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February 9, 2014
Salem News

Thorns for people shoveling and/or plowing snow and ice on to public roadways. This includes independent contractors. We saw this ourselves Wednesday. A private contractor who should know better left a sizable amount of snow in the middle of South Lincoln Avenue. Vehicles had to drive around the hazardous pile. There is no way he could've missed seeing what he left. Presumably it was an isolated incident considering this driver makes a living plowing. He should have the business sense if not sheer courtesy to avoid shoving snow on roads. And then making haste in leaving the scene.

Thorns for a perception held by some of our fair city becoming more known not for its great people, businesses and other civic groups but for drugs. And drugs and drugs. Overheard Monday morning in Alliance was talk about Salem's emerging reputation as a drug center. Someone actually called it a hub. For use and trafficking. Think about it. This was being talked about in Alliance of all places. Right or wrong, earned or unwarranted, it is out there that parts of Salem have become drug dumps. We hear it all the time and you often read about it on our page 3. This is very sad.

Roses for Western Reserve Schools. The district is promoting a "Family?Night."?The evening of March 12 will be free of any school obligations. That means no extracurricular activities, practices, tryouts, homework, tests to study for or projects to complete. Parents and guardians are encouraged to come up with family activities.?Can be a simple as a board game and pizza at home or going out to eat and taking in a movie. Boosters clubs and the PTO are expected to get involved. Applaud the district for creating a family time opportunity. It's up to the parents to take advantage of it. Of course to many less-than-responsible parents, the concept of a family night is probably a complete mystery.

Roses for Bigfoot. Our area's own lovable lunk was at it again - recently scaring the bejeebers out of a 17-year-old. The teen was driving and went off the road in Fairfield Township. This after seeing a hairy and well-built "creature" at least seven feet tall with glowing green eyes.?There have been others, umm, claiming to have seen him around here. First off, ours is not to wonder why a minor was out in the middle of the night in the first place. And, admittedly, some of us back in the day - ahem - saw our own creatures with glowing eyes - green and otherwise - following, perhaps, the partaking of certain nocturnal merriments. But the young man did not get hurt when he went off the side of Bunker Hill Road which is good. Good too is at least an innocent deer isn't being blamed this time for running someone off the road. We will give him props for coming forth and standing by what he saw. Gee do you think he got any ribbing over this? And as far as Bigfoot being in the middle of the road. Do you blame him? Or it? Probably had no choice because it seems most people aren't bothering to shovel their sidewalks. And, no, he wasn't on his way to a tryout with the Cleveland Cavaliers although he could start for them. And, no again, there isn't any truth to the rumor of the Loch Ness Monster - "Nessie" to some - being seen poking her head out through the ice on Guilford Lake. Don't forget to mark your calendar for June 20-22 when Leetonia hosts, no kidding, a Bigfoot Festival. Which coincides with the Super Cruise weekend in Salem. Which means efforts should begin immediately to give the big guy an appearance fee to lead the cruise through our downtown. Glowing green eyes and all. Heck, bring Nellie along too. And why Bigfoot instead of Bigfeet? After all, doesn't he have two of them?

Roses for Annaliese Radcliff and Rachael Shockey. We mispelled, whoops makes that misspelled, their names while handing out roses last week to Salem High seniors excelling on the ACT. Sorry for the goof, girls.



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