Davidson because she deals with these calls for the SPD. The on call doctor called me back and I told her that we are willing to pay to have the poor cat euthanized because she was in pain. The doctor on call told me OK, and that it would be $200. Why that much? She said it was "$85 just to come to office because it was Sunday and then we would have to pay for the exam and then also pay to have the kitten euthanized." I told her "I couldn't pay that."

She told me to "keep the kitten overnight and see what happens and if she makes it then bring her in the a.m., it will be cheaper." Then she said "They would run test and see what is wrong with her and maybe save her." OK, it's not my cat! I told the vet "We as citizens are told to do the right thing and take care of animals and when I tried to get it help nobody could help me."

I also told the vet "nobody can help me but if I were to harm it or let it die then I could get into trouble for animal abuse or neglect.

I know it's a money thing but maybe these organizations should put aside a certain amount of money they get from raffles, 50/50, poker runs, rummage sales, bake sales etc. for situations like this.

So I sat with the kitten and kept her comfy till she passed away. Out of all the reaching out I did to get this little kitten taken care of, so she didn't suffer anymore and so she could be at peace and rest, the only one person who responded and tried to help was Sue Davidson.

Sue did show up and try to help but the poor kitten had already passed. The only reason why Sue didn't get to me at the time she was called was because she was out of town. Not because of money! I thank her very much!

And we wonder why people drop animals off on back roads or just leave them anywhere and everywhere.

Wonder how many other people have had this happen? I will think twice now before I hand money over to organizations that are supposed to love and cherish animals and not want them to suffer.



Thankful for coverage of very worthy event

To the editor:

On behalf of The Banquet in Salem, I would like to thank Mary Ann Greier and the Salem News for the wonderful coverage of the recent Butch/Will Hallewell Banquet in Salem benefit concert and the "Roses" recognition.

The proceeds from the concert, in excess of $3,000 will fund banquets when a sponsoring group cannot be secured.

We also thank Butch, his students and family members for sharing their talents and their ongoing commitment to entertaining at the Banquet. Future times to hear Butch include Christmas Day when the Banquet will be served with one seating at 5 p.m. in the gymnasium of the Memorial Building. Butch will also be providing music on Monday, Dec. 31, New Year's Eve, at the regular Banquet time of 5 to 7 p.m. In addition Butch will offer a free public concert following the Banquet on New Year's Eve from 8 to 10 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran located at 1089 E. State St. in Salem. All are welcome!



President of the board

of directors,

The Banquet in Salem

Survivor encourages breast cancer exams

To the editor:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I want to encourage all women AND men to do a self examination of their breasts to see if they detect a lump. Yes, men get breast cancer, too.

As a survivor I know how important it is to also have regular mammograms.I have written a letter every year since my own experience and thought perhaps I should just not bother this year as surely most women know they should do this.

However, I received a message from a lady telling me that she wasn't going to get a mammogram but remembered my letter and decided she would go ahead and have one. It turned she had to have surgery,as well, but thankfully is alive and well now.

So please, if any of you are "sitting on the fence," debating with yourself if you should or shouldn't have a mammogram, or sonogram if your breast tissue is dense,error on the side of caution and get your mammogram.

You know it saved my life, it may just save yours.


Chester, W. Va.



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