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December 9, 2012
Salem News

Roses to random acts of kindness. From 25 cents left in a shopping cart to $75 pair of insulated winter boots and thermal socks. Acts of kindness this holiday season are everywhere. When the wind is blowing and the snow is falling (yes, it will and soon) and you're searching your purse or pocket for a quarter, it sure is a blessing to find a quarter deliberately left in the shopping cart by the previous shopper at an area grocery store. And haven't we all heard about New York Police Department Officer Larry DePrimo who insists he was just "doing his job" when, after discovering a barefoot and presumed homeless man in Times Square, purchased socks and boots for him? Of course it has come to light that the apparent homeless recipient of the boots in NYC is actually on the government's entitlement dole and has a place to stay. And is wearing flipflops instead of the new boots. According to an Inside Edition" report said recipient of boots: "has a government-financed apartment ... but prefers living on the streets and begging for change." But that shouldn't detract from the kindness shown by one of New York's finest. There are many, many others out there who perform good deeds around Christmas, most of them going unnoticed. In this season of hurry, hurry, hurry, go, go, go, we should all take a moment to reflect and ask ourselves, what nice thing can I do for somebody today? And there are plenty of opportunities. Try the Salvation Army, United Way, The Way Station, any area food pantries, Toys for Tots or churches who will pass along deeds of generosity.

Thorns to tragedies striking the young. Just a month ago, a precious 9-year-old life was struck down by a driver on our town's main thoroughfare. Now as this is written - a traumatized young boy is critical in an Akron hospital. He is a victim of brutality: a shooting victim who likely witnessed the shooting death of a grandmother who was helping to raise him. All of this while his bio mother is serving a murder sentence in the killing of another child. Bio dad too was behind bars when the shootings occurred. What a heart-wrenching shame all of this is. God bless that little guy and his sisters who have to live with all that happened.

Thorns to drivers who don't obey traffic laws and sheer courtesies when driving within the confines of a business property and parking lot. Walmart, for instance, clearly has interval stop signs placed in front of its stores. Still there are those who ignore them, putting pedestrians at risk. We had a police report of a rage incident happening at the Salem Walmart over someone failing to stop for a pedestrian. Sometimes it feels as if you are playing dodge ball with 2-ton vehicles when walking through the expansive parking lots of big box stores and malls. Someone is going to get hurt. We've had enough vehicle/pedestrian tragedies.

Thorns to punks making/leaving bombs threats and such at in the Crestview, East Liverpool and Beaver Local school districts. Forget any attempts to dismiss it as juvenile humor and hijinks. In this day and age, such threats are indeed forms of terrorism. They should be taken seriously and are. Consequently, school days and the learning process is interrupted. Valuable time of responding safety forces is also wasted. There is always the copycat effect. When caught, those involved should be fully charged as adult criminals instead of getting a proverbial wrist slap. Staunch legal process reaction would serve as a deterrent.

Roses to a resurgence (well, sort of) of the Cleveland Browns. They take on Kansas City today which means they will be facing an ex-head coach, ex-offensive coordinator, ex-starting quarterback and ex-malcontent running back all on the same afternoon. Should be fun to watch if it is indeed locally carried. That wasn't the case last week for many chagrined Browns fans who didn't get to see a win over the Raiders but had a choice of what channel to watch the dreaded Steelers on. Not that any Browns fan would've wanted to.

Roses for live nativity scenes during the holiday, nah, make that the Christmas season.



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