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February 3, 2013
Salem News

President is a hypocrite-in-chief

To the editor:

I would like to take a minute to recap some of the lunacy that has surrounded the gun control debate the past few weeks. On Jan. 16 President Obama stated: "If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there is even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try."

Really? Representative Steve King of Iowa; Chairman of the Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law committee has stated on numerous occasions that an average 25 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every day (about evenly split between motor vehicle accidents and outright murder). Information published by the Justice Department's National Gang Intelligence Center states up to 80 percent of crime in the U.S. is committed by gangs, mostly comprised of illegal aliens.

In July 2010, President Barack Obama, along with the Justice Department, filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for passing an immigration law that merely authorized state officials to enforce federal immigration laws. If that was difficult to believe, let me explain.

The Obama administration refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. Obama refuses to close our southern border. The carnage and cost of this Obama administration policy was too much for the state of Arizona to endure, thus they passed a state law that emulated federal law empowering state officials to do what the feds refuse to do.

So what was the response from Obama, to bring suit against Arizona to stop them from enforcing federal immigration laws. The result of this Obama policy is more deaths every day of the year than occurred at the Sandy Hook elementary school. What was that again Mr. Obama?: "If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence." You shouldn't need to be the smartest guy on the planet, like the Obamunists claim, to figure this out. How about closing the southern border and deporting all the illegal aliens! What is it about the word "illegal" that Obama does not understand?

On Jan. 14, President Obama stated: "My starting point is not to focus on the politics my starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works, what should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe that we are reducing the incidence of gun violence."

On Dec. 11, 2012, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals found Illinois' firearms laws to be unconstitutional. This is on the heels of the United States Supreme Court in McDonald v. City of Chicago finding Chicago's ban on guns to be unconstitutional. Illinois / Chicago have the strictest firearm's laws in the land, so much so they went beyond the boundaries of the Constitution. So Mr. Obama, how are those violations of the Second Amendment working for you?

Do you happen to know what the murder capital of America is with 532 murders? If you guessed Chicago go to the head of the class. Obama demagogues focusing on what makes sense, what works and then totally ignores all the evidence that gun control only creates a nation of defenseless victims. You just can't make this stuff up!

Obama says he is not focusing on politics. If this is true, which it isn't, it would be a first for Obama. Everything he does is to promote his political agenda. This current gun control fight is no different. He is attempting to mask his real objectives, the systematic elimination of firearms in America, with this pseudo-concern for what he calls an increase in violent crime. Obama should know that since 1993, the violent crime rate has decreased by almost 50 percent and is lowest in the states with the least stringent gun laws.

In fact, a recent study by the Cato Institute found that the states that have "shall issue" laws allowing private citizens to carry concealed weapons have, on average, a 24 percent lower violent crime rate, a 19 percent lower murder rate and a 39 percent lower robbery rate than states that restrict concealed weapons. Mr. Obama, let me make this simple for you. The only realistic way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. If you still refuse to believe this, watch this YouTube video of a woman, Suzanna Gratia Hupp, who watched her family be systematically executed because politicians had restricted her right of self-defense:

If Obama really wanted to do something to stop these senseless multiple shootings, he would enforce the Second Amendment and strike down every state and local statute that restricts law abiding American citizen's right to keep and bear arms. Oh, that's right, the Supreme Court has already struck down those laws. Obama just refuses to recognize it.

Of course Obama has no intention of supporting the Constitution or enforcing immigration laws. They do not fit into his vision of transforming America away from the vision of the Founding Fathers. During a commencement speech at Barnard College, Obama took the opportunity to trash the Constitution, stating how it was flawed. Mr. Obama, you took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the very document you continually degrade. Your lack of respect of our founding does not relieve you of the duty to fulfill your oath and enforce the laws of the land. It is no wonder if you Google "Obama ignores rule of law" you get thousands of hits. How did this clown, let me apologize in advance if by association I've offended any clowns or those with big ears, get reelected?

What Obama is currently attempting to perpetrate on the American people is the very tyranny that the Second Amendment was designed to guard against. The fact that we the people are not marching on Washington, with the guns that for the time being are still legal, in a demonstration of the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment is shameful. The founders would be appalled at our complacency allowing these politicians to trample our rights.

Thomas Jefferson stated, "Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us."

If we sit by idly while our freedom slips through our fingers, we deserve what we get, but our children and grandchildren deserve better. Our parents and grandparents were the greatest generation, if we allow this to happen on our watch, we will go down in history as the most pathetic generation.

Jack Loesch,


Clarifications from the USDA

To the editor:

Few things are as important to the health and well-being of a community as access to clean, safe drinking water. A modern, scalable water delivery and treatment system also helps communities grow by attracting new businesses and jobs to the area.

As state director of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Ohio office of Rural Development, I was interested to read Acting City Manager and Finance Director Mike Harold recently addressed the Columbiana City Council ("Columbiana residents likely face big water rate hike" Jan. 25, 2013) with regard to a proposed water treatment plant improvement project. The following points of clarification are necessary:

We did not "propose" rate increases. USDA has neither the inclination nor the legal authority to do so. In the normal course of business, we provide applicants with possible repayment scenarios. One such option might include employing rate increases. Applicants are free to determine how to repay USDA Rural Development loans and also are under no obligation to accept a loan or loan guarantee in the first place.

USDA Rural Development was approached by the city of Columbiana with regards to this project which would, among other things, replace parts of a century-old water system. Rural Development did not in any way solicit Columbiana. Rather, we gladly responded to a request for help. Our sole mission is to improve the quality of rural Ohioans' lives, and it is our privilege to partner with small towns from across the state in so doing.

The project also includes a $4,090,000 grant representing nearly 30 percent of the project total. Nowhere in the article is this mentioned. Grants of this magnitude have become rare under recent federal budget cycles.

The 40-year loan, obligated in April 2012, actually features a 2- rather than 0-percent interest rate; still a historic low.

Rural Development's Water and Environmental Programs are designed to provide loans, grants and loan guarantees for drinking water, sanitary sewer, solid waste and storm drainage facilities in rural areas and towns with populations of 10,000 or fewer. We stand at the ready to work with the citizens of Columbiana to bring its water delivery system into the 21st century. But the decision to move forward is in your hands alone.


State director USDA Ohio

Rural Development,




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