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October 31, 2012
Salem News

Doesn't feel American flag is a 'seasonal' item

To the editor:

How many of you think of our American flag as a "seasonal" item? To some in the retail industry, that is how they see it. Recently I was going into a local store where several shopping carts outside on the sidewalk area were filled with sale items. Imagine my surprise to see half a cart filled with several different sizes of American flags marked at 70 percent off!

An employee was entering the store the same time as I was and I asked why the flags were in the sale carts. His response was they were "seasonal" items and old inventory. He looked a bit nervous when he saw my reaction as I said "Excuse me, our American flag is not a seasonal item!" He replied that the main company looks at it that way. Hmmm, doesn't old inventory indicate outdated merchandise or items that are no longer popular or are being replaced with new and improved versions? Our flag hasn't changed in a very long time and doesn't need improved, so I'm not quite sure how that applies.

As I was looking for a greeting card to purchase, I overheard the man sharing the conversation with the lady at the cash register. Her response "whatever" Whatever? Really? How sad that our American flag is considered by some to be acknowledged only on Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.

Veterans Day will soon be here. How would a family member who would like to honor a veteran with a flag and a thank you feel, if they were told our flag is seasonal and not available? Wonder what the veteran would think. If one of those veterans passes away in the "off" season, their military marker would have to stand empty of a flag if every store had a policy of the "seasonal American flag."

Our flag represents the greatest country in the world. "Seasonal?" No it will never be nor should it ever be considered seasonal. Long may she wave.

May God bless America.



Feels Romney-based political ad is misleading

To the editor:

Something needs to be said about the misleading political ad put out on behalf of Mitt Romney. In his latest attempt to rebut the President's assistance given to the auto industry, former governor Romney claims that Jeep, manufactured in the Toledo area, plans to shift its operations to China. This is absolutely false.

Jeep plans to continue its operations in Ohio and will add to its job force here. Chrysler, which manufactures the Jeep, has indicated that it intends to open a facility in China to produce Jeeps for the Chinese.

Get it straight Mitt.





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