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April 6, 2013
Salem News

Butler Township

Iron Gate Farms to Bounty Minerals, partial interest in mineral deed for 30 acres on Tower Road: $200,000.

Center Township

Christopher Ford to Paul Gresh, et al, property on Graham Street; $2,300.

Clifford Hutcheson to Roy Larkins, manufactured home on Grant Street; $6,000.

Joshua Roper to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Sue Drive; $76,500.


County Sheriff (William Richie) to Bank of America, home on West Park Avenue; $44,000.

East Liverpool

Fannie Mae (Melanie and Edward Simmons) to Joseph Adams, home on Sturgis Avenue; $49,910.

Diamond Real Estate to Sarah Muschweck, former Williams Photography Building on Market Street; $13,000.

James Drago to Ha Vang, former Family Apothecary building on St. Clair Avenue: $45,000.

River City Plaza to Mike Zelenak, Thrifty City Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue; $190,000.

Vicki Diddle to Hawley Allgood, home on Thompson Avenue; $1,586.

East Beaver Inc. to Oak Hollow Investment Partners, Tri-State Lung & Sleep Associates property on West Sixth Street; $55,000.

East Palestine

Copeland Development Ltd. to Bradley Robb, et al, property on Concord Drive; $29,900.

City of East Palestine to Mike Hobrat, lot on Hillside Drive; $12,000.

Clay Stanley, et al, to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on West Martin Street; $30,000.

Thomas Blasinsky to U.S. Bank, home on East Clark Street; $20,000.

Elkrun Township

Mary Safford to Mike and Jennifer Witmer, 10.8 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $25,000.

Fairfield Township

Cynthia Reese to Richard Wilk Jr., trustee, manufactured home and 3 acres on Fairfield School Road; $102,000.

Larry Laverta to Mike and Alana Ward, home on Madison Drive; $166,500.

Harry and Jennifer Husk to Scott and Amber Wallen, home on Camelot Drive; $245,000.


Wino-Wern Ltd. to Larry Brogan, property with small shop on state Route 9; $66,200.

Hanover Township

Robert and Jody Guthrie to Bounty Minerals, mineral deed for 98 acres on state Route 9; $22,220.


Lisa Custer to Kurt Jennings, home on Columbia Street; $81,000.

John Norris (deceased) to Donald Ray, et al, home on Oak Street; $7,700.

Madison Township

Joseph and Shirley Hazel to James M. Todd, manufactured home and 5 acres on Glasgow Road; $20,000.

Perry Township

James Merino to Bounty Minerals LLC, mineral deed for 36 acres on Benton Road: $219,167.

Seth Hunter, et al, to Quinn Colella, et al, home on Country Club Lane; $76,500.

Richard and Danielle Kimble to JDH Salem Properties (foreclosure), home on Old Coach Lane; $96,000.


Christine Wright, et al, to Joseph Mong, home on Southeast Boulevard; $38,500.

Kishner 1989 Trust to Daryl and Brook Lee, home on Pearce Circle; $410,000.

County Sheriff to Brandooke Ltd., commercial building (Salem Autorama) on South Broadway; $46,000.

AME Zion Church Parsonage to Lucille Gooden, property on North Howard Street; $20,600.

Don Santee to Robert and Kristina Yuhanick, home on Beechwood Road; $20,000.

Deutsche Bank (James Freeman Jr., et al) to EZ Rentals, home on Jennings Avenue; $16,000.

St. Clair Township

David and Bonnie Hoppel to Patrick Clutter/PFC Properties, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $295,000.

John and Lori Nocella to Richard and Larissa Seevers, home on Eagle Drive; $183,500.

Sherri Gump to Fannie Mae (foreclosure), home on Cornell Avenue; $14,000.

Robert and James Bowyer to Anthony and Vincent Decaria, commercial building on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $450,000.

Unity Township

Mary M. Flynn to Richard J. Bruno, home on North Pleasant Drive; $57,000.

Washington Township

Zachary Paxson to Christopher M. Pitts, home on Walnut Ridge Road; $68,000.


Jack C. Amato Jr., et al, to Stanley and Janice Cunningham, home on Commerce Street: $25,000.

Fannie Mae (Joshua Brown, et al) to Everbank, home on Broadway; $42,200.

James A. Stock to Lindsay B. Mackall, home on Clark Avenue; $30,825.

Katherine Hughes to Danny and Vicky Saracco, home on Main Street; $40,000.

West Township

Randy and Helen Pitts to Bounty Minerals, mineral deed to 39 acres on Ridge Road; $258,635.

Yellow Creek Township

David Brandle to Danielle Pine, home on Sprouse Road; $79,975.

Jo A. Chettle to Fred Chettle, home on state Route 39; $62,600.



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