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July 7, 2013
Salem News

Kind words from honored SHS alumnus

To the editor:

Last month I had the distinct pleasure to address some deserving Salem High School seniors, post graduates, their families and friends at the Salem High School Alumni Association's annual banquet, where over $264,000 in scholarships were awarded.

That evening I was honored to be able to speak about many fond memories and events from my past that have shaped my life and provided me some unique opportunities.

I can say without any reservation that the weekend I spent back in my hometown of Salem was another event that did not just touch me personally, but touched my entire family. Walking downtown on State Street with my family brought back so many wonderful memories. Catching up with some old friends and talking about our school days. Walking into the Salem High School gymnasium and driving by Reilly Stadium. Having an old friend's mom and dad surprise me and pick up my family's dinner check at DeRienzo's just to say "thank you." Touring an old friend's family- owned business and seeing his pride in it and his employees. Sitting and talking with the mayor at the VFW breakfast on Memorial Day and simply being able to "take it all back in" and re-energize my pride in a town that is made of up of the finest and most dedicated folks I have experienced in all my travels around this world.

I would like to publicly thank the entire Salem High School Alumni Association for its unconditional dedication to the community and the students they serve. Special thanks to Mrs. Shelley Wilson, Mrs. Madeline Patton, Mr. Frank Zamarelli, Mrs. Jean Esposito, Dr. Matt Yerkey, Dr. Peter Apicella, Mrs. Helen Hayes, Mr. Dan Moore, Ms. LuAnn Cole and Mr. Todd Olson. They do not seek recognition while silently and proudly serving our community, and I can't say how much their personal outreach, the SHS Alumni Association and the banquet has positively affected my life. Thank you.

I was truly humbled to be able to come back home and say a few words to some very deserving young men and women who are now charged with becoming our future leaders. For the past 24 years I have served in the United States Navy and I have always found much pride in letting my fellow shipmates and colleagues know that I was not just from Ohio, but "my home is and forever will be Salem, Ohio."


United States Navy,

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

SCH's Teen Volunteers thank 5K race sponsors

To the editor:

Salem Community Hospital Teen Volunteers would like to thank the sponsors of the 2013 Healthy Steps 5K race. Because of these sponsors we were able to raise money to benefit both the Salem Community Hospital's Charitable Foundation and the Salem Community Center STOMP children's fitness program.

This year's gold sponsor was Salem Walmart; other sponsors include Donnell Ford-Lincoln of Salem, Salem Giant Eagle, BOC Water Hydraulics, Salem Radiologists, Gordon Brothers Water, and Subway. Thanks again to all the sponsors for partnering with us to make this a successful event!



Displeased with lack of leadership, transparency

To the editor:

With the country plagued with one scandal after another and the president doing nothing but displaying his only defenses his uncanny ability to sweet talk, minimize the issue and devoid himself of any blame, this lack of positive leadership is having its toll on our domestic and foreign policy.

Our president doesn't appear willing or able to make decisions. With the exception of his frenzied effort to force his Obamacare down our throat, he has accomplished little in his five years in office.

Due to his indecisions and postponement on issues involving foreign policy we are fast losing respect from our friends and allies and gaining contempt from our enemies.

Obama prior to his first election spoke often of the lack of transparency in government and his administration promise of change with complete transparency. I would like to hear a reporter ask the president the question "What happened to the transparency you promised the American people?

As for those scandals that are ripping our government and country apart, I am at an impasse on whom we can depend on to clean up this unholy mess. With the department heads of the IRS, FBI, the State Department and the president all uttering those words I don't know. I don't remember. I'll have to get back to you. Someone has got to give.

There will be no healing until we hear the truth, which seems to be a lost art with our leaders in Washington. We are fed up with the continuous procrastination coming from those people. No democratic government can survive when its people are deprived of government activities, they have a right to know. This will lead to a enlarged government and a continued loss of our personal freedom. How loud a wake-up call will it take before the president and his bunch will start leveling with American people?



Generation Y heading to dead end of spectrum

To the editor:

Aristotle once said "The educated differ from the uneducated as the living differ from the dead."

The Generation Y that I am a part of is on a sad and broad path toward the dead end of this spectrum. Through technology they have become ignorant of social and physical communication skills. Let me say this before I continue: this is not the fault of technology, it is a fault of control. When walking through a mall or a restaurant you find many young people today with their heads buried into a cell phone, music drowning their ears, or both of these actions taking place simultaneously.

Today we are socializing with the tips of our fingers, rather than our minds and lips. Young people throughout America can give you seven names of characters on "The Walking Dead" at the snap of finger. Yet they cannot give you the names of the seven founding fathers who were revered for this country. This cancer is not the fault of our public schools. It is the fault of the weary foundation at home. Many strong, young, imaginative minds that have the potential to change the world are being wasted at home in front of a computer, cell phone, or television rather than in the depths of a book.

I believe the power of reading and self-education can break the social barrier we have today. By reading and writing we open a door to the soul and stimulate thought and reason. Through these things bring forth social and communication skills that no piece of technology could ever fathom.

We must gain control of this rebel force and repel it before Generation Y will forever hold its place in American history, as the generation who died.



Grateful for support of benefit dinner

To the editor:

We would like to take a moment to say thank you to those who attended the benefit dinner held for Susan Mackall McCullough on May 19 in East Palestine.

We were truly overwhelmed by the generous amount of donations received, and the massive number of people that came to show their support for Susan.

Also, a very special thank you to our family and friends who volunteered so much of their time to help organize and run the event. It was a huge success, and we could not have done it without you!

It is amazing to know so many care about Susan and want to support her in her fight against Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family, friends, and a great community by our side! Words cannot express how grateful we are for all you've done.

Please keep Susan in your thoughts and prayers as she still has a long journey ahead. And again, thank you for everything!



The McCullough family,

East Palestine



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