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December 2, 2012
Salem News

Opposed to TV violence

To the editor:

I think TV violence is not very cool. I always hear kids in school talking about decapitated zombies and what-not. One reason for why this is wrong is because the people who create these shows and movies are teaching little kids that it's OK to fight!

Another reason is that nobody cares about the ratings so they don't care about what their kids are watching, so of course, they become more and more involved with violence. The final reason it that when the parents watch these things, they think it's OK to cuss or swear around their children, which causes them to do it because they think it's OK.

In conclusion, I don't like TV violence, and I don't think people should allow it!



How pathetic is sending off money?

To the editor:

Our best interests? With our country already hanging on a fiscal cliff, and our infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) in desperate need of repair, we are again sending billions and billions of dollars to Israel, the Palestinians, the Egyptians, and Hamas to beg them to stop fighting. How pathetic is this?

This is just another Band-Aid on a religious war that has been going on for hundreds of years between the Jews and the Arabs. I think Israel, (probably accomplished mostly through their incredibly powerful Jewish Congressional lobby), has saddled us poor taxpayers with some sort of a financial Holocaust? I'm not anti-Semetic, just pro-American and am sad to see this happen.


New Waterford

Be thankful this holiday season

To the editor:

Thanksgiving came and gone, and for many it has just become another holiday. It has become a day off work, a day to get together with friends and family, a day to eat until you cannot eat another bite. Is this really the purpose of Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the blessings we all take so lightly. It is a day to be thankful that you have a job, you have family and friends to fellowship with and you have food to eat. Too many times we take lightly all the blessings we each enjoy. Thank the people around you that give you all the blessings you enjoy. We many times fall into the trap of being thankful for the gifts we receive, but never thank the gift giver. This holiday season re-think the purpose you celebrate Thanksgiving, and become truly thankful.





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