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February 10, 2013
Salem News

His duty to send along a link

To the editor:

As a U.S. Army Veteran('87-'04), I've noticed a very disturbing trend to see most of our news outlets putting out misinformation about our rights since the Sandy Hook incident. I feel its our (my) duty to send this email with a link that I believe folks should be aware of.

I would really like to know where our county sheriff stands on this issue. I think it would at least get folks to do some thinking.



It's not gouging, it's free market

To the editor:

Recently, in the gun industry things have been crazy. I'm not talking about the shootings. We've all read plenty on all of those. I'm talking about the industry itself and specifically prices. Most people have heard about the long lines at shows. What you haven't heard much about is how the prices have skyrocketed.

I'm sure it's been mentioned here and there and I'm sure it's not a shock, even to those who weren't aware. Any semi automatic rifle (so called assault weapons for the liberals) has basically doubled in price over the last three months. Inventory is down across the board. Demand is through the roof.

What's my point, right? This happens every time the government starts talking about banning anything.

Well, at gun shows, on discussion forums, on buy/sell/trade forums there is a pretty consistent sentiment around. Price gouging!

We all want change right? The Right certainly does from the current administration, and I've even encountered many who are sick of the GOP. The Left wants change, they voted for it in '08. As of 2013 they just haven't realized they haven't got it yet. But we all claim to want it in some way or another. Bottom line is, if we want to get there, we have to start thinking differently.

This isn't a new concept, but in the world we find ourselves in, it's far too rare a concept. What is happening in the gun market is not price gouging, it is free market economics. We don't understand this anymore, don't lie to yourself, even those who say they understand the free market constantly vote for politicians who despise the free market and you willingly participate in the antithesis of it. Again, a very simple and not revolutionary concept, demand goes up, inventory down, prices up.

The problem is Walmart. I'm no hater of Walmart (I hate the game, not the player, they've played it well), and I do shop there on occasion. But we've become so entitled, all of us have. We want those low prices! And we want manufacturing jobs here! We need jobs, we need industry! But we want the low prices, and a good wage, and benefits! Don't you see you can't have it all? Do you ever look around your house and see all of the useless junk you have? Remember grandma and grandpa's house not having nearly as much useless stuff?

Back in the golden age of industry in this country, people bought quality goods at a fair price from many different people. More jobs, more money flowing. Fast forward to now, we buy junk goods at low prices from a few entities. On top of it, we complain that all the jobs are gone and that the only ones available are at Walmart.

In the gun market right now, you're buying what someone is valuing their property at. What you think it is worth doesn't mean anything to the seller, what it is worth to you is what you'll pay for it, but that doesn't mean it's worth the same to him. You can't assume to know what they have invested in it. To call someone a price gouger over their own property illustrates the problem. It's what the box stores and big government has created. You think you're entitled to that low price. On a site like (e-bay for guns, again, for the liberals), if someone's price is too high no one bids on it. It's that simple. Back in the day, if your prices weren't on par with your competition, you'd go out of business. Now these box stores are "too big to fail." Don't you think Walmart would get bailed out if they got themselves in trouble? They employ a lot of voters.

So many little things stem from some bigger issues. We've lost what made this country great in our ideology. We haven't lost it in the people, we're constantly blaming people. This country is still full of great people, but we have to start thinking differently. If we don't, we're toast, we'll just talk about change forever and continue to take the same actions. And I mean about everything.

If you want to see some real change, start getting behind Rand Paul 2016. If he is going to have a real shot, it has to start now.

P.S. to the liberals, make no mistake, Rand Paul is not a Republican. He is a Libertarian, he just has to play the game. I suggest you read up on what being a Libertarian is all about, what do you have to lose? I guarantee it's not many more trillion.





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